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Little Azaleah Nov 2018
with every word said
she became smaller & smaller.
"Who is there for you?"

of words that stab her heart
she now believes
& haunts her.
now she is as small as a bug.
"Who is there for me?"
as she herself couldn't be there for her.

[ e.i. ]
Anya Sep 2018
That elusive quality
Essential for success
Seemingly in everyone
Except you
I wonder...should I change the ‘you’ to ‘me’?
Anya Jun 2018
Third wheel
                                 Time to pull out the self pity
Wrap it around myself tight.                                    
                               A snug cocoon
A supposed shield                      
                                                   Suffocating me unnoticed
From the inside.                


Till it’s too late
Hannah Feb 2018
for so long

i believed you were wrong

but i am so tired now

maybe you were right all along.
fm Apr 2016
I use to want perfection
in my reflection,
and thought I was just
another correction
in a collection,
and wanted to be a part
of the selection
that obtained affection
for their complexion,
that passed the
inevitable inspection
without objection
and did not fear rejection,
because they knew
they were headed
in the right direction
of self resurrection,
but now I want to
be an art collection
that exudes a projection
of protection,
instead of false infection
and natural selection,
whether it has
an imperfection

— The End —