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Angelina Feb 2020
I’m lucky
only I cross
the borders
of tangled
my mind, it’s -
messy, so messy, it will take eternity
cleaning it, carefully
but I’m scared
not to live my sacred fantasy

I’m happy
only I enter
the banter
of silent
my mind, it’s -
crazy, so crazy, it will take ages
treating it, slowly
but I’m scared
not to read my unique pages
Angelina Feb 2020
if I build
an empire
the lands
it won’t matter
if I build
a boat
the seas
it won’t matter
when I shatter
and dust claims me
in timely manner
Angelina Feb 2020
Beyond life’s frenzy
Lies a mystery
Competitive queues
Hiding the most valuable clues
Keys if you will
That unlock you and I’s potential
One that reveals itself wholly
When we devote ourselves to our inner crazy
Being discouraged to access
Fear of insufficiency
Leaks from our bones when we open our eyes
To invisible paintings of ourselves
Blindening is the light of adaptation
Shutting the door that holds our reason
The very inspiration that relates to our mission
Only a few sprints left
Until we complete the marathon of finding ourselves
Angelina Feb 2020
You vibrate a certain warmth
Countless hours spent under the sun couldn’t deliver
It heals my heart
Knitting the pores that drowned me
Building a shield for it
Torn only at your presence
I don’t know if you can feel your brightness
Disguising my weaknesses
Your smile is my shelter
Protecting me from the world’s sinister
When the piles of doubt fill me
Your selflessness enlightens my consciousness
You seem to know me
The kind of recognition exceeding our bodies
A pair of eyes give birth from our conversing entities
A telescope burning time and tending to our queries
Angelina Feb 2020
Once in a lifetime, if you’re lucky
You will stumble upon a human lacking all flaws
To you at least, resembling an angel, as if fallen
Only to be of service to your prayers, you have let go
Of the weights that pulled you below your needs
You see them, and the whole world disappears
An invisible door open only to you, you follow
The footprints they leave every step of the way
Arms embracing your deepest wounds, sealing them
With the notion of transferring your pain to them
Storing every drop of your mind in theirs, merging theirs
To the point where you have created a new mind of its own
An access point only crossed by the door with keys solely to you both
Angelina Feb 2020
There is
A door I open frequently
Paradise to many unknown
I live there often 
In imagination yet to be grown

There lies
A truth ever so strong
Euphoria unbound to present sight
I crave it in doses
Reality aims to provide
I live in memories I never lived.
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