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Sneha Thakur May 2020
I think there is a special beauty in being able to romanticize love.
Its all up in here, in my mind.
There is a spectrum of thoughts in my imagination.
Sometimes my love can be one sided and it's safe to say that i like that more.
The part where you get to wonder and the excitement that follows.
I wonder a lot of things about you.
About how do you look like when you laugh.
Do you have an ugly laugh or are you a shy laugher.
Sometimes i make up moments in my mind,
More than often in those moments, time freezes and we make our own little infinity.
Sometimes i want to say things to you, and i wonder what you will say back.
I wonder if you will say what i wanna hear.
I like the wondering part.
I like to think.
I wonder how it would feel to hold your hands.
Sneha Thakur May 2020
You dont know this yet,
but i love you silently.
I have realized it's much more safer and
well, much less vulnerable.
I have been through enough to know the exact safe distance from a person.
A distance far enough for you  to not hurt me;
close enough for your smile to be contagious.
I am a little spontaneous though,
some might rephrase it as 'passionate' .
So i might cross the distance a little closer sometimes.
I dont know who i am apologizing to but i am sorry.
Sneha Thakur Aug 2019
At the end of the day , it's just you curled within you , within you ,
with your thoughts floating ,
even with all this gravity.

You are a woman ,
With muscles that
stretch and curl ,
With skin ,
Which glows.
Sneha Thakur Aug 2019
Isn't it beautiful how there are infinite versions of everything?
There are so many different worlds, I have lost its count.
There is a world in which only I exist,
I sometimes mumble lullabies
I sometimes shout songs in the shower,
Because this version is only mine,
Nobody else would see me, right?
I tap on my feet,
Make paintings with the tip of my fingers in thin air.
I tell myself whatever i want to hear.
There is also a version in which only you and I exist.
You can imagine anything in this, in our world,
And there would still be a possibility that it exists.
Isn't that beautiful?
#love #infinity #infinite #beautiful #world #fingers #air #paint #you #me #tap #feet #lullabies
Sneha Thakur Aug 2019
Now that I have  been thinking about it over my sleep,
I think you are kinda like ice cream,
you are like ice cream on a very hot summer day.
you keep melting away,
but I keep taking you back,
putting you back up in the freezer.
Trying to make you like before,
at least I think I do,
but I keep losing parts of you,

Some parts of you that I love,
So tell me should I stop freezing you back
Taking you back?
Sneha Thakur Jul 2019
I think I know you, Everyday, 9 am, since 9th grade I have seen you on the Subway. Well, maybe not every day, we all run a little late all the time. But I see you more often than many of my friends. Sometimes when you didn't come I would make up stories in my head as to give me a reason enough for your absence. Funny, overthinking. My friends say I am not much of a talker. But I do observe people. And even if I try not to, forgive my metaphor taste but you are kinda like an ice cream truck on a very hot summer day bringing all the hope and the light in the room. The little Bell on the truck is like your laugh, a sound meant to alert you of the happiness coming my way.
‌Some days you put a blue scarf on you, fold it around your neck. It's your favorite one, I know. There are a lot of things that I don't know about you, for example your name. Maybe I don't want to. Sometimes people admire you from a distance without you even noticing.
#admire #love #secret #distant #scarf #laugh #bells #summer #metaphor
Sneha Thakur Jul 2019
It takes a lifetime to know someone.
Knowing someone is like plucking the petals of a rose,
Only to realize there is more to the picture.

Everyday I learn more and more about you;
You are one of those novels I will keep reading on my own till the last word.

Even though my friend gave me a spoiler,
I don't care, I will wait for the words to spell out of your mouth, off the pages I mean.

What if you are not the rose afterall?
‌what if you are like an onion,
whom I peel everytime trying to know you,
Only to realize my eyes are sobbing even more.
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