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We are travelling quickly on a path that is blind to our misery.
We believe that destiny will unfold itself.
Our goals change, and so does our path.
Nothing appears to be close to where we want to be. But we keep moving.
If you miss me,
              follow the bees.

If you miss me,
              listen to the leaves.

If you miss me,
              I'll be beneath
              the lilac tree.

I'll wait for you;
              come join me.

I'll wait for you;
              come join me.
Footprints in mud or sand don't last.
They fade with time and tide.
Footprints on the heart are
Concrete and somehow abide.
A reworking of a comment I made on someone else's write.
I'm not bad,
but even bad things happen to me,

So surely you can say to me some bad words,
and it will never be abused,
by my side, to you.

         w          a        n           t

                   t                   o

                          b      e


Indonesia, 19th February 2022
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
 Jun 2022 Coffee with Cream
If it pours tonight,
It should be proof,
That I once loved.
I will never believe in your God
But I will always have faith in You.
I care not for what you preach.
I care only for what you do.
These halls seem somewhat hollow
A certain sense of sorrow
Now graces ancient stone.
Replacing familiar faces
With defaced family paintings
And cold ancestral bones.
Thrones thrown upon a pyre.
Fate becomes the folly
Tomorrow the unknown,
The brows of time are furrowed
Past spent, lost, or borrowed
Flowers forever bloom alone.
Rats, the last lords of ruin
Rule cruel shadows from the walls.
Twilight sighs at daylight's rise
All seems dark till darkness falls.
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