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Lena Bitare Nov 2018
They told me to come to my senses;
When they don't know where I came from;
They didn't know the road I took
The mishaps, the roadblocks I endured;
The bruises I got;
The sunshine I tried so hard to produce;
The pain I endured;
The touch of gold
I had to give myself;
They didn't know how awoke I was;
As I dream with my eyes wide open;
And chill with flames;
I watch every paper burn;
Every feeling stained;
I burn every bridge I cross;
In my head;
Since I was a kid;
I was told
That I would die
If I don't hold the end of a rope.
A dreamer was told to wake up; This is her answer.
Lena Bitare Oct 2018
And I tried to look
For moments
That would tell me
Who I am;
And in those moments
Where I collapse in darkness;
And find another soul
And find light,
Those were the moments
I find beautiful
And there are moments
Which defined who I truly am�
Lena Bitare Mar 2018
You were just like the darkness in a tunnel
I once walked in…
There was a clue I will be getting in there,
Then one fine day
I was inside that tunnel
I saw you
Your chest,
I do not get to see first
And so I came
Little by little
I saw
I never get to see everything that will follow
But who cares
You were my home
And now
You are a closed door
And I,
A tenant waiting outside
Waiting for the doors to open
But you were locked
So I stayed
Kissed the rain
Felt the sun lighting on my face
Days and days passed
There was a notice
That you were never going to open
And so I smiled
And one fine day
Waited still
For the rays of the sun
For the rain to drop
I can’t tell the difference anymore
between a sunny and a rainy day
Between summer and winter
I can barely tell
Everything felt
Just the same
Before you came,
Lena Bitare Sep 2017
Love doesn’t ask much;
She knew she doesn’t have to.

Love knew that though he was breaking her heart,
He was protecting her in the meanest and kindest way possible.

Love knew that a hard labor can only buy her a pair of hairclip;
So she let her hair down instead.

Love knew pain like her best friend;
yet, love also knows forgiveness.

Love knew life was hard already
So she held his hand and never let him go.
Lena Bitare Sep 2017
I thought I prefer to see his face
With no beard nor mustache;

But when I saw him,
I knew I was wrong;

And all the ideas of him
Was gone from my head
I knew I was seeing the man that he is;
The raw, the 2 AM version of him
Is standing right in front of my very eyes

But I still got razor in my hand
And a cream;
I was waiting for my turn,
But when he came to me,

I just stared at him like an idiot,
Throwing a glance on his pretty **** eyes
Admiring the mess in his baffling face.
Lena Bitare Mar 2016
Dreams fall in your heart
Like mist roaming at night
Leaves fall like those tears
Some days, you will have to fear

But I won't let them get to you
It's like I can do so few
Dark days may be ahead
But the flame of my love will mend

Clearing the sky for you
So you can see through
You're a unique soft soul
Wrapped in a stone

A fist so hard to resist
But can't see its worth
You're a gem so rare
That I so love to stare at.
Lena Bitare Oct 2015
Sleep tight, little one
Let the clouds roll by
Let the time pass by
Don’t think you missed a chance.

You’ll soon be on that beautiful place
Where war and crimes do not exist
Where there is no conflict to cease
Where you will no longer worry or cry.

Where bombs do not exist and your heart explodes in happiness
Where you will drown only in joy and laughter.
Sleep tight, little one.
You’ll sure be in Paradise.
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