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Amanda Oct 24
Full of hatred for myself
Running deep through each bone
The earth is spinning way too fast
Worry it won’t stop or slow

Incapability arises
To discover what’s kept hidden
The hourglass keeps draining sand
Altering time forbidden

Distance between reality
And dreams luring me to look
Enshrouded by a shadowed cloud
One breath is all it took

Birds circling the air above
In blissful animation free
Sharpening their beaks for prey
In restless anticipation I see

A curse is embedded in my blood
Self-loathing running through my veins
While the roses others plant are blooming
Scarlet petals wilt and leave only stains
Suffering from minor writers block
Colm Mar 2018
If you are the dawn
Awake and alive
Then I am the moment of the day which breaks
And turns into the bitter night

My own masked by starlight
Your left alone crowned with a sparkling retina alive

It's to you that I turn
At the end of all things
When the day first began to realize its own light

We are young and alive
Ever ready to strive
Towards the hours invested within, without sight
Lots of truth embedded within this one. Be it not immediately visible.
Seazy Inkwell May 2017
I now tell you a #storyofmylife,

Starting in the autumn of #2007 with quite a strife,

To be precise say #barcamp for my very first one,

since then people have used #hashtag for

#fahsion, #selfie, #art and #fun.

Anyhow I am nothing like a number sign,

Nor do I stand alone like a straight #line.

You may dislike the way people #followme,

Or you might to #follow along with a sense of #glee.

But don't I just #love #my #friends,

You let me know the #world, #news, and a sense of #motivation.

With you I have lived through many a

#bestoftheday, #night and #cool #lifestyle passion.

Since my #birthday you hand me many #powerofdreams,

#IceBucketChallenge,#BlackLivesMatter, #BringBackOurGirls, #LoveWins,

As I live on in the #songs and #voices of vibrant #life hour,

In this point we emerge into a stream of #peoplepower.

Along the #tenyears lifespan #we continue to see,

Singing along with #music, #beauty and #life of diversity,

#myself #work #happily #4youreyesonly

#smile #peace #love #withme
Sarah Nielle Jan 2016
I saw the way thine eyes told of misfortune
the bitter stories they told were of cold aching pains
like the winters eve taking in a cold embracing
Of not do lips tell a sweet truth

they only ever give a taste of a lie
but thine eyes, thine eyes
they told me you were hurting and needed a friend
they whispered to me that you had a soul you couldn't mend

you shone fairest outside but inside
you were dying,decreasing in abundance
I saw thine inside but outside you were smiling
its a puzzle how quietly a heart may break
when it feels like being impaled with a stake
when you love something this is true, never love someone, without loving you.
this is a Shakespearean sonnet i had to do for class
The way you laugh
The way we used to run
Our weird antics
Those laughter filled with so much joy
Our carefree personalities
Getting all hyped up
Being sweaty and all
Bruises and scars

They were all part of us
The way it used to be
It was what I called paradise
Sometimes when I don't feel sunny
I thank the Lord for letting me be there
Heaven if I must say

Life took such a sharp turn
Never have I imagined
That one day
It'll all vanish from my very eyes

It took me this long
For everything to sink in
For me to realize
That it is now what we call History

Up to now
Every now and then
I'd relive every moment
Every memory
Every feeling
I've experienced there
For even my soul cant forget

It has been carved into my very heart

— The End —