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Samantha Wesley Oct 2021
The boy with the curly black hair from room 1402 zippered his dark puffer jacket as he pushed the door open. The air outside was chilly, the temperature flirting with the goosebumps on his neck. He ran his right hand through his curls as he walked with intention toward the intersection, looking both ways before crossing Spruce Street. Behind him glowed multicolored lights provided by the LED setup of his fellow neighbors on floor 14.
The Financial District was always calm at night, and that’s what he loved most about it. He smiled to himself as he roamed the streets, reminiscing on the promising outcomes of nights past. As he made his way toward Stone Street, he shed the skin of Zachary Taylor and slithered into Jackson Jones. Becoming Jackson was Zach’s favorite part of his nightly routine. Jackson had a winning smile and charming personality. He had money to throw away and designer clothes. Jackson didn’t have a mother in a mental institution or a father who had ended his own life. Jackson had two sisters and a brother, and they all vacationed in the South of France. Jackson had a Summer home in Florence and a Winter lodge in the Swiss Alps.
His mantra was interrupted by a blurry figure crossing his path. A beautiful girl with light brown hair and doe eyes glanced at him for a second before blushing and continuing on her way. This would be his prey for the night.
“Hey, my friends and I are going to Mad Dogs for a tower and some guacamole, want to join?”
This simple invitation always made women feel at ease and intrigued, instead of suspicious and threatened. Zachary knew that she would join him to eat, and after a few drinks he would look at his phone and tell her that his friends had cancelled, but that he was having such a good time with her and didn’t want the night to end. He would beckon her to come see the amazing view of the Brooklyn Bridge from his dorm room and she would happily oblige.
Walking into the front lobby of 1 Pace Plaza, Zachary nodded at the security guards who returned a smirk and a subtle shake of their heads. He lived for these small exchanges, these small stamps of reluctant approval from the men who went along with his routine every night.
Towards the beginning of his freshman year, they used to stop him and make him sign each guest in with a photo ID, but they grew to appreciate his craftiness and simply let him escort a new woman into the building every night.
The girl next to him gave a small wave to the security guards and a smile. Pete, the security guard who usually high fived Zachary as he walked the girls out of the building, had a peculiar look on his face. Zachary assumed it was due to the wave his date had given them. Usually the girls he brought in avoided eye contact with the guards and followed him to his room. This girl seemed different.
Tara, she had said her name was, lived “somewhere downtown” but hadn’t specified a location, and Zachary hadn’t pressed her. After all, he didn’t need to know where she lived, or even her last name. She was just his partner for this Thursday night, or rather, she was Jackson’s partner for the night.
He had told her that he was a New York native, which couldn’t have been further from his true upbringing in Miami. He couldn’t quite remember where she said she was from, but that didn’t bother him. It was always easier when there was no emotional attachment.
Tara walked confidently toward the elevators, and Zachary wondered if she had been to the building before. Maybe she was friends with a student, or had a previous rendezvous with another tenant of the dorm tower. Either way, he didn’t want to know.
The elevator was heavy with tension, and Zach wondered if the pressure would cause the doors to pop open while rising.
A ding signaled their arrival at the 14th floor, and Zach again morphed into Jackson, opening the door for Tara, ever the gentleman. Her eyes widened as she saw the glowing lights from the city below. “Wow, this view really is romantic. How did you say you got this room again?”
Zach shifted his weight between his feet. He caught himself and steadied his nerves.
“It’s my friend’s place, I’m just watching it for him while he’s gone.” Jackson answered coolly. She nodded, seeming satisfied with his answer. Zach chuckled internally at her admiration of the view, knowing she would never see the room again after this night.
Samantha Wesley Oct 2021
Life is bleak without you
The days are dark and long and cold
I wish for the earth to swallow me whole
Because at least we’d be together in the afterlife

I miss you even when you’re across the room
We are not Romeo and Juliet
We are not Montague and Capulet

And yet there are mountains that drive us apart
Do you know that in my heart
There’s a special home, waiting for you
Put down your coat, kick off your shoes
Make yourself comfortable in my life

If misery loves company, then I’m its wife

My mind is an ocean split in two
And you are Moses, right in the middle
Commanding my every move

Sometimes the wind whispers your name to me

It’s so easy to feel lonely in this city

I am Sisyphus, pushing the weight of this heartbreak up a hill
Every step you take back into my life propels the rock back down the valley, until I put myself together again
The Gods are punishing me

Artists are not supposed to have a happy ending
They suffer, they’re tortured
A writer’s tears wield awards
The misery of their struggles
Bring praise from literary fans who adore, them and
I guess I should thank you
For the streams of tears
That will spin my writing into a river of gold

When my anxiety keeps my breath captive
I think about the way your hand caresses the steering wheel
And how you played with my hair when you thought I was sleeping
It’s miserable living life in memories of you
And I hate you for being so incomparable
That despite the interest I find in others
I’ll walk through life alone,
in search of mere reflections of you
Samantha Wesley Sep 2021
you ask me to read you some of my poetry
now I've forgotten how to read, suddenly
maybe it's the need to have you impressed by me
or maybe it's just my insecurities
  Feb 2020 Samantha Wesley
i’ve wanted to be a mystery for as long as I can remember. my whole life, i ached for someone to wonder about me, to need to know more, to write pages of poetry about me, to feel love songs in their body when they saw me. i desired words of love and lust and wonder to describe me. i never understood what i was doing wrong, why i wasn't receiving bundles of pink, heart-shaped valentines full of adoration for me, why i couldn't seem to make anyone curious about who i was. i'd watch others only share small pieces of themselves to capture the hearts of random lovers, and i so wished to do the same. i know that, deep in my core, that's not who i am. my heart is tattooed on my sleeve, and every emotion that goes through my mind appears right across my face. i feel too much, there's no way around it. no one will ever wonder about a girl if you can easily see what she's feeling. i've tried to crush that part of myself, tried to drain my body of all the excess feelings. it refills though, like a river after a drought. the water always returns, most often in storms. the feelings rush into me and make it impossible to mute them. i've come to the conclusion that i will never be a person that a stranger on the bus sees from across the aisles and thinks about for the rest of the day. that those who want to be wanted rarely get that. that i will forever be the one who writes poetry about someone, and it will never be the other way around. it hurts, but i've realized now that no blurry, rushed words about a love for me will ever grace a page in a diary, even if that's the only thing i need.
We are divinely broken,
your gold blood hanging off my fingertips,
my breath curling down your throat.
My holy sword parrying your scythe.
A battle for the souls of humanity,
but my soul has already been tainted,
because your body awaits me when I drift into a world of dreams,
dear love of mine,
this mosaic we have painted,
cannot stay without shattering.
i miss you so much that the sun hurts my heart because it reminds me of you
i hope you still think about me
i carry 24 small letters addressed to you in my wallet
8 playlists about you always blasting through my ear buds,
a folder full of documents written for you in my notes app,
7 saved voicemails that always make me cry,
some pictures, a couple screenshotted conversations to look back at,
18 videos of me talking to the camera as if you're there,
and 59 poems.
All waiting here for you. all trying to tell you.
i still love you.
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