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coralium Feb 3
a kelp forest fire
man-made pelagic demise
the vengeful tides rise
coralium Feb 3
greying cilia
framing lively child's eyes
with youth not ceasing
our elders might have lived through what for us soon might be to come
coralium Feb 3
blind diner windows
scribbling absentmindedly
dog-eared carte du jour
coffee-table writing, first try of a haiku
coralium Feb 1
Your echoing footfalls,
they broke up my soil.
My mind now is nourished,
my thoughts now are fruitful.
Where it’s shady and windy
I shall grow by myself.
coralium Feb 1
merry downpour
scratchy blankets
‘good nights’ and
fairy tales
cold feet
custard pies
rosy cheeks and
shoulder leaning
childhood memories
coralium Feb 1
We were made for the sea,
wading towards sandy shoals
your laughter calms me down
like the slowly falling tide.
my own kind
coralium Jan 31
Through the open passenger door
your broken radio stutters songs
we have heard far too many times.
Our boots and sorrow, left behind,
beside the olive trees and pines.
Jug wine turns the dunes into a ballroom,
a distant lighthouse glistens to the tune.

I’d like to dance, just for a while.
summer by the sea
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