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I'd buoy
and faithfully
quest bitter
nuance these
florid orbs
milk the
way with
point of
passion if
tact hand
in hand
with umbrella
this straw
key in
clouds for
another day
beware Friday the Thirteenth here
Lunar Oct 2017
I've been wishing for you,
wishing on you;
Is this the reason why
my dreams don't come true
because they don't need to?
When you're here
dancing as the pale moonlight
across my shadowed skin;
it's only in the dark
when I can let you in,
and we can see each other
best and in our brightest.
So paint yourself on the canvas of my thoughts;
allow me to be the blank pages you need.
I'll empty myself for you to fill me whole
with this dance of the thirteenth month—
a tribute birthed out of this tune.
When it ends I'll never move again
the same way I did before:
because now you are the echoing pulse of my bloodstream,
and I'm completely anew like the full moon.
Inspired by SVT's Performance Unit's song 'Lilili Yabbay/The Dance of the 13th Month'.
I love the theme of the song, the dance's choreo, the genre; from the scenery, to the fluid movements which flow between the dancers' extremities and the fabric that wraps around their skin.
Ever heard of a song that's part of a dance, not just a dance that's part of a song? This is one of those rare kinds of songs.

Marc Hawkins Oct 2017
Total irrational fear, I’m
Haunted by noises and
Interred by the
Rumble belly, *** tightening,
Twitchy eyed, false alarms that
Evolve into conspiracy theories,
Even though I love every single
Nonsensical asinine fear factor…ish

Falling is now a favourite.
Eleven other aversions form a line and
An extra number comes to mind (and with it comes ‘Whoa’)
Reset the clock to zero!
Stride on, wipe your feet, step off.
A bitcoin that took
his lure to speck
then caught his poison
and stroked the lawn
with that argy bargy
he finely did roast his town
with jest
his infinite sequence  
there in a raffling wager
that pleased his mother's wish
with his audacity sooner
than they'd think again
in Argonne today.
A Fillabuster
Jack Jenkins Jan 2017
The bitter taste of losing you
   I'd rather lose everyone else
I miss you every day
   Think of you every day
Please come back to me
   Please come home
Yes, I love you...
Apollo Hayden Dec 2016
One to twelve, one to twelve,
clocks on the wall, one to twelve.
Circle circles, cycle cycles,
chains of time on the mind, stuck in this hell.
Back into the light, you've came here so many times;
deja vu flashes clues yet you still can't tell,
how we used to be able to reach thirteen but they've got us stuck in this cycle of one to twelve.
Pidge Sep 2015
It's my birthday
Finally Thirteen
That's when i started falling
It's my birthday
You told me to go up to my room
Mama started calling
It's my birthday
You locked the door
Your clothes are on the floor
It's my birthday
My collarbones are showing
Then I started crying
It's my birthday
You told me to shut up
Youre finally growing up
It's my birthday
You touched the cracks
of the broken glass
It's my birthday
You said it's a test
You won't make a mess
It's my birthday
You didn't take my virginity
But you took in my purity
It's my birthday
You left after kissing my forehead
so i just nodded my head
It's my birthday
I cried
I wanted to die
It's my birthday
Finally thirteen
when i started falling
Perri Aug 2015
Oh boy number 13
they say it is an unlucky number
and you sure are living up to it
but nothing different than the 12 others

Boy number 13
you fall asleep in my bed
like every other
no respect given
only *** driven
it is inevitable
isn't it a given?

Boy 13
don't you have anyone else's time
you could be wasting
minimal effort
I always seem to be tasting
the same pattern
I am always tracing

Boy number 13
It is time for you to leave
it doesn't come with ease
because I am so desperately lonely
But what my heart doesn't
my gut sees
don't be a tease
T E Pyrus Aug 2015
countdown to the
nearest thirteen;
life on the red
satin ribbons seem
like fairy-tales in disguise;
dress you in laces and frills
like a string puppet;
the monster under my bed
will bring you down
with my consent;
here's a world
where skin is thicker
than leather when
you hold the blade;
'tis all the same for me;
rush of cold metal
on your skin
rush of cold metal,
blood on your lips;
live and let live
but **** or be killed;
here's a hypocritical
world of love;
psychedelic bewilderment
and what kills you
makes me stronger;
i'll fill my pockets
with your memories,
your darkest reflections
are but a confused
midnight kitten;
hold still, my sprightly love
while i paint you
onto my soul;
blood on canvas.
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