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Angelina Jan 12
Take a glance at the marine sky giving birth
To the commencement of the day
And tell me there isn’t a point in seeing its worth
Painting a canvas of endless serenity
Whilst enveloping an array of secrets
Focusing its task of provoking curiosity
Within who we are and who we are yet to be
Why don’t you observe the slight interruption
Of what seems to be
A gap entertained between lingering layers
A bridge between yesterday’s and tomorrow’s scheme
If this is not a light advocating for returning prosperity
I don’t know what is
Angelina Jan 11
How enlightening is it to think
That our whole world can be altered in a single blink
Life as I knew sighted, now becomes vacant
Driven into an endless tunnel of mystery
Which gratifies my thirst at present
Eradicating any signal of reality
And instead
Focusing on my retained energy

And how easy is it to see
The close proximity between two worlds
One that surrounds me, and one that is within
Within my ability to create my own life, rather than merely live by it  
How wonderfully designated is the life I experience
Inside my dream
Angelina Oct 2018
Infinite amounts of definitions could not depict
The extent to which a structured norm
Is measured
Blindness adjoins clarity, while sight provokes vanity
It is an aspect unhindered, lacking certainty
A single word yet so many portraits
Drawn on the canvas of our linked pathways

If you ask me about beauty, don’t
For my lips would quiver nonsense to you, to me
The mass of the universe that surrounds our whole being
The endless rows of glimmering stars that speak to our vulnerable eyes
Or perhaps, the raging force of life that springs from within us

If you ask me about beauty, don’t
Because you would have to look at yourselves to see
The beaming smiles corresponding with velvet risings of cheeks
The abundance of glistening tears that have embodied those very same
And even, the flashing spark of joy which invites a feeling of utter content

If you ask me about beauty, don’t
Otherwise there would be an influx of sentiments towards
The prettiness of colored nature, steadiness of height-breaking hills
The calmness of the bare sound of waves crashing into an advocacy for peace
The building blocks of surroundings that determine you and me

So if you ever want to ask me about beauty,
Bare the consequences in mind
Just the elaborate thought of such a question
Could raise a plethora of reasonings
Angelina Aug 2017
Life, in a mannerism, they proclaim
Is fragile, untouchable, limitless, rather a chain
Life, the folks sing, as delightful and indescribable as it is, is only here to stay

I do not know where, I do not know why
But thoughts mingling within my nerves apply
A paradox of significance within the definition
Of the purposeful journey we call life

Albeit the good, we choose to focus rather unwisely
Precisely of course, over delusional mastery
Understanding only comes in hand when necessary
When it threatens our existence, calling Bravery

You see, humans as smart as we are perceived to be
Might as well be a laughing stock to the rest of the scene
What we value, we fail to pursue, what we preach, we fail to reach

Would it hurt to let go of Prejudice?
An individual who has been imagined by generations beforehand, woven by bits of uncertainty and; well, where is he?

Hold on, here comes another
Violence and Destruction stand on the porch
Should we let them in? Should we not?
They are there, ready, ready anytime temptation hits now

Humanity degrades what she has created
Humiliates what she has achieved, and criticizes her dignity
Worth has lost its value, hence wonder
What have we done to help save her?

Sense has lost all contact
With wicked games being played, selfish pact
Response no longer yearns for Suffering
Such that, we deceive our own sect

Where is Understanding when we need her?
A few doors down the street, go ahead and wake her
She has not heard from us for a while now
Last time we spoke, I reckon, was when our own path was in danger
Angelina Aug 2017
The more you seek the more you know
Whether it be in an upstate penthouse
Or a lavender tree surrounded bungalow
The mind, an unfathomable garden of planted scriptures, undefined.

The heart yelps, the voices blow  
Initiative galore of intriguing canvases follow
One does not see, one does not hear
But sense is beyond the limits of sorrow

I would like to see, I would like to hear
Albeit constant delusions of fear
Created to seek what's beyond the border
I rest in assurance, one day the tendency of denial won't wander
Angelina Dec 2016
It's true, I must admit
He caught my eye, doubt I caught his
Drenched lips and maneuvering gestures
Lost in lust perhaps, wandering in bliss
Shimmering stars above reflecting
The sparkle in his eyes as he nodded
Lucid dreaming every day
Will he realize or will he not

Now I stand alluringly
Beside him, gazing
Fingers tangled
Hearts mingled, souls stringed
Sinews intrigued
My thoughts had topped all odds, I suppose
Nonetheless, it's true, I must admit, he caught my eye
And indeed I caught his
Angelina Aug 2016
To: Sarah Joyce Crimson*                                                     8th July 1943                                                  

A man in a gray suit has captured my heart, mother
Along with the tie, of course
Surrounding plants would've died
At his gaze and grace

Armored charm and wide toothed smile
His last name could've might as well been poise  
I don't know what it is about him, mother
But his gentle crinkled eyes certainly isn't  

His voice is as flattering as the lullaby you once sang
The tone itself symbolizes warmth and stability
Undiscovered treasure in the midst of all volumes
It is home I feel closest to when I catch a glimpse of it in my ear

I don't know whether to feel astonished or quivered
By all means, that'd be deemed as eerie
But you once said when a man one day turned my cheeks bright pink
It sure could only mean one thing

It is unreliably evident not to notice me blush
It is even more apparent not to notice his blunt stare
Sending chilly shivers down my spinal cords
Activating fondness I'd never in a million years imagine I'd sense

If only you were here to see for yourself
How proud I'd make you, indeed
You said one day I'll be able to marry, mother
Well, this day isn't as far planned as it once seemed  

                                                       ­               *From: Christine Louise Crimson
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