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I never really had a dream
I always had a goal
Until I met her, it seems
I had one hidden in my soul
I wanted a lavish life
To make up for what I lack
To live out as someone else
Indulge and never look back
Then I met her
Who dreams more than she knows
She is lively, innocent and bright
Inspiring wherever she goes
Her dream is so pure
Nothing to really be gained
She only wanted to see and know
Why those floating stars came
I realized dreams could change
I have found a new dream
To be with her amongst the lanterns
Every year so it seems
rebecca Oct 2018
It's a ball of tangled yarn that I just can't figure out
I need to untangle it before my time runs out.
What if my "what-if's" come true?
I can't sleep because the threads twist and constrict
I just don't know what to do.
Eric Babsy Sep 2018
My step that hurt me.
I fell because the ones who were supposed to help were like you.
I designed a little more differently.
That was big and comfy like whoo!

Please understand this coming from me.
They are the same religion.
They are against me.
I can be as smart as a surgeon.

I understand that we have our differences.
But we are all angels.
Despite what hinders us.
All that stuff that is new leaves us tangled.

Help me please lost here alone.
What can I do.
Give a dog a bone.
With that I ruined you.

Growing up with two fathers.
Now the ones that are supposed to help me do not even bother.
I know all their secrets and all their lies.
I have had nothing but grief from the closest all my life.

Have fun with your lives.
Because I have nothing but pain; stung by the hive.
This is it, I have said what I need to say.
Now it is time to go away.
Meandering Mind Sep 2018
this jumbled mess
skyrockets my stress

i see this chaos of tangled lines
i feel anxiety welling up inside

how's it possible to go in just a day
from neatly arranged to disordered this way

laws of entropy can go to hell
universal disorder makes me feel unwell

don't have the patience, the panic roars
trying to untangle these **** headphone cords
Vale Luna May 2018
A love so fragile
That it hurts when I breathe
Shattered memories
Swept by the breeze

A love so scrambled
That it leaves me confused
My heart’s been abused
Black and blue bruised

A love so tangled
That it ends up in knots
A tied-up blood clot
Starting to rot

A love so unraveled
That it loses control
A physical toll
Burnt on my soul

A love so fragile
That is breaks when I try
Starting to know why
I do nothing but cry.
Danielle May 2018
Fingers trace gentle circles
moving like ghosts,
on pale skin.  
Just awake enough now,
to feel your lips write poems.  
Whispered down my spine,
as we lay tangled on the bed-
wishing for now to be forever.
Lazy days in bed just dozing off and on with an other person.
Lily Mar 2018
I am Rapunzel,
Up in her tower,
Alienated from the rest
Of the world,
Separated by an invisible line
That I can't cross.
Between the window and the ground,
There lies a barrier,
That even the most charming
Prince can't bridge.
The effort to join the rest
Of the world is too much,
My hair is too short to
Reach the ground, to reach reality.
But aren't I in a
Fantasy world to
Begin with?
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