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Sam Harris Mar 26
Her long black curled hair
Shoulder blades and collar bones
Naked under a strategically placed towel
Candles and stripper heels.  

Seductive poses, he’s thinking about ******* her. Wanting her. He yearns for more. Wondering how this small frame feels.

My heart sank, dread filled my body
I expected to see fields and melting snow in that camera. Blinded while deleting all photo’s of you and I.

I didn’t deserve this, now I’m left with insecurities, anger and grief.
While you are just left with your lies and “erotica”
AAron Roz Jun 2018
Whenever I see him,
whenever I hear his voice.

The dull ache returns
within me.

When I think of him,
I hurt so much.

When I remember he
loved me.

And left me.
Heartbreak hurts. A lot.
K R W Jan 2016
Relationships are overrated.

I've got a boy I used to love and know who broke my heart but won't leave my mind.

Bestfriends that I can hardly stand the sight of,

And a family that doesn't know what I'm going through.

It seems to me that the relationships I have are as stable as my mind, yet they're the only ones I have.

Horribly written, but it's hard to put big words next to little minded people.

Don't get me wrong, I love my family. But boy they have no clue.
LoveIsReal Sep 2014
You brake up,
You get upset,
But don't dwell on what was never meant to be.
So why is my Idiot Ex Boyfriend thinking?
He's so hurt that he's blaming everything on me,
Not everything is my fault.
I wanted to help him move on,
But as the Idiot he is he won't let go of the brake up.
He holds a grudge on me ever since the brake up.....
I don't know what to do but leave him alone............
Natasha Aug 2014
Don't you ever ******* say that I just left you out there
Now you're poppin' everything you find
and choppin' off all ya hair,

it all just shows me the true disrespect you have
or let me say it honestly,
the respect you never ******* had
for me

So even though,
you walkin' round like you killin'
I think you're sadly suffering from that Shortman Syndrome
your 5'4 stature is an obvious symptom,
and eh, it may be unrelated
but honey, you cant keep a rhythm.

so **** it
our relationship kicked the bucket
tell your 4 little bitties to go ahead and ******* **** it
and tell me what my **** tastes like

Nah, I aint touchin' that ****
real ****

**no one ***** with me *****.
I'd beat the living **** outta him if I could
Savannah Lee May 2014
I know I was taking YOUR sweet time,
To make sure you were MINE.
But I couldn't find your heart and where it lies.
And trust me I've cried,
More, oceans than the world hides...
But you don't understand, and won't be my man so you divide.
MORE than just RED and BLUE,
My heart in two, yeah it's ******* true!
I can be the fool,
But try to KEEP cool,
Just for YOU to play me like you do.
I'm so tired of my own tears because you ain't got no fears,
Of losing me.
Because you know I stick around no matter how many state's are surrounding us,
Or far in between.
BECAUSE all you are is ******* MEAN to me!
And I don't know how to trust.
So I turn into the rust you so easily brush,
Off those cold shoulders.
****, might as well move to Boulder!
WHERE my tears might just smolder, another crowd.
But it's too late, it's ALL over now.
I'm proud, because it got so loud.,
And I just didn't know how,
So sorry my God is One Love!
SORRY I only wanted to make love,
And that being with you was My enough.
Sorry I forgot I could sing,
And didn't dare open my mouth because of the opinions you'd bring - me.
Sorry to myself and my soul.
I forgot what I was doing, cold and alone.
So this is what I get
For being half upset and saying **** the rest.
But forget?!
Niggardly, ya name is basically tatted under my breast.
I don't rest.
Because you're that close to my heart.
I said no to a man who wanted me from the start.
He asked me to marry him, But I wanted you.
And when I left on the plane next month I still wanted you.
And through the lies and deceit I still want you.
But I get so **** distracted I'm just a fool, for you.
You're forever RED and I'm forever BLUE.
Tell me a ******* thing...
Put you in my shoes.

— The End —