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Ismail Safri Jul 20
You're mine you're mine...
Will u be my valentine?
I will never forget u in my life!
I want you to be my wife...
Do not fear a vine,
Happy valentine.

Do not fear if I am poor!
I promise to take u on world tour...
Hope u never leave me alone...
If u left, I am gone!
Do not fear a vine,
Happy valentine.

Friends says I am behaving like a dove...
How would I tell them...? I am in love!
You are my heart, you are my dream...
I will decorate your life like a cake by cream...
Do not fear a vine,
Happy valentine.
This poem will help you propose love of your life
Khyati Jul 4
I'll play the cold night
Will you be my moon?
Even when it doesn't rain,
Oh my darling flower,
Would you still bloom?
Will you?
kiran goswami Apr 2019
I met a boy today,
at the end of the road.
A young one, somewhere between 9 or 10.
He looked at me with his eyes on the ground.
"Where can I find Love?" He questioned.

I did not answer him.
Because I could not.
In the library, I go daily
I find books of genres
one such is 'love'.

But the books are not different than 'Horror'.
The 'horror' covers are black,
absorbing everything I tell,
The "love' covers are white,
reflecting everything I hear.

I went back with a dictionary
and a book of all the love letters
that were never written.

I saw him again
at the end of the road.
This time he looked away from me
while looking into my eyes.

I answered him,
because I thought I could.
'In the petals of red roses,
in the knelt proposes,
in the thumbed love letters.
in the woollen sweaters.
in the candlelight dinner
in the lines that win her
in the dark sunsets
in Romeo and Juliet.
in the surprise gifts
in the heartbeat that lifts,
You, can find love.'

I went home proud,
for I knew, he will find love now.

Eternities and forevers later,
I met a man today,
at the beginning of the road.
An old one, somewhere between 90 or 100.
He looked at me with his eyes staring inside mine.

'In the thorns that *****,
in the words that trick,
in the letters never sent
in the people who went
in the handmade food,
in the sceneries you never viewed
in the lost sunrise
in her eyes and lies
in the gift wrappers never thrown,
in the hearts that have become stone.
I, found love', he finally replied.

I went home proud,
for I knew he found love now.
Karan Mar 2018
Her eyes sometimes looked red as sunset
Trying to hide the tears of late night fight
Caught between the walls of loving self or him
Alone is an enemy, melting down with whim

Should I say, yesterday, the moon was not full
He dialled her aroused and feeling the weak pull
At first, they danced in joy and spoke like butterflies
But the fight broke out when the disagreements were high

Oh the cacophony! that broke out in the silent sky
Their throats gave up and the air became dry
A minute before it was raining with abuse and curse
Pillows thrown at the stone deaf floor to make it worse

Don't you remember the warmth of the Redding rose?
You plucked out from my palm resting on my knee bent low
And the taste of the wine sipped by your lips behind your breath
Your deep rooted yes to my first love confess
Story of how fast love can die
Once this happened,
you said you love me,
under the blue sky.
This is happening again,
that the sky is taking your side.
This will happen again,
that I will ask you
to say it again.
The moments with love are eternal.. Love is such a feeling which us with eternal joy..
Carolina Feb 2018
What would it take for me to feel real?
Maybe money or someone that for me would kneel.
What would make me happy?
A university degree or just chocolate toffee?
I see people finding their way and everything stays strangely in order.
Maybe I have to sign a contract or just to cross the country border.
I'd feel content if I knew how to paint, how to write or how to do a speech
or simply it would make me want to escape to a quiet beach.
My head finds places, feelings and people that seem surreal
and I watch the sweet alyssum die while I skip another meal.
A simple but terrifying question burns my mind,
will I always feel so empty even if all of it I tried?
If it is all pointless in the end, what is it then to be living?
I refuse to exist in automatic but does life have any meaning?
Sky Walks Apr 2016
She –
You directed frustrations to me
Frustrations bought irritation to me
Now tell me what to tell my heart
What is this, a life or a weather’s chart?
Tell your heart, life is like a weather chart
Many times sunny, as many times dark
You got puzzled and you got confused
But you’re my love, you’re again excused

How did it occur?
Never after me you were
Destiny I was going into
Lost my way and it ended on you

I am crazy or crazy is me
I know not what way and no destiny
Simply it feels our path is common
How thoughtful of you
May be you are crazy or crazy is you
That sense of your ambiguity is what got me you

Now that my hand is in yours
Will you say what you had to say?
Something I had to say
Looking at you, hey!  
Lost, what I had to say

Was it the confession of your love?
Or the intention to keep me in your heart
And a promise that you will never depart
Or you love me, you simply wanted to say?
I accept as true
It was my confession of love to you
And that I intend to swap my heart with you
With a promise I will never depart
And that I love you with all my heart
Viswanathan Iyer Aug 2015
I don't know how, I summoned all the courage to tell you,  I'd this feelings
we both holding a black umbrella, during a drizzle, under a tree,
by the side of an old car, I and You in that seven minutes talk

I don't know what, made you smile for few seconds,but I was glad at least
you laughed on my thoughts and may be on my first poem
I must have a strange confusion

I don't know why, I couldn't carry the talk a little further so I could
have seen that gentle sly smile on your face
a little more time

I don't know where we would meet in future, whether I will start the talk
and you will hesitate to answer  or you would start first and say few words
and again make my few more nights sleepless
AM Jul 2015
Then he bends down on one knee

— The End —