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Victoria Jan 2021
My grandmother sticks sewing pins in the walls
Sharp, invisible pins with the bulbs sticking out
She claims they moved there by themselves
True, I’ve never seen her do it-

But there’re needles in the floor
Tiny, sinister needles with the smallest eyes
She says she doesn’t mind them
Slides on her black slippers

And she walks
Raelyn Burkhart Aug 2020
so i’ll grab my needle and thread and start mending my heart back
but i’ll leave some strands loose in case you decide to come back
GreenWitch Feb 2020
Now is not a time for growth. Now is the time for regeneration. For preparation of that growth. For now, let us sleep as the earth sleeps. Conduct that inner work, build your inner world, sew the seeds so that you can watch your world bloom in the spring
Diksha Prashar Jan 2020
Let's start new
We knew
The lies
We both sew
Ripping them out
Bleeding in process of
Inflecting more hurt
Than cure
So, what you say?
Let's start new with
Love and no pain
When you kiss my lips
my heart feels like it's unraveling at the seams,
and my emotions are exposed to you.

When you are done,
sew me up,
and do it all over again.
Poetic T Sep 2019
The web we weave,

                only catches the
flies of our misdeeds.

We may have droplets,
        of regrets hanging
           in the morning
but they dry up.

remember life is a web intricate,
           and flawless.

the only ones that can cause ruination
                  are ourselves.

           never catch what you cant handle.
devine Feb 2019
what is it
just another sound
i begin to knit
for another round

come to think about it
it never quit
i’m feeling it
from the bottom of a pit

one sight in years
unbearable tears
liberty sounds lovely
but it is heavenly

they say this is worth
anything else is dirt
i take it for granted
letting myself pricked

does it get better
it does taste bitter
does it ever end
i can only pretend

cause this is the sewer
where people suffer
idling the reality
and nurtures it within

i’m aching for light
but alas
the thread lasts

and there’s nothing i can do about it
Pyrrha Sep 2018
Carefully the needle penetrates into my skin
With every new puncture the thread follows along

In and out again and again
Till it reaches the end and finally
A harsh pull, a few tugs

Then the string is snipped free at last
Its been completely sewn shut

Only after you closed me up
Did you ask me how my day was
How I was feeling

But what could I say
With my mouth sewn shut?
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