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keneth Jun 9
do you remember when
all that mattered was
holding his hand

like the smell of the sun
on his sunburnt skin
laying on the sun-set sand

do you remember when
the only song you know
was his second name

and the only dance
that your feet understand
is a step with his toes

can you take me back
when the lamposts died
the other night

and i'll ask myself
why the sun shines
only on the two of you

take me back to sun screened streets
where all that mattered was
our touching feet
keneth May 31
do you stop and wonder
why youre always so empty
but did you try to look for answers
or you just always let it be;
a storm with its quiet thunders

if you say you're happy
why do you feel just cracks
instead of smiles

pacing in the wrong places
trying to fill in those empty spaces
make your heart walk
and let the feet talk
our feet will always walk towards happiness whatever shoes we put on
keneth May 26
do you intend to confuse
in order to know who's more worthy to choose?
because i refuse to be played and be used

just when your perfect time strike
and you decide who you like
if you choose him, pls say sike
keneth May 20
if your eyes are no ocean
why do they look blue
and i'm willing to dive in
to grasp what's inside you

a treasure buried in your mind;
ten thousand emerald pools
hundreds of castles standing tall
a kingdom in your soul

i'll drown if i have to
to sink into your heart
if i die then i'll tell you
dying's never been more fun
all i need is you, you're all i need to breathe / 2
keneth May 20
brush my lips with more reds
make my smile look alive
let the youth touch my hand
allow the colors to dry

bury my casket along with my sins
and the poems i can never sing
get the black book and the priest
let the funeral of an art begin

brew the finest lies you got
the vengeance of the word
a ghost will haunt your dreams
a ghost that bears your name

the sick truth of a man
sought refuge to a face
a better death; to be betrayed
than drown in yellow paint
i tried swallowing ' happy ' not knowing it's what's gonna **** me / art
keneth May 18
gorgeous face struck by the silver moon
mirrored fate is intertwining soon
he won't try to whistle a new tune
his choices are dryer than the dunes

he wonders why his heart is of gloom
when he wears all his finest perfumes
so a golden coffin was exhumed
but Romeo couldn't make his blood bloom

drowned for his reflection in the pool
he let his love for his picture rule
just to prove that he's nobody's fool
Romeo loved Romeo, a love so cruel
narcissism is ok, but too much can **** / proud
keneth May 17
it took me winds after winds
to finally stop by this door
fought fiends after fiends
lost the man i adored
no water can rinse
the sins i anchor

just for this love in a bottle
in your dopamine store
welcome to the dopamine store, we have everything you're looking for
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