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Slime-God Oct 2022
Forgive them, my love,
They fear what they cannot feel
Hiding from the rain
Shelter is subjective
Slime-God Jun 2022
I gaze at the stars
and yet, none of them matter
I look back to you~
Of all I've seen, and all I've done, nothing could have prepared me for you,
the world looks different since I met you, I long for the day I can read these to you
Slime-God May 2022
Caught in the current
I am pulled into your smile
Laughing and crying
Sometimes someone comes along who makes you so happy you can't help but bawl your eyes out

I am in love with an idiot
Slime-God May 2022
I wish this could last
As the rain washes my face
I remember you
It's amazing how something can change

even the gentle touch of rain plays as your fingers on my flesh, muddling my thoughts
Slime-God May 2022
Perhaps I have died
On this dimly lit morning
I can't find my soul
Were I not so clumsy perhaps my wandering soul would not stray so far afield

though, indeed, it would still follow you, I merely wish to keep up
Slime-God May 2022
As life shapes the land
From a dream to something more
I shall shape myself
Even creatures of habit sometimes find someone worth changing for.
If only it were so easy for us to change their minds as well.
Slime-God May 2022
My mind ebbs and flows
Torn between the sun and moon
I long for eclipse
Some of us fall in love too easy
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