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Savannah Kajdan Jan 2021
My mind it spins
In this world of winds
Spins full of love
And full of sin
Regardless my mind it spins
My mental state swells
Comes crashing in
With only emotion
As do the waves crash
On the shores of the ocean
It pulls with the tide
Side to side
Waning or waxing
We sit here relaxing
Without you by my side
Like the beaches of the oceans
Without tides
I just might die
Like the moon to the tides
Why does love
Have to be my
Veritia Venandi Aug 2020
Black rose trapped in a cage of white pages...

Like the white waning moon marooned in a black winter sky!
Just a random thought on bittersweet memories! Gratitude for reading this!
Aiden J H Oct 2019
Your crescent moon shape
fits so seamless around me

Nighttime falls and I seek
the boney knuckle wrapped
around my chest

In the silvery cityscape, silence
permeates and I basque in
your peace and sleep talk

Your power over me in passivity
absorbed in the perceived
desire you have for me

Dark, starry nights, early mornings
in which your body, once pressed
with such urgency against mine

became lost in the sensation of
a nervous, covetous warmth

There no longer exists this
sensation, as persistent waning
sent once thunderous waves
into soft rippling and retreat.
Tanisha Jackland Dec 2017
Sit there and watch
the power of the moon
feel how you are moved
by Her
your blood at her mercy
Watch the tides and learn
to surface when it is safe
enough to breathe  
wax with Her
and wane with Her
learn to swim with the
mutable tides
of your existence
navigate these hours
by Her
then see the bounty
of the moon spill into your life
"The moon is a loyal companion." -Mafi
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