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aisha Aug 2020
I am only
as good as
my flirtatious remarks

beyond that
I am
Rph Sumita Nath Aug 2020
Remarks are not literature
Sometimes go out of the structure
Though good one's are to capture
Rest are like old furniture.

Some version are miniature
Albeit enlighten a picture
They understand the scripture
And thought of the culture.

Some remarks you feel as tincture
Floating like bubble that won't  puncture
Life is all about adventure
Always be high with your zeal for signature.
Each one of us get remarks on our daily efforts. That could be cooking, singing, dancing, writing, fitness, dressing or other.
I presented a Rhyme on my view. Love to know your opine. How you come across. What excite you or demotivates you. Share your story.
#comment4comment #judgement #reaction #remarks #tellyourstory.
a tank of blither is Cisco
but in the river
and now even bigger
that awe a ******
with her darling croup
in the Hebrides
whereby Minch is ****
but wire took a crimp
that beltway cries heard her snide remark
a girl with  gold glitter
Sarah Robinson May 2018
My favorite thing about this
Viral sensation
Has to be the complete lack
Of continuity
Throughout countries, states
Welcome to my little slice of
As I am fortunate enough
To get to share my Uber with
Some random stranger at
Approximately 11:47 pm
Is a shady city
Crawling with shady people
Mind you
I am just a 20 year old female
Very protective of my body
But wait, there’s more
For just half the unreasonable price of a shared ride
I can get an express car pool in which
I get to walk for 5 whole minutes
To the Denny’s parking lot
In the dead of night
Yay me.
The ride to my house, a normal
20 minute drive
Turns to 37 as we take a random exit
To pick up a random stranger
Who does not show up
But that’s fine
As it is
We renter the same highway 10 minutes later
In a futile attempt
To get me
Home before
12:30 am
That did not happen
Did you know that 24 hour Subways exist?
Me neither
anotherdream Jan 2018
Testing testing one two three,
Take me out, take all of me.
Count my numbers with memories,
Never lose what we're always getting.

Testing testing one two three,
Tell me if this is real or just a dream,
Where pain ceases to exist,
Walking life's path and never to trip.

Testing testing one two three,
I've never felt love but with you there seems,
there's all of you and none of me.
Shouldn't be crying, shouldn't try to scream.

Testing testing one two three,
The love for you is only the love for me.
If that's true I don't know how to act,
Knowing happy can't exist without sad.

Testing testing one two three,
Become the fire among the fluent breeze.
Keep untying yourself as you run out of string,
Never forgetting the things it could bring.

Testing testing one two three,
Forget the remarks as you live out your daydream.
They may appear they are on the same team,
But since when has joy come from believing reality?
This originally was a test poem for HP due to uploading problems, but once I started writing I couldn't stop haha.  S.B. <3
aniket nikhade Oct 2016
Success is sweet to taste, however consistent efforts need to be made
Efforts need to be made to make sure the sweetness of success remains in mind for over a long period of time, later on becoming part of the memory.

When efforts are made doubts are raised, since each and everyone has his own way of getting things done
Doubts result in question in order to find a better way with regards to what is going on in the mind at the present moment in time.

Definitely at one point in time it seemed that all efforts were made to gain success, but later on with time intentions change for the sake of short term gain.

Questions are asked in one or many different ways so as to clear the doubts that are raised
Questions need to be answered, since doubts need to be resolved.

In one way or other, it’s always better to walk in a straight line without depending on shortcut,
since when shortcuts are taken it might lead to a failure,
if not a complete diaster,
later on resulting into a blame game.
Definitely there is no shortcut to success.

Questions are asked when there is a doubt in the mind
Remarks are made when questions are not answered, the way in which they should have been answered in the first place.

Later on things change
As of now in the present,
arguments and counterarguments is part of the game
Conflicts and contradictions is also part of the game,
if not tradition with regards to the doubt that is raised and also with regards to the question that needs to be answered.

Business runs as usual,
since now it’s time to make a gain from the controversy that’s been made,
if not created,
which somewhere down the line was related to the question that was initially raised.

Now time will take it’s own course before everything finds it’s original place
However till then game of what if and what if not will gain a firm ground
It will be continued to be played between different groups having different players playing in their own way and for their ownsake.
The game continues.

Most of the the time when a controversy is created, efforts are always made to make sure nothing remains hidden,
finally it’s truth that will bring an end to everything going on with regards to the doubt that was raised

Truth will reveal all the right and wrong with regards to everything that is going on in the mind and in this process it will settle down everything,
not only the controversy that was created,
but also the doubt that was raised.

Definitely truth is stranger than fiction, but also need of the hour since it will provide the answer to the question was raised with regards to the doubt going on in the mind.
The best ammunition against lies is the truth, there is no ammunition against gossip. It is like a fog and the clear wind blows it away and the sun burns it off. ~Ernest Hemingway

It's like sitting there and explaining how to you everything works
painting this picture in reverse I have to rehearse
and practice and rehearse and practice


imperfections affections towards perfection
in the one thing, reason, I can't sing freely
Just let me be. I have to practice
because that's, that is, what is, what's make perfection


I know you know he knows they know
just know that knowing is knowledge
passable shareable keepable loseable  
be responsible

— The End —