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Mika Long Apr 2019
I miss you,
The scent of you,
The sight of you,
The feel of your skin against mine,
The stare of your eyes as they peer deep into my soul,
The way you smile cheekily at me,
Making my cheeks glow,
The sound of your voice,
The taste of your essence,
The twinkling sound of your laughter,
The jokes you convey with just a look,
I miss it all,
and at the same time,
I miss none of it at all
Mika Long Apr 2019
Everywhere I turn,
My heart starts to burn,
People are laughing,
People are smiling,
Inside I'm hurting,
Inside I'm crying,
I want to die,
I don't want to be alive,
Yet for some reason I try,
I try to survive,
But the truth is I'm cold,
So cold hearted and old,
I want to bury myself in the ground,
I never again want to hear another sound,
I want to cry and weep,
I want to cut myself and sleep,
A sleep that never ends,
One that to heaven will send,
My sorrows and worries,
And make a light all my memories,
But for now I'm not yet gone,
I'm here, and I'm barely holding on
Mika Long Dec 2014
No matter where I go,
no matter where I look,
no matter how hard I try,
I can't get over you,
I thought we were done,
I thought I'd moved on,
but the truth be told,
you're my only number one.
Mika Long Aug 2014
I'm lost,
in my home,
I'm lost,
I don't belong,
I just want to be happy.
Mika Long Jun 2014
I was dumb to think you'd get rid of my pain forever,
the truth be told you were nothing but my morphine,
when I had you I felt pain free, happy, nothing hurt,
but when you left, when you were gone, right then,
I had never been in so much pain.
Mika Long May 2014
I dont think I'll ever learn,
that all I ever do is get played,
every time I Meet a new guy,
I think he isn't the same,
maybe now I've learnt my lesson,
but in my mind I probably haven't
Mika Long Apr 2014
When I look at you,
I think how lucky I am to have you,
When I look at you,
I think you're perfect,
When I look at you,
I see a piece of heaven,
looking at me too
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