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John McCafferty May 2020
Planning ahead of what to expect
Boom and busts with wave theories
where years pass by in seconds of time
Caught by the net of cause or effect
Have you questioned your existence
An individuals singular thought process
Serious intent forever or never in a room full of dust swept by a brush
Are you content with eventual death ergo does a sense of self really protect
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Adolf ****** may have been an evil *******...
In fact he was without a doubt.
I don’t need to remind us all but the things he said and did is kinda what this is about.
I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s imagined....
What if ****** and the Nazis won?
What would the world we live in today be like?
cos the powers that be have still got us under their thumb.
Some say some Jew called Rothschild has taken over,
But like a 4 leaf clover,
I’m not going to let that conspiracy get to me
cos I already worry too much about my own life
as stress can sometimes cut me open
and feels just like a blunt knife.

So getting to the point....

I have no issues with America and her people,
I’ve been to Montana, Washington, New York and even Seattle,
It IS a little too big for my liking,
But that’s not the point in this rant that I’m writing,
I do wanna cite though that for the record I loved Obama,
Despite the air strikes upon Syria he ordered he didn’t cause too much drama,
Maybe certain Americans just love starting wars,
Who knows? maybe cos of their ridiculous gun laws
Every country has their own patriotic flaws,
and eyesores in the dilated pupils of foreigners.
I tell you what though....
I look at those differently these days,
I used to love the taste of them but now they just remind me of a certain pig headed face,
Calling him a disgrace is an understatement,
it seems like everything he does is just for his own entertainment,
I can understand why the red necks voted for him,
cos he knew what to say to get his puppets on a string,
and the thing is
is that this all feels like a Hollywood movie,
Rudely perverted, ****** and *****,
with no happy ending,
bending their laws
Of what is right and what is wrong
we’re either longing for another saviour or the end of the world,
at least for now

Ivan Brooks Sr Jan 2018
The good book said God created us,
And the sneaky devil deceived us,
Therefore Jesus died and saved us.
Thereafter, diseases started killing us,
Science and medicine started healing us,
And technology advanced us.

Right after the Internet connected us
Then friends started betraying us,
Our families started misleading us,  
Our partners started cheating on us,
children started disobeying us
And finally, the banks started robbing us.

And amidst all of these wild theories  
Of how we got here and how we evolved,
poetry found us!
I don't know what this is but one thing is certain.... poetry found us!
ryanë Smith Dec 2017
There once was a king who stayed in a castle

He loved story tellers and listened to them often but mostly at night. sometimes before bed they kept him awake. the story tellers always kept him wondering what happened next so he never stopped listening.

If a story didnt have a happy ending he would have the story teller banished to the dungeon never to be seen again, true or not its time to believe them. he didnt allow them to tell stories of faiding species, the hardships of surviving.. Here.. and how we are all doomed eventually. He only liked stories about books written by ancient deciples, Wounds being healed, lovers meeting from past lives and infinite impossibilities. Those stories with the least evidence most easy to believe.

Some days the king corrected his story tellers “no no no its like this. I’m the king and i know how it goes” he said, “anyway you like your highness” spoke the story teller. The king realized the story made no since so he sent the story teller to the dungeon and asked for a new teller. The dungeon door opened to reveal all the lost story tellers had become ghost on there way to take the king to the dungeon. He tried to ask his gaurds to protect him but they disappeared along with all of the tellers he had in his castle, and he was doomed to spend the rest of his days in the dungeon incased in a dark void of silence
Pointlessness metaphors metaphor
Marc Hawkins Oct 2017
Total irrational fear, I’m
Haunted by noises and
Interred by the
Rumble belly, *** tightening,
Twitchy eyed, false alarms that
Evolve into conspiracy theories,
Even though I love every single
Nonsensical asinine fear factor…ish

Falling is now a favourite.
Eleven other aversions form a line and
An extra number comes to mind (and with it comes ‘Whoa’)
Reset the clock to zero!
Stride on, wipe your feet, step off.
Arcassin B Jul 2017
By Arcassin Burnham

I hope the men don't run off and try to see the fear in others,
Hope the women don't gossip like they don't have a care for others,
I hope the kids in school don't have agendas just to pick on others,
This world literally crazy,protect your sisters and brothers,
Putting your **** videos on Worldstar just to see someone bloodier,
Do we really wanna be seen in the history books as histories most violent
Now come on guys everybody and their mama knows that this country is
Built off money,
a socially awkward economy,

that tells you to obey their policies,
the justice system , are you blind to see,
they **** for no reason , we run out of peace,
as a black man you can't on your two feet,
without getting cascaded with bullets,
whatever hope we get or had in the past just know they're the ones
that took it.
Peter husbands May 2017
I've written many stories and  poems.
I've written many novels and ballads , I've written songs and stage plays ,

parables and pros , epic stories of hero's and foes .

I've written  tragedies , comedies , science fiction ,  action, even some  horrors , and just about everything to my satisfaction .

I'm  omniscient and omnipotent, I do these things for fun .

I'm a solitary being you see , I have no friends to share my glee  , I can sculpture  a universe , manifest a multi verse , even parallel worlds , but it doesn't change the case , I would still have not a single  peer.

no one comprehends me , these characters are ignorant , their faiths are tied to mercy of my pens ink, look at her ,

no Mary you won't become a doctor , you'll die by the hands of a man with the  perplexity to do harm  , you'll be walking not bothering anyone , but you have to die that is the planned outcome.

sometimes I ponder  am   i cruel ? am I just ? what did she do to deserve such terrible luck  ?  .

I don't know my purpose ? is this all I'm meant to be ? , am I to create beings ? which follow my every decree ? , I'll always know their faith !!!. I'm tired, I need something more ! , something beyond the docile pages , where my creations abode .

I've come up with plan , a rather sinister and ungodly method ,one to correct the defect in my stories Set up .

I'll create a world , where everyone is free , man will rule , and he will do so with true  liberty . the bad and the  good will no longer be in my control,  causality will rule , chaos will be my fee, for the price of free will is steep .

but in this world I must have an enemy , someone to lead my creations away from me , I want them to love me , and not choose my enemy , they need to have faith in me , and realize that in the end I can still control their destiny.  

I assume Ill need an  army to make my story intriguing , I suppose this enemy can not be weak
but he must be potent! strong enough to resist my divine decree  , who else but a son made by half of my very own divine body ! ,  a peer that I will steer to a jealous and steadfast rage.

you're beginning to question how this story begins ,I'll say this , it starts in garden with two beings and a jealous serpent .
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this is one I've been working on for days ... i have others but i don't usally feel like reviewing other works so i don't post alot , but i'll just leave this here for now .
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