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If you looked in the mirror
You’d understand why I’m so sad
I just need a savior...
Allyssa Nov 11
I lay in bed beneath your body,
Panting and exposed,
Your hands created tremors,
Shaking legs and quavering moans.
Your lips were soft on mine,
Hearts fluttering fast,
Heated passionate kisses,
Tangled hair and messy sheets.
Bodies tangled,
Heavy breathing,
Knotted up hair,
Hickey peppered skin.
You said unto me,
Fingers buried in my skin,
My hair covering our faces,
Our foreheads pressed together.
“I will love you forever.”
We were one person,
One moment,
One soul.
We shared the oxygen that lingered between us,
Love poured from heavy weight of our need,
Our want.
We were done for and for once,
I was perfectly fine with his lingering touch on my body.
These bed sheets are mine and his hands felt like home
Allyssa Nov 11
He wore a wolfs skin,
a thick hide of coarse fur.
He hid in the forest and only came out at night,
Stalking amongst his prey.
I saw him at the woods line,
Eyes glimmering like the blue green sky in the midst of a new moon.
The air around him clouded,
The cold silent wind rushing in the space between us.
The still of the night softly whispered to us.
My heart thudded,
My lungs were like bricks under the light of the pale moon sky,
My eyes fixated on his.
My wolf,
My spirit,
The churning howl deep in my belly.
Can I shield you from the wilderness of my heart
Allyssa Nov 11
I never was a believer,
One that promised me my faith anyways.
It wasn't until I laid with you,
Felt you between the crevasse of my legs,
Your soft hands pull and tug at my skin,
The way your hot breath rolled over my lower stomach.
And I ached.
I ached for the warmth you brought me beneath my bed sheets,
The fire in my belly whenever I heard my name roll softly off your tongue,
The tremble in my legs when I thought about you.
Your gaze forever entangling me within my own mind,
Curious to lie with the sin of lust once more,
Tantalizing with the sweet smell of you.
I debated whether or not to speak your name but in the end, I always do.
  Nov 11 Allyssa
An empty room is still.
Faint sounds of an old radio
intrude from the next room.
Thinking about how
the day has just begun,
but you’ll still be here
stuck in my thoughts.
Maybe this is the reason
why I’ll never stop
daydreaming on the job.
Sick of people passing by
and I always have to
look a second time
to make sure you’re
not in the crowd,
tell me is that alright?
I’d call that obsession,
I’m not thinking right.
Maybe that’s why
everything feels wrong.
While everybody else
is sleeping tight
I’m stuck thinking
through the night.
I know this to be my life,
the day has just begun
and I already want to resign
myself to the same sights.
I’m always so unsightly,
I never wonder why.
Guess it’s time
to go back to life
wondering how you’ll
cross my mind this time.
I couldn’t stop this if I tried.
A collection of disjointed thoughts that still have faint correlation.
  Nov 11 Allyssa
Sometimes I get tired
of writing about my mind
and the awful stuff it can do
to an unsuspecting me.
Sometimes I wish I had
just enough talent to
articulate the beauty
of a passing butterfly.
My life always tends to
focus on the negatives.
Allyssa Nov 10
Have you ever fallen in love at first sight?
I didn’t believe it could happen,
And then I met you.
You have no interest in keeping me,
I have every intention of loving you.
You weave in and out of life,
Unknowing of where you’re going to show up next.
Your smell is intoxicating,
Lingering in the air around me,
Falling asleep next to you with your back towards me.
I’ve tasted you on my lips,
I’ve felt you settle into the bones of my life and yet,
You are so fickle.
I know you are not good for me,
I know you aren’t reliable,
But *******.
Why do I feel like I need you like I need air?
I have fallen in love with somebody who knocks on my door for carnal pleasure and I hope you wreck my life.
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