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Jun 2 · 648
Reality Check
When it's real

He won't always tell you
He loves you with words
You will love your life
Much more

When it's real
You don't have to question

Answer appears
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Just like this
Author's Note: When it's real, your eyes will know it, so does your soul.
May 29 · 196
In Realtime
When ego dies
Love flourishes
Genre: Observational
Theme: Take Home Message
Apr 26 · 53
Yet And Still
And one day
You'll step ahead
To find a way
Without turning back

You'll accept
Who you
Turn out to be
When they are the embers of
The past

Thank you
Genre: Inspirational
Apr 25 · 73
Making Sense
When there is writer's block

Be empty
To the null

Observe closely
To see the things
That does not exist
Listen keenly
To hear the things
That have not been said
Wonder walk in the circular path
To find the end
When there is no beginning
Be prepare for anything
Listen to the rain
Pounding on the ground
Or stare the moon in silence
Or try to understand a barking dog
Or chase the humming bee till the sunset
Or count the palpating heart
Behind the closed door
Like I do

Not everyone will understand you
Genre: Observational
Theme: Everyday life
I dream

Making sense

I dream
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: And there is a way
Apr 24 · 136
Thinking Mind
Feel everything deeply
If it's superficial
You are not my tribe
Apr 24 · 408
Forever Around
If I have
To reflect you
I would start from
Your soul

That gonna be
Never ending project
This much to say

With you
I feel safe
With you
I open up
With you
I grow

With you
I'm like water
I flow
I freeze
I evaporate
Genre: Romantic
Theme: A thought of you
Apr 18 · 132
Ink Matters
To whom
It may concern

If I haven't
Reflecting your vibes

Believe me
You don't exist

To all the living
And the nonliving
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Touching Lives
Apr 16 · 118
Somatic Whispers
To be born anew
Welcome to the present

And cheer me
With the words of praise
Embrace me
With the warmth of verse
Intoxicate me
With your loyalty
Drag me
With celestial vibe
Caress me
With your thought
Hold me
Like a beautiful dream
Nurture me
With your soothing heart
Touch me
With your soul
Lighten up
Just being
Remember me
As a basic unit of love

I'm yours
Genre: Romantic
Theme: For today and better tomorrow
Apr 13 · 49
Final Lines
On a personal note, with a deep sense of gratitude to the teachers and the healers who have crossed my path and make me feel aware something, something what I need to learn in the year 2077.
I'm indebted to all behind the scene persons, who doesn't like social acknowledgement, yet keeps inspiring me, being far and near. I thank some souls even being unaware, who kept my spirit high.

In the end, it's the balance and the journey continues......
That's just a way, it is.
Happy New Year 2078 B.S.
Apr 11 · 89
Are you ready?

Let's talk something different
Beautiful, and raw
Silent, yet profound
Devotion, and surrender
Thoughts, and beyond

Let's talk about the things
You can't neglect
The thing you understand
And the things you want to understand better
Let's talk more
About the background
And the challenges
Let's talk about soul feeds
And the common sense

Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Back To Basic
Apr 8 · 143
To be in love
One needs to silence
The ego

If it's simple, It's love
If it's simple, It's her/him

And one day
You will declare yourself
The most romantic person alive
If given
Free space
Right time
Being with the person of your choice
Trust me

You will
Genre: Romantic
Theme: That simple
Author's Note:
With you
I feel safe
With you
I open up
With you
I grow

With you
I'm like water
I flow
I freeze
I evaporate
Apr 7 · 169
So It Is
Reality check

When a poet has a crush
He is unstoppable
He may not call you
Neither text you
May never utter a single word

Welcome in
Only if you could read his mind
And see inside
Beyond norm
You’ll always find a place
In his verses
That stays constant
Words of praise
Mystic metaphor
Magical stanza
Blanketing warmth
With an incredible way
Subtle and tender
Making enough space in his ink
From the depths of his soul
Thank you
For the understanding

Not so far away
Your soul
Is his home

If only you cared
Theme: Poet's Crush
Author's Note: This is a part of their life
Apr 7 · 105
For the person
Like us
We yearn to understand
Every Colors
Various Shapes
Transient Moods
Amusing Lies
Even a slight change in expression
And every other details

But it's that vibe
Where we truly reside
That drives us

To portray you
Apr 6 · 474
Her Allure
A painted distraction
Like the lady in the magazine
Or someone you see in the TV screen
She is beautiful

She is beautiful like a rose
She can
Touch you with her glance
Heal you with the smile
Make you feel delighted
With her grounding simplicity
She is beautiful

She is beautiful like the Moon
She is the reason, you believe in love
She is different, she gives you hope

That, She is
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Essence
Apr 3 · 47
What's Up?
Let me sum it up

If you are observant
Write few words on observership
If you are romantic
Write few words on love
If you are silent
You need to write more

More Lines
More Paragraphs
More Themes
More Events
That's how you communicate
With a precise voice
Louder echoes
A light, over shade

Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Writing is being
Apr 1 · 105
In the similar vein
Hello, said he
Hello, said she
May I, said he
What, said she
Talk to you, said he
Umm, said she
Do you know, said he
What, said she
Beautiful you, said he
Yes, said she
And, said he
What, said she
You vibe familiar, said he
hehe, said she
Stay blessed, said he
You too, said she
Silent, was she
Silent, was he
Ego won
Thinks he
Wished he
All the best
Said he

Anonymous, then he
Anonymous, then she
Genre: Love
Mar 31 · 1.1k
That's Chemistry
This's a summary of time

Minds in sync
Hearts in sync
Souls cohere
Dopamine surge
Gaze synapsed
Luscious air
Blush and smile
Silence heard
I was there
You were there
And in the very moment
It was us
With all being

I am you
And you are me
In knowing you
I have known myself
This is all

I want to show you
What you've been missing
All the possibilities
We will reach
To the places
You've only heard of
All the way
And the journey begins
Bridging forever

That simple
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: I was, till I met you
Author's Note:I believe the possibilities living in the land of certainity.  In the subtle movement, the only conscious thought that holds  is to honor your presence.
I want to believe you are mine, as the fellow in the journey of hope, binding your divine soul to mine.
I empower you.
You empower me.
Mar 28 · 209
Forever True
To the one

In you
I have found
All the colors
All the vibes
What the soul
Truly seeks

And always
Genre: Almost Romantic
Theme: Appreciate
Note: Everything that nourishes the soul is love.
Mar 26 · 923
For a while
Don't tell me you know me
Looking into my eyes

Color me
As you like
I need
To feel more alive
Overwhelming the senses
The spirit and soul
Until I feel whole
With a rich color of delight

Tell me
Who do you see?
By the way, you look at me

But, I'm a rainbow
Raw and visual
Amidst the vibe
Or something soulful
Close to that
Pause in applause

And relax
Let me paint you
With the galaxies of joy
Where your spirit soar
And You'll effortlessly
Transcendence as
The most beautiful
Piece of living art
Theme: Inspirational
Theme: Contagious Colors
Author's Note:
Ideally you need to feel the most romantic creature for a time being, what you are, the world is, happy holi. So here I am.
Mar 8 · 69
Happy Women's Day
There is something I would like to say
To all the beautiful souls

To the one who is already beautiful
To the one who is trying to be
To the one who knows she is beautiful
To the one I have to remind, she is
Theme: Inspirational
Theme: And likes
Feb 25 · 178
I was told
Love looks like

I searched
Find, less

I discover
It always looks like me
Genre: Autobiography
Theme: Being Human
Feb 20 · 622
To The Believers
In love

One needs to
Close the eyes
Open the heart
Embrace the soul

Follow the steps
Genre: Observational
Theme: Everything that nourishes the soul is love.
Feb 20 · 269
The path to you
In the midst of the dream
You were looked at me
As if I am
Your only living dream
I was looked at you
As if you are
Center of gravity

Something like that
Genre: Romantic
Author's Note:
Have someone told you?
Safe heaven
Have someone told you?
That stirred your soul
To feel alive
Feb 17 · 214
Someone once said

Before one learns to live
Learn to breathe
Before one learns to question
Learn to listen
Before one learns to write
Learn to read
Before one learns to work
Learn to think
Before one learns to love
Learn to trust
Before one learns to die
Learn to live

And that someone
Is that you?
Is that me?
Feb 13 · 123
You need to understand
You are the Portrait I wish to observe
You are the Canvas I wish to paint
You are the Mirror I wish to see
You are the one
Bound forever and ever

And here I'm
Who smile at
The thought of you

Feb 13 · 967
On Hug
Words may be false
Either it is
Or it's not
Hug is not a word
A deep sense of love

It just is
Genre: Observational
Theme: Feb 12
Feb 13 · 359
Feb 13
To whom it may concern
Kiss heals
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Don't give up on happiness
Feb 8 · 227
If you love someone
And they do the same
It's magic

My dear
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Feb Air
Feb 4 · 186
Life is short

Where to invest
The Precious time
Is the biggest decision

Where not
The 2nd big
Genre: Observational
Theme: You are how you invest the time, you will be w
Feb 4 · 243
If you are neutral
Could not smile for a while

Use mine
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Soul Feeding
Feb 3 · 206
Let me sum up precisely

I used to believe love is immortal
I used to believe, love comes in a simple way
I used to believe, loving someone gives strength
I used to believe, being loved will take breath away

I believe
If you want to be loved, get ready for love
Love will reach you
Along the way
I believe
Love is a universal constant
Where an individual is a variable
Adding value to the life
I believe
In love
One surrenders
Yet One feels so alive
I believe
Anyone who adores
The Moon
Is in love

I still believe
What I used to believe
And If this is not love
Then tell me what love is?
That makes better sense
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Oneness
Author's Note: Once a wise man told. Change the beliefs that stops your way. If it's love, you will feel peace. I have seen the love, it's like water, it gravitates. It's like air, it moves. It's like fire, it melts. It's like gold, forever.
Jan 30 · 195
Once in the lifetime
We got to meet
Like minded person
A mirror reflection
Of own's soul
And the rest will be
The history

Frozen in forever
And for you, let me scribe tender words i've not heard myself say. Now and then.
Jan 28 · 303
Ground Level
I wish
Everyone should know
A basic

A basic
Recipe of happiness

In love
One naturally trusts
And when
The soul is in fire
Let there be love
Let there be us
Genre: Almost Romantic
Theme: Regardless
Author's Note: Soul gazing is not a month or a year long project. It is for this lifetime and then after. And it remains.
Jan 27 · 127
For instance

If one is silent
That life needs some editing
If one is out of time
That life needs some editing
If one is within 4 walls
That life needs some editing
If one is in pain
That life needs some editing
If one is in dark mode
That life needs some editing
If one is out of a dream
That life needs some editing
Time up
There is so much more
Outside the box

Breathe easy way
Genre: Observational
Theme: A Reminder
Jan 25 · 136
The Way
So here I go again

If you walk
A mile in my shoes
You may feel it as an adventure
If you walk next 10 miles
You may feel something new
And if you walk for a whole week
About 30 miles or more
You will know
The enjoyable way to take steps
And If you walk for a whole month
You will know the core of life
All that one needs

I walk most often
To get myself recharged
Just what I need
Right at that moment

That's me
That's my shoes
And still

An extra mile ahead
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Everyday Life
Jan 25 · 202
A Better Tomorrow
For a peace of mind
Edit life, ruthlessly
Not tomorrow

All today

Pay attention
If it's right
It will propagate
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: In Being
Author's Note: The Sun will be the same, yet one will have better time.
Jan 23 · 219
Emotional Hygiene
For once I was lost

When I was searching me
I found you
For once I followed my eyes
It led towards you
For once I followed my heart
It led towards you
For once I followed my soul
It led towards you
For once I was lost
No way out
And followed the light
There you were
All the times

The truth of you
Genre: Almost Romantic
Theme: If this is not love, why do I feel that way?
Jan 23 · 97
I learned
The basic art of healing from
The Medical School
The Health Centers

More during observership
Time with
The Carpenters
The Plumbers
The Electricians
The Bricklayer
The Cobblers
The Potters
The Singers
The Peace Keepers
The Ecosystem

People like them
Make us believe in solutions
Transcending any problem
They all fix
What needs to be
In alignment
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Version 2, Let me learn more
Jan 20 · 72
Earthy Clan
For the greater good

If you meet then
You will witness
All you need
To redefine self
Sacred spirit
Enriched living
Art with science
Culture with wisdom
Secret mysticism
Answer to question
Authentic happiness
Passion for life

And the infinite
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: You are invited
Jan 19 · 221
So Are You
I must confess

I see you
As a work of art
The light and the shadow

Above all
Genre: Abstract Inspirational
Theme: Reflection
Author's Note: And I repeat, don't share your visiting cards, I have nothing to do with it. In a nutshell it is a portable rectangular paper, nothing more. And I believe you are bigger than that, as an evolving identity. Let me meet you, that way.
Jan 19 · 132
In the similar vein
Hello, said he
Hello, said she
May I, said he
What, said she
Talk to you, said he
Umm, said she
Do you know, said he
What, said she
Beautiful you, said he
Yes, said she
One more thing, said he
What, said she
You vibe awesome, said he
idk, said she
Stay blessed, said he
You too, said she
Silent, was she
Silent, was he
Ego won
Thinks he
Wished he
All the best 💝
Said he

Then he
Jan 17 · 135
Despite the try

Not so long
The thoughts in the mind
You held
May somehow
Through the eyes
Without any word

Over the time
Genre: Dark
Theme: Escape
Jan 17 · 329
When I observe
The darkness of the people
To light them up

I find myself
Like them

Earlier I wasn't
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Energy healing
Jan 17 · 227
What went wrong?
Declared to withhold
Soul gazing project
Lost for words
I remain blind
The death of the dream

Because If I could
I would
Genre: Dark
Theme: Numb
Author's Note: Death of a dream
Jan 16 · 250
If you are
Being loved
You may not feel winter
That cold

Here is the blanket
Cover up
Genre: Observational
Theme: For some summer is too hot, winter is too cold, no in between
Jan 15 · 86
Key Point
I disqualify
With a simple

If I'm not
A part of solution
Probably, I'm the problem

There most
Be a way

Order in the chaos
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Facts
Jan 14 · 619
Daily Reminder
And the truth is

Live person
Can act
Like a dead

But the dead
They can't
It just is

I felt that
Genre: Clinical Abstract
Theme: Learn Unlearn Relearn
Jan 13 · 205
May be simply unfair
But I punish
With no mercy
For goodness's shake

With full reliance
I stay afar from some people
I wish to meet them
In next timeframe
In next dimension
In next pathway
In next lifetime
From the START

It's like this
Genre: Experimental Abstract
Theme: So it is
Jan 13 · 196
Purely Divine
Is just a word
It consumes you
Adds madness
Wiliness to surrender
And die a thousand deaths
For a single accord
One trusts for

Love is
Genre: Observational
Theme: True Love
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