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Nov 2022 · 147
Child pornography
In the shade of my freshly grown *******
the protection from the rays of the camera flash
doesn't decrease the heat, it intensifies it, at best
And the flood of sweat drowns my skin in a flash

The contours of my ***** create a valley
A bigger valley he wants as he demands I stretch
my ****. They don't after I repeatedly rally
them. “I can't!” He slaps me. My face etch.

More pictures, he wants, of me playing
with my *******. My ******, the tiny rubbery
pips sieve thought my small fingers, surveying
my hand. As the man captures this awkward discovery.

Packs the camera and gives the money, my fee
Then he grabs and hisses to me to tell nobody
Sep 2022 · 157
If love for your people
Becomes hatred for others
Aren’t you causing more enemies for yourself?

If love for our nation
Becomes the unifying song for us all
Aren’t you forging a more peaceful nation for us?
Sep 2022 · 862
Liberation South Africa
For we so fearful, let me lead with caution
to the truth your mind feels needs protection
We’re fenced
in and can't get out to be fully liberated.
Yes, fully, not this half liberated we overexaggerated
which made us blind to our institutionalized minds.
The Phala-Phalas know this, so this gang always reminds
us about 27 years, making us their voter slaves.
Until we realise Mandela took his party with him in his grave,
there's a Hendrik that keeps our rainbow apart.
Even if unity is the deepest desire of our hearts!
This poem is relevant until another GBV case takes the nation's attention away...
Sep 2022 · 190
The Price of Goodness
The real prophets are dying
The fake prophets are living
Man rather render services to sin
To be immortal, gods of their own, wherein
Man should martyr for the cause of goodness
Where’s the benefit of that if you’re lifeless.
Aug 2022 · 505
Envious eyes
My envious eye breaks my heart
When Romeo takes Juliet’s hand
in his, studies her eyes like the stars,
Breathes her scent, rich and sweet Jasmine sings
Slowly settles his lips on her
Kisses that Juliet under the moon's watchful eye
While my envious eye breaks my heart
My eyes start to sweat from the hard labor of jealousy
Will ever love, will I ever feel joy, will I ever have what Romeo has?

Romeo’s envious eye breaks his heart
When I hold the delicate flower in my palm
Observing how live courses thought Mother Nature
Breathing in the fresh morning dew
Then gently place my ***** on the grass
Drinking in the warm eye of heaven
While Romeo’s envious eye breaks his heart
For he will never get to live again, to love again
At least for Romeo, he can coldly caress Juliet’s corpse.
Jealous of his love, jealous of my life
Aug 2022 · 102
That band is in town
That band is in town again
Calling residents with the cream-white light
Creeping thought the boarded up windows
Of the Bar on Muddy Water Str.

Calling residents with their groaning guitars
In a sorrowful solo, making midnight sky darker
And the melancholic lyrics sang in heavy hearted
harmony, quieting the rest of Muddy Water Str.

Being the dim beacon luring us in
Being the only sound that rung in our ears
All the residents took a sit in the bar
And Blues and liquor drunk Muddy Water Str.

That band drowned us in depression, today
Yet another band will wring us dry, tomorrow
Aug 2022 · 102
Tired of all the conservatives and the progressives
They pass in the screaming and fail to listen
Between their differences
There is men who want they same thing
Humble yourself, why are you too prideful
Yes, too prideful, to listen to your brother
And so prideful, you need to **** us with all your words
To shield your ego or to comfort your fears
I don’t want the right to be heard
I want the right to be listened to
Deceived by big mouths with some sort of platform
I scream “I want to be listened to! I want to be listened to! I want, I want…”
But it’s when I lose my voice
I realise there is 7 billion people screaming
The exact same notion
The notion will never come to motion
Until we listen to the 7 billion people
Until we see the Berlin Wall between white and black
Fall down to the power
of using our two ears
Fully, with no imperfections
The clear crisp words of another brother
Caressing the ear of another brother
Blocking the hatred of the mind
Allowing the heart to feel for another
Aug 2022 · 3.0k
Meek Emotions
To the distraction of work
Those toxic emotions are there
Being silenced and overlooked
In the corner of heart
Those emotions are empowering herself
Soon she’ll be pushing for equality
Distraction and denial won’t overpower
Sending me into a downwards spiral.
Burying my emotions away, won’t work for forever
Jun 2022 · 1.3k
Bare Respect
Innocence clothes me
The sin strips me
And I allow it
So my friends respect me.
The pressure to have *** in this generation…
Jun 2022 · 312
Rather know the warden has the prison keys
Than knowing you have the prison keys
But you don’t want to set yourself free…
Jun 2022 · 1.9k
Blue Season
Ready my therapist, ready the tissues
Suicidal jargon and self harm, tenth issue
My tears, the alien plants to my fragile
sanctuary, ******* all the water and smiles,
Are changing to healthy oak trees,
Odd, in Blue Season, trees shrink to weeds,
The rain queen has become a frivolous giver,
And I remember how the cactus use to quiver
because Blue Season meant the Sun’s burning rays,
Well, the cactus isn’t **** anymore! Back to wearing his spiky clothes always.
Industrial air to countryside,
My fauna and flora haven’t died,
Actually they have multiplied,
The poachers, the self harm, hasn’t ambushed,
No, no! They have been seen about
But they’re less and success is a doubt.

Momentary depression, the lethal poison to
my sanctuary, wreckage seems to be subdued.
There’s still challenges in my sanctuary. However, mostly from death being the only way to super sad just need some chocolate, family, friends, a good book vibes, I feel proud.
Jun 2022 · 138
Big Fridge
Standing outside in the winter freezing breeze
Multi layered
But I’ll be cold
Inwards and outs

Lay in the big fridge, last fridge ever
And I’ll not feel a thing
Just a random thought…
Jun 2022 · 1.1k
Uncle Eric
Theirs tears are wiped by your words

Your prayer, the prey to their sadness

Hope is the response to your call

These radio waves push them to greener shores

Yet, I pray for you

That the thousandth, millionth time
Still has that first time glow
I had a chat with Uncle Eric who works at a prayer hotline. He prayed for my exam and he gave me his best wishes and advice. Then, when he was done, I asked him about his day. He just said how he asks God everyday for the strength to help people deal with their problems. I bet I must be the hundred person he has spoken to today but, I wonder, how he keeps up his vibrance.
Jun 2022 · 2.2k
Hand You a Rose
I would of handed you a rose
With beauty catching all eyes,
Energy that gives the term energy new meaning
Yet you have given the effigy
Of the former bright glow of your heart
First preference
And my rose would be better purpose
For someone else

A poem to myself
How i let the negative idea conquer the my true self and how i let that deny me from great things.
May 2022 · 289
Sonnet 05. 22

The truth of the number on it, is false
Run around miserable like a fun waltz
Dance in worship to the note, cattle, tooth
Die of tire before seeing the sad truth

The details on notes like the details that give
it power. Pushed with precision, live
men making money’s labyrinth return to
their hands, but they also wait in death’s queue.

If you need an easy buck, cut down trees, mine
coins, give it your own value. Undermine
the banks, make hatred useless, love priceless,
crush evil’s markets and invest in greatness.

That dumb note, the ruler slaving you away
The truth: it’s value is whatever you say.
Money makes the world go round
May 2022 · 327
Gogo Wails
A mournful wail
But brain makes her a whisper
Your heart, somewhere, feels a distance
As they khuluma
And you can’t
Yet they praat
And you caught a bietjie
Not like your people and not accept by white people.
Apr 2022 · 719
X’s and O’s
long stretches of disappointing time
have turned you blind
to your dreams

well, in this time i have grown my vision
now i play life’s game
with better timing and precision

blind as you are
you’ll trip on your past convictions
flat on your face, full of regret

i pray
i don’t become blind
the older i get

resume to live by my unwise heart
manoeuvre to where
my unsure mind sees best

and this is how i see i’ll win,
where you have lost,
in the cruel game of life

(3 O’s in a row. I win!)

is my youth
my fall

and i’m unawarely
walking down the same blinding path
as you

will i see
that i’m blind
life has got me outplayed and i lost?
Dreaming is a necessity. Like everything necessity, it’s your responsibility to preserve it from it being stolen, even if the theft is life…
Apr 2022 · 297
The informer and my faith
I received a message from an informer
Of someone whom can tell you
Why roses a red, answer the unanswerable and bring smiles to mourners
I hear. I believe. But I’m gonna leave the informer Blue
I’ll respond when I need a fix
Apr 2022 · 559
Big problem
God makes beautiful women
Then the devil uses them
Apr 2022 · 111
Haiku 02/04
Avoiding problem
Destructive stress therapy
A cheap “remedy”
But yeah it’s the easiest thing to do. Especially right now…
Mar 2022 · 417
Plastic & Plastic
The gen-z,
Opposition to plastic,
But in their social media sea, see,
The bombastic
amount of plastic people,
Floating and chanting against climate change,
The movement is only steeple,
To acclaim more turtle followers. In exchange
they don’t nothing but say hoaxes,
Let the environment die with a pretty pose.
There’s a difference between activism and PRing
Feb 2022 · 409
Ooh Why
I have been given
Two handsome guys
But they are
Both immature…
Better I’ll think I’m soo lucky,
Now I feel so unlucky
Feb 2022 · 290
Public Prison
Juffrou, will the public prison set you Free
(Free like the Freedom we use to opPress)
mob trail wants you to explain
the depths of the universe
giving you 10 mississippis
we’re hearing, not Listening
Sentence you to a Label
BRANDED on you skin
Outcast you from society
into the Public Prison
for how long, Juffrou?
FOREVER or until our mind shifts
to the next person, another mob trail
(it’s a Game. Until the Game comes for me
More Deleterious)
To my Afrikaans teacher. What you said may of come of as racist. Also the way we acted was wrong.
Feb 2022 · 75
Brought to my knees, tears down my cheeks.
That is me, defeated. My heart is what I seek.
Guider help me with my quest!
Maybe on the way we’ll see naïve hope, waited
and made aware of disappointment’s arrival, now operating
with pessimism and bias. Will we have to sympathise
Denial with its walking stick and sunglasses of great size?
Or make certain of no sudden movement as he observes with vigilance and readiness.
Guider what happened to the parks and the heaviness
of playing innocent souls ignorant, unscathed?
Are they now in office parks playing tug with whims and being paid.
And Guider, after all this, will my heart still be
loving, kind, fierce, joyful and warm?
Or will the father’s abandonment force my heart to reform…
Feb 2022 · 80
Dear Peers
Dear peers
Thanks for the flowers
Although dying men can’t
be pleasantly burdened by a besiege of bouquets
Dying men are focused
on every agonising breathe
Doesn’t matter how heavenly it is
But dear peers
Thanks for the flowers
You send your best wishes when I’m too far in.
Jan 2022 · 78
District Disciples
Being birthed and brought up by the dumps, they
joined a higher force gang,

They don’t perform miracles
while they ride the highness or drunken stupors

(Stereotyped for our residents)

Yet they drown us in oceans of love
Listen, fully with two ears, tidal waves of pains
Lay their hands, for all, and not the “better of” among us

And as my mind reflects and resolutes

They didn’t change the dumps, the shrine of substances and where drunks worship the bottle,
The dumps is the dumps but it’s people,
even though few, move a inch closer to brighter.

‘Cause they chose differently, they delivered difference to the dumps.
Jan 2022 · 642
So Goodbye
Word of the Challenge

I tried smiling and pretending,
Amputating my memory of your sea lover,
Simply there’s a cerulean hue when I see you,
Again thoughts of her mermaid hands on you,
Gashes a pain from my heart in ICU,
And realisation of my flatline faith in you.
It keeps reminding of that ******* the beach you kissed and I can’t be with you no longer. Goodbye.
Jan 2022 · 69
Wright Brothers
you fly
cupid given you wings
or it’s a valentines miracle
love has
made you into
an angel
-so you think-
forgettin’ Wright Flyer II is higher, faster, funnier
u nosedivin’
your wings
or it’s a post
valentines curse
no, his heart is bored
and you’re merely human
Dec 2021 · 152
Sleepyhead Story 😴
as the rhymes dance with the rhythm
             also adding bricks into my bags
                         low eyes try edit language
                                          in this sleepy daze
                                    imagination escape laws
                                                       FREELY become
                                                                ­    perfection

[𝙿𝚘𝚎𝚝 𝚌𝚘𝚕𝚊𝚙𝚜𝚎 𝚝𝚘 𝚊 𝚜𝚘𝚞𝚗𝚍𝚕𝚢 𝚜𝚕𝚎𝚎𝚙]
I’m going to bed…
Dec 2021 · 822
the stone
the stone had been left alone
to trek in search of a pool
that when a child offered the stone a floatie
the stone turned down the offer  
to drown
in the “stone’s special pool”
maybe the insecurity/pride/resentment
adding a extra ton or two
When I started hitting the gym, I had no trainer, friends and what not. Today I laughed how flustered I was when this other gentleman came up to me to give me advice.
cover all doddles, hearts & scrabbles
teenage love evoking the inner child
innocent for now with a liberated soul

cover all doddles, hearts & scrabbles
teenage love evoking the childhood pain
swings couples where former child’s tears spilled

cover all doddles, hearts & scrabbles
teenage love has dramatic different faces
i don’t long to see ugly doddles and scrabbles
only the pretty hearts

i might paint the walls white
cover all old doddles, heart & scrabbles
draw our love story, me with my new partner
& pray, there only is pretty hearts.
Yet it ends up the same
Dec 2021 · 631
The Wise Man in the Coffin
For a week a man laid stiffen,
Was alive for his funeral in his coffin,
He admired the awing voices of the local choir,
For a second forgot why it was grimier,
He disapproved the chosen reverend,
For his summons would go on on end,
He couldn’t get over the irony so strong,
So many heartbeats for a summary a page long,
For a moment he wished he was dead,
For his mother retold childhood stories, turning his face red,
His love for his wife was renewed,
For on her face she had his buttocks tattooed,
He let out a silent one when his friend spoke,
Gas so deadly he could of choke,
He was irritated by his mother-in-law,
Lying that she loved him when he was her daughter’s biggest “flaw”,
His son had his heart overwhelmed,
Saying all the words in his pronunciation realm.

With his joy overflowing,
And the guilty for the tears growing,
The wise man bursted from his hiding place,
Embracing everyone, ignoring their confused face!

You might call the wise man mad,
While we are alive we insult, we make people sad,
But when they die, we utter praises, but they can no longer be glad.
That’s some serious irony.
Nov 2021 · 164
The Boy II The Man
…The boy hated his father…
Anger that boiled all blood cells,
Resentment that poisoned vermin-lush snakes.
The boy’s anger, resentment & hatred
Led him in his journey to manhood
…Until. He became the man his father was…

…Now, the man, still, hates his father…
Anger boils all blood cells,
Resentment that poisons vermin-lush snakes,
His anger, resentment & hatred,
…Blinds him while his lil’ man is hurting.
In society we sympathies with the child in pain but we sympathies with the man in pain. The man in pain was a child in pain who didn’t get the help they needed.
Oct 2021 · 1.9k
The Undertaker
Staring, inane, deeply in reflective glass;
Nothing but green & gone am I;
At work, I wear dumb sunglasses
to hide, not sorrowful, but puffy, glossy eyes.

Soldiers, I ride clouds, later to fall in pits;
I sniff, I live. It fades, my life fades with it;
Soldiers with flags & badges, they lowered you;
Soon when I’m lowered too, would I have that too?
For substances and few crows will sing my song;
I envy soldiers, for the land will sing you long & long…
Oct 2021 · 593
This Life No Balance
Life is a dice with four frightening faces,
Two faces with eyes seeing some joy and peace,
While you’re given another year,
Others are denied another taste of life,
Why? Well, this life no balance.

Others must sleep “comfortably” in a box or urn, River flowing from mother’s eyes. Shock fawning
sister’s eyes- soon she’ll also have a river,
The fat lady angelically burps every note with
a vein fighting for freedom from her fat neck
and furious eyebrows on her Ferrari red face,
Emotions fail to change that this life no balance.

And your drunken uncle slurps though his story…
The uncle looks like his competing with the dead,
Joyless, soulless, lifeless, died. Keep a watch on him,
We don’t want to be back here next week.
Yet who loves being in a life with no balance.

Priest, enjoys excited couples not cold corpses,
said “We are higher when we are on our knees.”
even more closer when we lay six-feet under,
That makes sense ‘cause this life no balance.

Time with your friends is only borrowed,
Tell the friend, sit down, stop pacing on end,
His racked with guilt when time is who to blame,
He’s wasting tons of time trying to solve infinities,
It’s simply answered, this life no balance.

On your birthday, smile until your cheeks swell!
‘Cause this life no balance. Never has. Never will!
My classmate said it perfectly, “This life no balance.”
Losing my friend four days before my birthday just proves that this life isn’t fair.
Oct 2021 · 642
Lonely heart
What a lonely heart remembers
Is what it needs to forget
And a lonely heart forgets
How to remember to forget…
In an attempt to survive
Many moons of us walking opposing paths
And alas, Pandora who woke me quite early
To cleanse long to be odourless for fortnights
Pressured me to test my lactose-sensitive belly
While smiling statuesque, to hiking long paths
Sorry is Pandora whom I never kissed
Who had a chance to ******* tender lips
While we were merry on the 50 coins train
I made a move, sad yet brave, to be denied.
Many moons of us walking opposing paths
Pandora pondered, put perspective and placed
herself in the awkward position to tell me sorry.
I accept your sorry but I have questions, longing for answers
Sep 2021 · 269
Haiku 09.21

shiny or with dirt
black school shoes on that young corpse
Travels in hoarse
School was her happy. By her happy place that’s where the bullets screamed. Hopefully she’ll carry good memories of her happy place to heaven
Sep 2021 · 67
You are Sand
You are sand,
You can be mud or glass,
Doesn’t understand this man,
Look! You are sand! Yet you act like gas.

Embrace each grain in your hands of sand,
Not your many personas you want to be classed
with! “Is this me or the acts I have surpassed”,
you ask but the truth isn’t really a demand,
Even truth’s light breeze feels like a harass.

Your remind me of sand,
Shape these fake ideas about yourself. Alas,
we bonded to what nature has planned.
Be glad, you can be mud or glass.
Sep 2021 · 666
If he became a poem
He would mean nothing to me
He would no longer be held hostage in my heart.
  He would be prisoner to pen and paper.
       Easily disposable
   Easily replaceable
Sep 2021 · 429
You should of known
That I could do more with my breath
   than sing Funeral hymns
I could of told you a joke
Give you chats lasting throughout the night
Comfort you when you needed
      Someone the most
I could of shown all things before you took
     That last burdened breath.
  The grim, wooden human box
Tells me you have taken all your breaths
  I conclude, I’ll sing this Funeral hymn
        Like it’s the last breath I’ll ever take.
Sep 2021 · 884
This note
i write
This note
because it will serve as evidence
of us until the earth has to pass
death do our bodies part
But Not
This note
and not our Love.
i promise…
“For as long eyes can see..”
Aug 2021 · 122
After high tide is low tide
After summer’s sun there’s winter’s snow
After being in love, especially with the fantasy,
There’s reality waiting for you to hate it.
Aug 2021 · 1.6k
Mirror, mirror
When my mind gets lost in the far corner of the dark side of the moon,
the need grows for razors to expose my blood, destroying progress’ fragile balloon,
I glaze myself in the mirror and, as if the mirror magically change
The beast I thought to see, to a fair queen. Who wonders why we grew estranged.
It’s does quick glances at the mirror that allow you to see the truth
Aug 2021 · 205
To My Pillow
You’re wet and snotty. Yet so comfortable. And you hug me thight though out the night
You’re great friend
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