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Dark Poetess Jan 2019
How can you forgive anyone but me?

Why can you accept anything but me?

How can you remember everything but me?

Why are you so kind to others but not to me?

How can you be so concern to anybody but me?

Why are you listening to them instead of me?

How can you cheer them up and let me down?

Why are you blaming me for the things out of my control?

How did you give someone a chance and dump me?

Why did you give up on me and hold on to other's expectation?

How did you love them before me?

I am your inner voice, this is yourself begging you to keep my worth, take care of me, nourish me, you are me and I am you, no one can separate us. Let's keep your sanity together.Let's do this together.Don't shoo me away.Be more gentle to me.Love me before anybody else and see the difference.
Dark Poetess Jan 2019

                      funny, carefree

            supporting, cheering, comforting

         chit-chat, bullies, deep talks, dates

                   trusting, loving, missing

                    faithful, committed

Dark Poetess Jan 2019
Love is a dangerous thing.

Will you take the risk?

Are you brave?
Dark Poetess Jan 2019
I want to hug you tight, but I can't

I want to kiss your cheeks,but I can't

I want to hold your hand,but I can't

I can't 'coz it's not right,

I can't 'coz I don't have the right,

I can't 'coz you're not mine.
Dark Poetess Jan 2019
When time passes, there's no rewind,

only memories will remain.

All regrets will be left behind,

when time passes, there's no rewind.

Those moments that's one of a kind,

were ******* like a chain.

When time passes, there's no rewind,

only memories will remain.
Dark Poetess Jan 2019
crampled paper sheets,
rejected applications,
Dark Poetess Jan 2019
You have suffered enough,
buried by the loads of burden,
Keep fighting and stay tough.

Take a time to laugh,
and a time to be sadden,
because you have suffered enough.

Sometimes life is a bit rough,
you may lost yourself in a sudden,
just keep on fighting and stay tough.

Engage yourself in crafts,
show your talents that were hidden,
go out! , you suffered enough.

You might get fooled by someone's bluff,
shamed, and hid yourself in a den,
be a fighter and stay tough.

Get a hold of your chosen stuff,
unload the heavy burden,
because you suffered enough,
you fought and became tough.
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