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17h · 33
On Future
On the day
Of graduation
A transit point
I was asked
To choose a future

Did you know?
It was
I always

You are enough
To align together
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Vows
2d · 43
Dignity Project
If you greet

& if they don’t
Respond back

You are invisible
Realize that

They are dead
Remember that

Never repeat
The same
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Conscience
Author’s Note: What are you doing with your life?
2d · 43

Genre: Micro Verse || Observational
Theme: Voice of the soul
Author’s Note: I am healing while you're a healer. You are healing while I'm a healer. Life in a balance.
2d · 17
Don’t share your visiting cards.
That, I have nothing to do with.

Breaking the silence, speak to me of your journey,
and your destination. Speak to me of your dreams,
and efforts. Speak to me about how far you have
been, and the hurdles to move ahead. Speak to me
about the blessings, and the prayers. Speak to me
about sunrise, music and coffee. Speak to me about
yourself, and nobody else. Speak to me about your
being, who you are, and who you are not.

When I will look into your eyes, speak to me
something, that you never spoke about.
Speak to me to get understood.

I am here to listen.
Yes, I said that.
Genre: Inspirational
Theme:All in comfort, alright
2d · 269
Gentle Remind
She gets time
To face a mirror
And admit
She is beautiful

So here
I remind her

Every day
Every time
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Eyes Talk
Oct 11 · 468

Genre: Micro Verse || 8 Words Poetry
Theme: Twin Flame
Oct 11 · 211
Embracing soul
Look at me
I'm reflecting
Beyond words

Give yourself
To me
And let the world witness
Something different

You are welcome
Beyond love
Beyond forever
No one ever dreamt

I wish, you could
Read my mind
Where you belong
What you are to me

Let us define
A new dimension
Of love

Now tell me
What it’s like
Being loved

Besides blessing
Genre: Experimental Love
Theme: Towards the oneness.
Author's Note: You are the dream and the reality. You are my worship and the blessing. I am "you" while you are "me". Now tell me, how will you seperate, "you" from "us", "me" from "me" and "you" from "you"?
Afterall I trust the god in you, I trust the god in me.
Oct 6 · 77
Your Excellency
If I could rewind time
The world is ours
You and me
With nobody else

Some silence
Some whispers
Some praise
And glitter in your eyes

For a while
Everything aligns
So on and so forth
It seems like a dream
Or more like a magic
Or like a home
Worth being

He/She said
Genre: Dead Romantic
Theme: All Good Things
Oct 5 · 102
While one is
Searching himself/herself
Some books
Will turned their way
Some songs
Will touched their chords
Some souls
Will changed their life
Some questions
Will taught a lession

When he/she will see
Your eyes

That very moment
Harmony vibes

"I find myself"
"In you"
Genre: Observational
Theme: Questioning eyes || Answering souls
Oct 4 · 86
Offering silence

I do not want
Just to be heard
I want
To be listened to

I wish to know
All of myself

Head to soul

I am 5'10"
While I dream
I feel no less than infinity

2nd life, I live
As the Man
Behind the words
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Writing is being
Oct 3 · 87
Note to self
You were

You hold
The same

You are
You were

Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Selfcare ||Dignity
Oct 3 · 69

Genre: Inspirational || 6 Words Poetry || Micro Verses
Theme: Language Of Love || Compassion
Oct 3 · 102
Do you know?
Good Morning
Is the SECOND thing
That comes into
My mind

I Miss You
Is the FIRST
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Bond
Oct 3 · 66
…and he/she said
The best part of you
A story
Without an end

And the time
Stand still

To listen
Genre: Observational
Theme: All that matters
Oct 3 · 53
On Timing
A wise man
Once was a fool

Realize that
In case
Noone has told

When did you meet him?
That matters
If still not clear

Read that again
Genre: Rational
Theme: The very moment
Don’t tell me
Where else
You have been

Have you been to
My dreams?
Genre:Micro Verses
Theme: Travel Log
Sep 29 · 66
On Temporary
Temporary happiness
Temporary comfort
Temporary people
No one
Wishes for

I'm that
No one
I think
You are too

Be someone's forever
The mental health
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Examined Life
म सानो छदा

म सानो छदा
बिहानै उठथे
दुघ भात खान्थे
पर्खाल बहिरका बच्चाहरुले नुन रोटी खाएको दख्थे
यसो माथि हेर्थेे
आफु माथिको आकासको टुक्रा झरिहाले के गर्ने सोंच्थे
यसो पछाडी हेर्थे
भकारी भरी छ
पेट किन भरीदैन भन्ने लाग्थ्यो
अलि ठुलो भएपछि
पर्खाल बाहिर गए
गोडामा काडा बिज्यो
लडे, अनी उठे

अझै बढेपछि
त्यो भन्दा पर जादा
लडाउने मान्छेहरु भेटें
झुक्याउने मान्छेहरु भेटें
केही सन्त
धेरै अपराधिहरु  भेटें

गाडी चढेपछि अझै पर पुगें
मैदानहरु देखें
हिमाल, पहाडहरु देखें

हवाइजहाज चढेर झनै पर पुग्दा
अर्को संसार देखें
सबैलाइ उतार्न थाले
कवि बन्नै लागेको बेलामा म कवि हैन भन्दिए
मित्रहरुले माने
शत्रुले मान्दै मानेनन्
तिमी कविनै हो भने
मैले लेखेरै भन्नु पर्यो म कवि होइन

शत्रुले सोधे
त्यसो भए तिमी को हौ त?
मैले भने
म त कवि भन्दा ज्यादा फुल हो
फेरी ती मेरो पत्र,पत्र हेर्न थाले
सुध्न थाले
रुपको कुरा गरे
तिनले म नेरको पातलाई पनि सोधे
काडाको पनि रिस गरे
मलाइ भरोसा दिने हाँगाबिँगा पनि भाँचे
माटो समेत खोतलेर हेरे
तिनका हात हिलाम्मै भयो
रक्ताम्मै भयो
तिनले गड्यौलापनि देखे
किरा फटयागा्रलाइपनि सोधे
मित्रहरुले माने, म फुलै हो
शत्रुहरुले मान्दै मानेनन्
तिमी कविनै हो भने
मैले लेखेरै दिनु पर्यो म कवि होइन

शत्रुले फेरी सोधे तिमी को हौ त?
मैले भने, म पंक्षि हो
उनिहरुले गुलेली लिए
ढुङ्गाहरु हान्न थाले
पखेटाहरु काटिदिए
गुँड भत्काइदिए

फेरि सोधे तिमी को हौ त?
मैले भने तिमीहरुको मित्र
मित्रहरुले माने
शत्रुले मान्दै मानेनन्
तिनले भने तिमी हाम्रो शत्रु हो
तिमी कविनै हो
मैले लेखेरै दिनु पर्यो म कवि  होइन

त्यहाका बच्चाहरु अझैपनि
नुन रोटिनै खान्छन्
नाङ्गै धुलोमै खेल्छन्
अझै म पनि कवि बन्नै बाँकि छ
तर शत्रुहरु तिमी कविनै हो भन्छन्
तिनलाइ लेखेरै म भन्छु म कवि होइन

अहं होइन
शैली : अवलोकन
विषय :आत्मकथा
Author's Note:
When logic and reality interwine
Should one need to close the senses?
Or, let one freature the time in rhyme?
What should one do?
Sep 28 · 53
Origin Of Moon
Whoever architect
The Universe

At first
With a noble purpose
The Sun may have been made
The human may have been

Among human
They may have decided to gift
Some as an artist
Among Artist
With the soulful ink
Came Poet/Poetess

That time
Something may have gone
Most had writer's block
Most often

A moon may have been made
To amuse the poet/Poetess

Since then
They are musing
They are mused
Genre: Observational
Theme: Stimuli
Sep 27 · 94
If You Are In?
Poet/Poetess falls in love
Expect different
Expect forever

They will adjust their height
To reach you
They will adjust their time
To honor you
Pay attention to their eyes
Every time it will be dilated
When it's about you

Using metaphors
They will try to reflect
Your presence
Through their Ink
Sometimes as a flower
Sometimes as an ant
Sometimes as a bird

What you are to their soul

They may
Burn their emotions
They might share it to you
They may stay silent
Wishing peace to you
Never they will stop
Loving you
Genre: Experimental
Theme: To the eternity you will live
Sep 26 · 52
Who is back?
It could be
Like this

You may think
He/She is following you
He/She may be chasing
His/Her dream

And you are in
As simple as that
Genre: Observational
Theme: You must know that || Crossroads
Sep 25 · 134
Taste oF Love
Let ME be
YOUR home

Let ME call
My home
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Beyond Shyness
Sep 25 · 51
And when

And when I think about you
It tastes like love
And when I call your name
It tastes like love
And when I see you
It tastes like love
And when I feel your presence
It tastes like love
And when I have something
Something close to heart
It tastes like love
Every time
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Nothing Outside Everything in
Sep 24 · 87
On Timing
A wise man
Once was a fool

Realize that
In case
Noone has told

When did you meet him?
That matters
If still not clear

Read that again
Genre: Rational
Theme: The very moment
Sep 24 · 670
The Core

Needs to have
That much time
To close
Their eyes
Just for a while

To know their
Own inner beauty

Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Virtue || Essence
Sep 23 · 194
You may have seen me
When I was folding my arms
Never did you noticed
How high I could fly

You may have seen me
When I was bedridden
Never did you recognized
How strong I am

You may have seen me
When I was stumbled
Never did you noticed
How gracefully I rise

You may have seen
My vulnerability
Never did you realized
How carefully I craft
Admiring it as
The Masterpiece

Probably you just have capacity
To see the partial truth
Never did you embraced
The absolute
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Dignity
Sep 22 · 126
If you are
Lucky enough

The wondering soul
Will find

To live by
Genre: Romantic
Theme: When everything matters
Sep 21 · 123
Maybe that’s why
We’re all heroes

In the stories
We write

What if silence is
The only truth?
One can

After all
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Why things need to be written?
Sep 20 · 310
The One
And when I see you

Everything aligns
The mood
The hope
The spirit
The energy
And many more
That can't be explained

That you are

And that is beautiful
Single reason
To believe

What you are
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Your Worth || You Are Enough
Sep 19 · 178
The Way
If you feel
Comfort with tears
Yes please, cry
If you can't

Don't deny
To smile
Genre: Zen
The: Options ||Human Emotions
Sep 19 · 101
तिमी झुके म झुक्छु
तिमी रुके म रुक्छु
तिमी हासे म हास्छु

म तिम्रो
ऐना हु
शैली : मुक्तक
विषय: आत्मीय
Sep 18 · 128
Why do you write?
Writing should never be about who liked it or disliked it. Personally I feel peace, to write events, daily life activity without an end. I don't know topics, I don't know how to blend words like the professionals. Furthermore I don't have that time to decorate beautifully, but honestly I never cared about getting it right and I don't compete besides doing personnal best.

To be precise, we are among those people who (need to) have patience to listen, to see, to feel, and finally process all those stimuli to get back with a better reflection. How much we know them is, how much we have touched their lives.
The extra mile is the factor what makes someone to write. And luckly, I am among that someone.
Finally I write to empty my head.

If we will not write, who will?
Genre: Experimental
Theme: I got ink, I got thought, I got imagination, I got emotions and I am real.
Sep 17 · 77
2nd World
If shared
Some random
Free verses

You know what?

Broken Piece
Angel Wings
Poet From Another Planet
The Red Women
They may like it

This is what happens
This is what inspires
Trending continues
Genre: Autobiography
Theme: Penship || Acknowledge || Thanks All
Sep 17 · 307

Genre: Inspirational || 6 words craft
Theme: cosmic synchrony
Sep 15 · 1.8k
Since then

Genre: Micro verse
Theme: Privileged
Author's Note:
He/She might not say
Anything casual

Expect something
Calm to ears
Sep 14 · 165
Let your life
Be like the poetry

Deep enough to
Penetrate the mind
Tender enough to
Touch the heart
Beautiful enough to
Take the breath away

Tell me
What else you need?
No matter what
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: All good things
Sep 14 · 108
मान्छेहरु जब ढुङ्गा बन्छन्
उनीहरु ढुङ्गाकै संगत गर्छन्

पहाडहरुतिर हेर्छन
मानौ तिनै तिनका ऐना हुन्
जसले उनीहरुका
प्रश्न, प्रश्नकै रुपमा फर्काउँछ
उत्तर, उत्तरैको रुपमा फर्काउँछ
न तिनका पयर
न चक्षु
न तिनका आवाज
न पंख
न तिनका मुस्कान
न आँसु्

न कल्पनामा डुब्छन्
न ऋतुहरुभै रंग बदल्छन्
सायद ढुङ्गा बन्न सजिलो छ

हामी अगरबत्ती बालेरैपनि
कृतीम सुगन्ध उत्पति गछौ
जब हामी मान्छेलाइ खुसी पार्न सक्दैनौे
जब हामी मान्छेहरुलाइ सेवा गर्दा गर्दा थाक्छौ
अन्तिममा  हामी ढुङ्गा बन्छौ

ढुङ्गैको संगत गर्छौ
ढुङ्गैकै पुजा गर्छौ
शैली :अमूर्त
विषय :पत्थर
Author's Note:
If nothing to say, be silent
If no one hears, be silent
If silence speaks, be silent

If nothing matters, be silent
If silence calms, be silent
If silence heals, be silent

If silence wins, be silent
If silence is the start, be silent
If silence is the end, be silent

If silence is the answer, be silent
If silence is the only choice, be silent
If silence is the way of life, BE SILENT
Sep 13 · 708
Purity Of Love
Thank you

A genuine
Well being
Genre: Inspirational
Sep 13 · 103
Take Home Message
What matters?

Being a part of
The story
At the end of the day
Just remind
Never ever forget
To smile

Let's say
Let's try
Genre: Philosophical
Theme: Are you happy?
Author's Note:
How many times
You smiled?
How many times
You want to smile?
Were you the reason
To smile?
Sep 13 · 97
Follow Up
And in the end I have questioned many things
looking inside the eyes. The life is not about
aligning all the stars of the galaxy, while
tracing rays of light. Everything
worth the authenticity, who will
question when the truth reveals
in the vibes. No matter what or how
much we put effort trying to catch
the air, that is out of reach and
awesome way of waste of time.
Sometimes we carry too much
weights that make us weary,
this needs to be something
in our mind.

When I have
Nothing inside
I always
Follow the light
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Growing one day at a time
Sep 12 · 111
आज काललाई जितियो
कसो उसले बिताएको

चार चक्के दानव
शैली : प्रयोगात्मक
विषय:अझै धेरै छ हेर्न, लेखेको कस्ले पो टार्छ र ?
Sep 11 · 97
Things To Do
To **** Aedes
To destroy it's habitat
To hide from
Insect rights activist

I'm sorry
That's all
Genre: Rational
Theme: Dengue epidemic || Aedes, if you are reading this
केही मान्छेहरु आउदा तिमी
मस्तिष्कको ढोका बन्द गर, दिलको खोल
ती तिमीभित्र पस्न त सकुन्
तर निस्केर जाउन्

केही मान्छेहरु आउदा तिमी
मस्तिष्कको ढोका खोल, दिलको बन्द गर
ती मान्छेहरु
आउन जान सकुन्

केही मान्छेहरु आउदा तिमी
दिल र मस्तिष्क दुबैको ढोका बन्द गर
चक्षुमात्र खोल
ती चक्षुबाट भित्र मस्तिष्क हुदै
दिलसम्म भने नपुगुन्
ती आए, तिमी स्वागत गर
नआए, खातीर नमान

केही मान्छेहरु आउदा तिमी
मस्तिष्क दिल दुबै खोल
ती मध्य धेरैलाइ मस्तिष्कमै रोक
कमैलाइ दिलभित्र राख

केही मान्छेहरुलाइ मात्र तिमी
चक्षु, मस्तिष्क र दिल तिनै ढोका खुल्ला राख
ती चक्षु, मस्तिष्क हुदै दिलमा बसुन
तिमी ती पसिसकेपछि
चक्षु बन्द गर

सदा ती त्यही बसुन्
शैली : अवलोकन
विषय: चक्षु, मस्तिष्क र दिल || The Third Eye
Author's Note:
Never trust on
The outer reflections
Yes-to-Yes compliments

Never you will be wrong
If identify vibration of
The inner instinct

Let patience do the rest
Keep watching till the time
When we will witness
Skin shedding

Otherwise We don’t judge people
Their vibration let us
Whom to keep distance
Whom to get close
Sep 9 · 318
I am
With flaws
With fragile heart
A sensitive soul

I believe you
You will
Never break
Let's face it together

I am
Not as decent
As you thought

I believe you
You are the One
I can blindly
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Sincerity
Sep 8 · 171
If somebody asks
What do you see in me?

Tell them
I just don't see
How you look like
Where you belong
What your name is

I see
The calming vibes
The healing waves
The soothing echoes
I see myself in you
I see all the colors
I see everything
What you could
Turn out to be

That is essential
Essential for life
I see you
As the reason
Why to believe in time

I see you
As blessing
And I want
To get blessed

Tell them
I have yet
More to say

My dear
Genre: Observational
Theme: Unveiled Vibes
पुरानो कागत ल्याउनु भएन?
* छुटेछ बाबु
हिजो आज कुन औषधि, कति खादै हुनुहुन्छ?
* मैले?
* त्यो ३१० रुपैया पर्ने
* पहिले १९० मा पाइन्यो
* बाबुलेनै २ महिना अघि पावर बढाएको

अब भन्नुस् वहाले
कुन औषधि कति पावरको
सेवनगर्नु भएको?
शैली : क्लिनिकल प्रयोगात्मक
विषय : निशब्द
विचार : किताव भित्र नपढेको गुरुले नपढाएको सिक्दैजाने प्रक्रियानै आखिरमा रहेछ क्लिनिकल प्रैक्टिस
मैले सुसेलेको

धुन मिलेनकि?
संगीत तिमीले बुझेनै?
शैली : अवलोकन
विषय: बेसुरो म
धूम्रपान गर्नुहुन्छ?
रक्सी पिउनुहुन्छ?
अनी माछामासु नी?

सोध्न मन लागेको थियो
अनी रमाइलो कसरि
गर्नु हुन्छ?
शैली : क्लिनिकल प्रयोगात्मक
विषय: मनै त हो
आज तिमी
जस्तै देखे
भन्न मन थियो

म नै हो त्यो
भन्यै भने
बोल्ने शब्द थिएन
शैली : मुक्तक
विषय: यात्रा स्मृति
Just like
The sensitive heart
Well protected
All around
With the strong ribs cage
Do the same

Do the same
Build the line
Armour with walls
Silence the soul
Stay afar
Stay virtuous

Gypsy impulses
Will collide, most often
The right one
Holds the key
Access naturally

Welcome that
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Remember who you are | Examined Life
Author's Note: Whom to keep distance whom to get close, your kind knows all.
Are you willing to get drained ?
Not in this lifetime.
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