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Slime-God Mar 25
I wake here daily
but home doesn't sound like this
I'm a stranger here
You ever feel out of place no matter where you go?
I think my home was a long time ago...
Slime-God Feb 28
And I beheld fog
Swirling, echoing my thoughts
Reaching out; to feel
If we could be so in tune with everything as the fog, we might know peace.
Slime-God Jan 25
Shelter is a storm.
Flying high; my heart within.
Why must you float on?
Sorry for the re-upload, I accidentally yeeted this one
Slime-God Jan 2
Courage, a flower
In this; my time of winter
I wither away
Slime-God Nov 2020
Ice-pick finds my ear;
**** this unfettered silence.
I long for music...
This one's not literal, my ears are fine, but snow doesn't sing as rain does
Slime-God Nov 2020
I feel such distance
in these few cold, dying months.
How can they last, so?
Home is the spring rain.
Slime-God Nov 2020
Cold snaps me awake,
staring at gaps in the stars.
How long has it been?
I find myself lost again in a seemingly perpetual night sky
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