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Ashley Feb 1
i know i should tell someone
i know when someone plans on dying you're supposed to tell someone especially when they have the exact date noted..
but i've been there.. in the exact place.. just a different time and if i had friends who told someone my plan i would have hated them.. so i just can't tell anyone cause i know that's the last thing you'd want me to do.. ....please just don't do it..

i know i can't stop you
   but just know i love you ♡
please don't
just know you're so much more than just a memory
Grace Jan 17
I used to be happy
Ignore the heavy things.
Tread and tread and pretend that nothing was below me.

But there are things that lurk.
Monsters and darkness.
While I sank, I sung out about how well I could swim.

And then she was sinking
And I learned how to swim
But I never taught her.

Just keep swimming
I tell her.
soon enough the mermaids will scare them away
I hope she believes me.
I hope she is strong enough to withstand the wretched currents.
I love you. I hope that is enough.
Please keep swimming because soon enough the mermaids WILL come.
Diksha Dhiman Dec 2020
Knowing who you are is step one to anything and everything else.
Diksha Dhiman Dec 2020
you need to know who you are beyond how other people see you.
Diksha Dhiman Dec 2020
She sings a different song  
Write poetry with a rose
Only Who understand
keep them close.
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2020
Unlike any other poet
I want to write about you
Remember that
Genre: Haiku
Theme: That's it
Not so far away
Your soul
Is my home
A mark that an author uses to end their story but chooses not to,
A reference for someone who wants to end their life but chooses not to,
A person who reminds the someone to just keep going.
If you have no other reason to stay on earth let me give you a reason,
Don’t end your story, write it and keep writing it. Write what you would want to read,
Write what you would want your parents, children, and siblings to read.
There is something or someone being your semicolon because you’re still here, so stay and keep writing your story.
Be someone’s reason to live. Remind them their life on earth matters and to keep going. Reminders are free and lives are priceless. 💙
Diksha Dhiman Sep 2020
you are worthy, you are capable of achieving your wildest of dreams, you are beautiful and you have a purpose and you deserve to love yourself completely.
Mei Sep 2020
Cheer up now, being too little in the eyes of people is nothing compared to what your thumb can do,
Always remember that you can make a moon disappear at the back of your thumb in just a wink of an eye.

So when you feel that you're of less importance, that's nothing to be really scared of.
There  are few things little things that we don't often see its worth but cause unimaginable destruction, Just like how a tiny dew drop
and a distant sun ray from the sun can burn a whole forest.
The precious and deep looking eyes
look for a land of love
the woman says here he lies
in the deep blue sky above.

He touches me with a sense of hope
that my love is a land of vast eternity
he uses the most tightened rope
which pulls me with certainty

Two people a single soul they say  
however, hate or love are feelings that bend
like life is a very very long day
as in a moment, memories descend
I close my eyes to that story I hear
that very well struck a chord
the characters to me were very near and dear
to me and thy lord

Please play me a very minor fret
that just sounds almost right
and with this tune, we shall get set
to play it pure and to play it white.

Look into my luscious lips
and to how deep red they are
pray for the best of me u see
with a different taste every time
sometimes sweet sometimes sour
A poem on what it feels like in a land full of love
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