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Oct 2017
I've been wishing for you,
wishing on you;
Is this the reason why
my dreams don't come true
because they don't need to?
When you're here
dancing as the pale moonlight
across my shadowed skin;
it's only in the dark
when I can let you in,
and we can see each other
best and in our brightest.
So paint yourself on the canvas of my thoughts;
allow me to be the blank pages you need.
I'll empty myself for you to fill me whole
with this dance of the thirteenth monthβ€”
a tribute birthed out of this tune.
When it ends I'll never move again
the same way I did before:
because now you are the echoing pulse of my bloodstream,
and I'm completely anew like the full moon.
Inspired by SVT's Performance Unit's song 'Lilili Yabbay/The Dance of the 13th Month'.
I love the theme of the song, the dance's choreo, the genre; from the scenery, to the fluid movements which flow between the dancers' extremities and the fabric that wraps around their skin.
Ever heard of a song that's part of a dance, not just a dance that's part of a song? This is one of those rare kinds of songs.

Written by
Lunar  24/seaside soul
(24/seaside soul)   
       Lunar, ---, ---, Imran Islam and ---
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