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TyeniWrites Jun 24
If you were just a dream and not real
You would have been the best dream I've ever had
And I would have never wanted to wake up
TyeniWrites Jun 20
She doesn't keep to herself
She has trusted alot of people in the past
And so many of them switched up
So stop knocking
Her walls are up
All her doors are locked
She's not letting anyone in
TyeniWrites Jun 18
She cried out loud as he pulled her heart out
Leaving a gaping hole in her chest
Not caring about the pain she felt
Breathless, she fell on her knees
Sobbing, she watched him walk away with her heart
And with that she whispered lifelessly under her breath knowing he will still hear her, "You called it love,I called it pain."
TyeniWrites Jun 13
We were all just blank canvases
And God is the painter
He painted us
Each one a different shade of beautiful
The world is like an art gallery
Because we are all art
TyeniWrites Jun 12
She listens to music
Because sometimes, she just wants to listen to something other than the voices in her head
TyeniWrites Jun 12
She said she was fine
But her tear filled eyes screamed "I need help"
They eyes never lie
TyeniWrites Jun 12
I write about you
But you do not exist
I don't even know you
But I wish to meet you
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