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Lyan Cordova Nov 2014
He opens the door and the rooms fills with the smell of wine and whiskey
My mother cries and I lay there numb, we're both laying on the couch
It's dark and quiet
The girl I've been seeing for less than a month might be pregnant
There's people dying in Gaza
The 1% of the U.S. still controls the majority of the wealth
Oh glory glory glory
Lyan Cordova Oct 2014
You see, every girl you involve yourself you see a bit of yourself in her, whether it be that she was crazy, fun, broken, or *****, and you ******, cried, sang, and drank with each one of them.
After they left, you can see a bit of yourself leave with them or you're not effected.
Now you can drink on the balcony until a new piece of you comes by and you can ****, cry, sing, and drink all with her all over again.
Lyan Cordova Aug 2014
And here I am, 
writing ****** love poems and sipping on my fathers wine while my parents sleep together, 
one knowing that the other is an unfaithful pig.
It’s late, 
and all I do is think of you.

I wonder sometimes,
Do you love me as I love you?
My father drinks away his marriage while my mother cries.

More wine for me tonight.
Lyan Cordova Aug 2014
I’m exhausted and I feel like ignorning all my teachers to read some poetry and write endless peoms.
Id also enjoy the company of a loving female.

King gentle love would do my aching body and mind some good.
The type of love that leaves their boyfriends extremely jealous and wanting to come up to me (but I’ll explain to them that their girl is a perfect woman and that I did them a favor because they wouldn’t have had stayed faithful to them anyways)

The smell of her sweet perfume
And the touch of her soft gentle skin

While she lays with me while she listens to me ramble about whatever decides to craw into my mind, wether she cares or not.

It wouldn’t even have had been bothered with the half wood and minor headache she’d give me after she left.
Lyan Cordova Aug 2014
Cagarette smile all covered in sin, light another one up to remind me what im burning within
Cant seem to find another, “you too?”, its probably because whenever I cut its.. “who knew?”
I see it happen, I see it happen always, I see him screamin’, I see his demons in empty hallways. I trio to make the fall shorter, 4th quarter was just a tall order
Fire in my lungs and sin in my heart, whoever I think its my mind is always too far, distant dreams are what come to me, all im looking for is the touch of a reality or even some sweet company.
Bitter is what I seem to be, tell me what makes you feel complete?
A him? Her? He? Or she? For a while it was to see myself bleeding.
I’ll call her up because I miss the in her eyes I told her I loved her even though I knew they were lies we always found love to be in between her thighs
All that crying in the late nights, all that women in those gray tights. What should I choose first?
Of course ill get the one that lasts for a short while, I only enjoyed it when it didn’t stay around
Im sleep deprived but managing to keep my mind, and when rest tries to find me I seek to hide, until we collide, and bring me back in time, when swine would fly.
And when things happen behind closed eyes. Where we only recognize the true lies and the things that divide reality and what we want it to be.
Lyan Cordova Aug 2014
Today I slept with three women, and they tasted disgusting, all three of them. They all came without notice. All unexpected & unwelcome but I enjoyed their presence.
The first tasted like happiness,
The second tasted like excitement,
The third tastes like love.
None of them knew of the other and none felt any regret or showed anything close to it.
Where is the fourth?!
The one who will throw empty wine bottles at me from the sheer disgust of being with me?
Where's the insane one? The one who will show regret the moment they stepped in the car.
Whatever happened to the right kind of one night stand?
Lyan Cordova Aug 2014
We all walked up to the usual smoke spot.

My bestfriend and I
Her and her bestfriend

Our two friends walked to the spot to lust over eachother and probably smoke a bogie

She looked at me, Do you want to?
Where? I replied.
I don’t know, right over there? She pointed at a half grassy, half sand clearing under a tree behind a church

We *ed like bunny rabbits for at least a half hour.
I couldn’t remember, all I kept looking at was her plain purple *******, so quirky, she didn’t even know she was going to *
me today.

We switched and I was on top
My bestfriend just walked out of the spot and heard either her moaning or my ***** clapping against her *
What the hell is that? he said as he peeked over the little ditch where we were *

Oh **, I yelled

I got up and put my pants on, walked away and took a puff of their joint

That wasn’t bad, I heard her say, coming from behind me

She didn’t even have her zipper up yet

That was horrible, I replied

All four of us walked home that day, not saying a word.
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