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Julie Grenness Sep 2016
Beware! Trump or Hilary are going to win,
Scary! Should middle America hit the gin?
What does this imply for planet Earth?
Any different politicians for dessert?
Scary! Trump or Hilary are going to win!
Now, where did we hide all our gin?
Feedback welcome.
ern kingham Jun 2015
I remember the first time someone explained to me what the word gay meant.
We were in middle school
Playing on the swing set behind Stoy Elementary
"He’s so gay," she said
Bitter disgust poured out of her mouth with every syllable
I could not think as to why being happy could be such a horrible thing
And so I asked
My exact words being
“Whats so wrong with being happy?”
Now both my friends looked at me weird
“Don’t you know what gay means?”
“Doesn’t it mean to be happy?”
“You’re such a little kid, gay does not mean happy. Gay is a boy who likes another boy”
I stood there wondering why it mattered so much that a boy liked another boy;
why it was such a distasteful thing.
And why it meant gay couldn’t still mean happy.
Reposting this because equal marriage on the U.S. Now!!
L Marie May 2014
Love is tender, love is kind;
Love is splendid and divine;
Love is raw yet very sweet
Save it’s with a dead beat.

You’re not from fairytales—
No, you set your own sails.
While I work to pay the bills,
That is just how cupid kills.

I’m madly in love, I swear
Caught up in this love affair—
I don’t care if it’s no good for me
Just one will make it work, you’ll see.

You make my heart go crazy,
So who cares if you’re lazy?
We’ll prove the world wrong, I bet;
On that I have my heart set.

Love is hopeless, love is blind;
Love makes victims lose their mind;
Love wins, to one’s defeat
When it’s with a dead beat.

— The End —