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Max Dec 2018
Rather be a sinner
A saint.
While the sinner
Always wins

Sometimes it feels like bad people get the best things, and then wonder why the hell nice people don't get those things..
Alex Sep 2018
Hearing this downfall of my war,
Echoes of laugh behind my ears,
You are worthless, You never reach them,
I couldn't resist to feel regrets...

Born on a battle to make someones victory,
For all the tough road that i have crossed,
Around the cold water of oceans,
Still all i got is a shattered castle....

For the infinite times....
A triumph slip through my hands,
This not depends on luck, Maybe it depends on me,
I am not that worthy to win?

Behead the deadly dragon,
Survived the Ice Age,
Do you think you've got lucky darling??
You're still defeated...
Phi Kenzie Aug 2018
I’ve been playing this game
for **** near twenty one years
and long ago lost track
of my wins and losses

I simply got caught up
in the winsomeness
of all that is

Why keep a tally
that’s callous and rigid
with the infiniteness of living at your fingertips
How I play the game.
EA Sports.
It's in the game.

How do you play the game?

Game game game
stargazer Jul 2018
Save me from this battle
That I have declared
It is fierce and ******
I am trembling and scared

A knife pierces my side
An arrow reaches my heart
Please clean my wounds
Or from this life I must part

Save me from this war
This tidal wave of death
I am no longer my own ally
I'm breathing my last breath

Save me

Save me from myself
Karisa Brown Jul 2018
Come out come out
Where ever you are
Do you hear the battle ground
Feel the rumble in your bones

Light up the stage
Sit back
And take charge
Kuvar Jun 2018
I am living in a house
Made of fleshy blocks
Costlier than golds
Not because it is cost
But this man in the building
refuses to be bought
His choice of substantive intake
Rotten tomatoes or fresh tomatoes
it is the shelter of slaves
It is the guile of the law
Jean Sharlot Apr 2018
Falling in love is unforgivable
it gives you heart attack
makes you feel complete
at the same time, incomplete.

Falling in love is staying
making yourself clingy
believing that it will lasts
though at some point, it hurts.

Falling in love is a sacrifice
you have to be strong,
to fight for your will
and to firmly stand when disaster comes.

Falling in love is cure
it will heal every broken heart,
makes you accept everything that happens
and letting you be free, and continue.
Az Mar 2018
Colors in life,
What it matters...
Matters what, it doesn't matter,
But matter what do matter.

Colors in life,
Why it matters....
Matters to color the life...
Matters to color the journey.......

Colors in life,
When it matters....
Matters after missing out....
Matters after losing out............
Matters after concluding nothing.
Think about the journey of hardships in your life.
Becky Littmann Jun 2017
He let them win
Somehow their repetitive chatter & noise crept right in
Quietly & unseen they anchored their lies & fabrications
Truths were quickly fading into arguments & altercations
In his head their noise just echos & echos in a shout
He battled & fought, but it wasn't well enough to keep them out
The echos only got louder & louder
More & more he began to doubt her
Thoughts began dwelling
The echos were now just yelling
Hoping truth he'd soon forget
& Trusting was something he'd always just regret

Proud of what they've done
The echos thought they've won
But his thoughts weren't able to convince his heart & soul
He knew without her, he would never be whole
Feelings, really now, this time they were true & real... truly not a chance to break
& As for the echos.....well they were just a silented mistake
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