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When you're lost in space
no one can hear you scream
when you're lost in Hello Poetry
no poet can hear you scream
Tragically, sometimes the best poetry goes largely unread
Don Bouchard Aug 5
Hello Poetry!
I have decided to keep
My poems here.
Rather a few be read
Than keep the lot
Penned up waiting in a sales ring
With no buyers,
Starvation coming....
At least we're reading each others' poems.... Better read than dead....
yellow soul Jul 2018
My heart is pounding
It’s pounding so hard
Inside my chest
I’m afraid it’s gonna
Break up my chest

* message opened 3 minutes ago
I told him i loved him
And he left me unread
Maybe He is thinking
About how to say that
He loves me too or
Maybe it’s not true
Maybe he won’t even
Be friends anymore

message opened 43 minutes ago*

He’s not gonna answer
Marisol Quiroz Jul 2018
there is a book within my heart
of poems you've never seen
poems you've never read
poems you'll never read.
and from deep within my heart
with my pen of black ink
i hope that you might read them
and say that you still love me.

― i'm afraid not everything i write is pretty
Bobcat Jan 2018
Your very first
My most important

Your hand
My thumb
You held it so tight
I couldn't hold my tears

Every night
To make sure you're fed

My side
Her side
You in the middle
Across from your neglected crib

Left foot
Right foot
Your first steps
Corners were quickly covered

Fast forward
Slow down
You're getting so big
I always did my very best

She yelled
I cried
Those three words
You weren't mine

She left
You left
You met your dad
I found vices to cope

Few words
Left unsaid
You're still too young to know
That although not by blood

You were still my son.
Feliz G Jan 2017
I'm still here,
waiting for your reply.
It's been months, hasn't it?
This conversation's never gonna die.
This tension's killing me, can't I just tell you already?
Alan S Bailey Sep 2016
What shall I write about?
So of what shall be my account?
This or that? Shall I take you on a magical
Journey through time and space?
Shall I take you to Mars and we can
Explore the rocky red place?
Is there some kind of time machine that
We can get in and find out what will
Happen in the future that might take place?
Maybe I will write to you of my real life, how I feel,
This would be an empty poem, so I shall impress
My audience with a pretend show. I'm really not
Going to be rich or famous unless I put on that
Endlessly addictive yet unreal neon glow...

Thanks society! Thanks prudes! Thanks extremists! Thanks money!
This probably won't get any views, and THANK GOD! I wouldn't want anyone brought down by my endless white-wall boredom. Thank you for NOT READING this trash! I'm wondering if I should just make it private...OF COURSE! No one wants the truth, they want a false advertisement, even if it means living a lie, it makes us all happy, yaaayyyy...
Alan S Bailey Apr 2016
No such thing as a past life...
Your past life is today. You woke up,
Went to your work, lived by your
Lot you sustain upon, and are then
Weary from your many partures this night.
Now to find rest and safe haven the green
Grasses await you, of your bed spread,
To rise again and greet life tomorrow,
The stumbling, the fogginess of waking
up once again awaits you, no longer dead.
Stupid poem...should get no more than 20 views tops
Alan S Bailey Jan 2016
I would that if you increased
The spoken statements on your mind,
Would be you used this tone with me,
I'd "lop off your head," for better words
Suit me fine, defended by a suit of armor, one
For my own well-minded ears hearing safety,
An armor I deserve for being your king,
Your master, you are my throne even,
I sit on you when I'm sad, and spit on you
When I'm mad. This is it, there's nothing
More to say, you wash your mouth out now,
My "honest perfection" grows day by day.
lo Jan 2016
3 am
you are responding slowly. i say i love you. you do not respond.

5 am
i say have a nice day you say you too.

7 am
i write you a poem of words i barely knew before google and thesauri i tell you you are beautiful. read at 7 17

11 am
i am in class biting my fingers you have not said a word i have sent you fifteen messages all left unread i am worried

2 pm
you have said nothing my head is shaking my hands are spinning you usually respond so quickly

3 pm
i saw that you were typing as i exited my messages. i never got a message.

5 pm
i sent a simple hi and was sent an automatic response that you had been offline for too long my message would be delivered when you came back online

7 pm
i sent you messages to see when you came back. you didnt come back.

1 month
its been 31 days youre still offline

2 months
i got a message today and i saw your name and my stomach flipped you said only hi and i said hello back. you did not reply.

1 year
i do not think of you, you left.

2 years
i saw you on the street you looked like a new person. i waved but you assumed i was acknowledging someone else. you walked away.

2.5 years
i got a message from an unsaved number that you killed yourself today and my number was in your phone and i might like to be informed. i didnt reply.
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