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Eccedentesiast Jun 2015
his heart was enveloped in ice
ice i couldnt melt

his mind was enclosed with walls
walls i couldnt break

his body was a temple
temple i couldnt enter
Nikita May 2015
Green dances like waves around her wide pupils, eyes lashes like curved feathers graze the top of her eyelid.

Flaming orange spirals from her beautiful mind down to the end of her back.

A canvas
Her face resembled as the flecks of freckles formed a gorgeous piece art.

Her body was as though it was sculptured carefully to put on display in greek goddess section of the museum

Sadly it wasn't
Instead her body was forcefully abused and harmed as it wasn't societys shallow idea of beauty

She wasn't tan
She wasn't blonde or brunette
Just a pale ginger.

She considered herself to be hideous

She became weak

It wasn't her fault
She needed the money
She lacked self esteem
And so selling her body gave her the worth and attention she never had.


Her life was gone
The green waves in her eyes stop dancing
The lashes were now harsh lumps of dried mascara
Her beautiful hair was bleached blonde, frayed and cut.

And her body was now just another puppet to an old mans torture.
chuckae Oct 2014
Dear Thirteen,

I am a huge disgrace
To this thing we call the universe.
Blue eyes,
Blonde hair,
Cheek bones,
And an adorable smile.

I came crashing through the halls,
And right into those arms.
Well, at least,
His chest.
And that is when,
Every eye landed on me.

It seemed as though,
Time had stopped.
Not for me and him.
We weren’t even looking
At each other,
But the school was.

A bubble popped,
A fake smile dropped,
And I stood still.
A tap on the shoulder,
Lifting a boulder,
With that flash of a smile.

I will always remember that smile,
Before he walked away
I wanted to remember.
The bubble gum *****
Was bound to make me forget.

I was trapped
And tormented by
The sight of her frown.
Manicured nails,
Bleached blonde hair,
And of course, the bubble gum.

They do spread like wildfire.
Landing me nowhere
But next to
The dumpster.
My old rusted best Friend.

I was surprised,
When the boy asked me
What my name was.
And even more,
When he started following me,
Every. Single. Day.

He didn’t know
That someone
Was hurting me if I dared
To even look at him.
Confusion made him look adorable,
As I stood and walked away.

He had been willing
To sit next to said dumpster
With me.
So of course,
He was willing to follow me
To the library.

He was not the prettiest boy
But to me
He was beautiful.
With kind eyes,
Charming smile,
And an incredible sense of humour.

He talked so much,
Like any moment,
Time would be up,
Like there is so much
To tell before
I fade away…

So of course,
I went along with it.
His voice,
His eyes,
And that smile
Made me wish, wish, wish.

Keep on keeping
your eyes on me.
Hold on tight
Hold me closely.
I might
Fade away.

I choose to ignore these things,
Annoying you to no wits,
Slipping through your fingers,
And fluttering in the wind.
I might,
Fade away.

Keep on talking,
I might fade away.
And I did.
As heels clacking,
Smiles faking,
She sauntered in.

Hello there readers! This is an extract from my poetry work on wattpad, if you like this, you can read the rest of it by following this link : (
Thank you for reading :)

— The End —