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It would be so easy to fall in love with you again.
Marissa Calderon Dec 2020
He was my person.

The one who made me feel vulnerable
and indestructible at the same time.
The one I would die for,
and die without.
Marissa Calderon Dec 2020
Maybe I loved you in another life
and promised I'd find you on the other side.
Marissa Calderon Dec 2020
There was a silence between us.
Frustrated, angry gazes burning one another
like water never seemed to exist.
Like air stopped,
and the temperature only ever raised.
Marissa Calderon Dec 2020
fall in love with strangers on the subway
and watch as they leave without even a whisper of goodbye.
don't cry dear.
this is not the first time you'll learn to let love go.
Marissa Calderon Dec 2020
We were stagnant in our bodies
while the world around us changed,
and we stayed the same.
Marissa Calderon Dec 2020
Everything is always broken by silence.
Punctuated by silence. Ended by silence.
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