my love for you
drowned me inside.

i can feel the water seeping
back into my bones.

we're starting over again,
although we both know it's far too late.

change is coming,
im not ready.
i've been through this pain
far too many times.

one more "goodbye"
will crush my soul.
one more tear,
will drown me.

time is ticking,
i'm leaving soon.
all the pressure,
suffocating me.

"can you feel it?" i said,
looking into the dark.
"what?" they ask with no idea.
"time, it's stealing us away".

you took my soul
and made it dance
you took my words
put 'em in a trance.
this love is on fire
just give it a chance.

Liz Carlson Nov 8

the late night laughs and talks.
the tears shed and the smiles spread.
the hugs shared and the memories made.
i miss us.

but i can't do this anymore.

Liz Carlson Nov 8

should I stay
or should I go.
i wonder all day
what I should do.

this love so pure,
so rare to find.
i try to act mature,
but I mind.

you're my dilemma,
never there for me.
never here to stay.
tell me to let go.
tell me to hang on.

Liz Carlson Nov 4

bluebird sings in the morning,
wakes me with his voice.
he left with no such warning,
not a word, no noise.

pretty bluebird, come back.
i miss your beautiful sound.
i'm waiting for your attack.
someday you will be found.

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