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TyeniWrites Jun 10
God gave me poetry as an outlet
For when I’m in a bad place
When life gets my head spinning
When depression is pushing me from all sides
Anxieties of all kinds
I put all these emotions on paper
Out in the open and strip my soul naked
This is where I run to
TyeniWrites Feb 27
I’ve been quiet for too long  
Had a voice but I couldn’t speak
I stumbled when ever I tried to speak
But then poetry came along
To quiet the crowd
So I could be heard
I now have a voice
Hear me scream on this pages
TyeniWrites Feb 26
“Can I be your everything?”She whispers. “You are.”he answers.
TyeniWrites Feb 23
I’m learning to love myself
Making room to be the reason behind my smile
Learning to Accept I’m more than my scars
I’m worthy
I’m beautiful
I’m enough
I bid farewell the insecurities
It will take time.
But love is patient
TyeniWrites Aug 2020
Even with your flaws
Even with your imperfections
You are still very beautiful
TyeniWrites Aug 2020
Ink runs through my blood
The pen gives me life
Poetry is my escape
TyeniWrites Jun 2020
If you were just a dream and not real
You would have been the best dream I've ever had
And I would have never wanted to wake up
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