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Liz Carlson Mar 28
she tries so hard to please others
when all that matters in the end
is that she pleases her Heavenly Father
and brings glory to His name
all else will fall away
Liz Carlson Mar 4
i watch from afar
all my old friends having fun and growing without me
some remember my ghost
but others have no recollection that i even existed

all those pictures
remind me of the times i had
this comforting sadness

im happy to see my old friends
yet here i am
half the world away
watching from a distance,
as they make new friends and new memories.

i can't go back,
but i can't seem to move forward.

so here i lay
me and my friend sadness.
Liz Carlson Dec 2018
heart aching
everytime you leave me on read.

i know you're busy,
but i remember a time
when you'd reply within seconds.

did i mess this up?
what happened?


can we please go back to those summertime dreams?
Liz Carlson Dec 2018
leaving everything behind
has been torturing my mind
for what feels like forever

some days i want to stay an eternity
and never let go of these things
and other days,
i just want to fly away and get it over with.

yet here i am
standing still
as the clock keeps ticking by
in wait for that day to come.
Liz Carlson Aug 2018
i crave love so badly,
the soft touch of a hand on mine,
sweet eyes gazing into my soul.

yet, i fear it.

every guy who shows interest
is repaid with silence and distance.
though i might feel the same,
the prospect of love scares me.
my mind and feelings are a mess right now.
Liz Carlson Aug 2018
i long for the body i used to have.
strong and fierce.

obsessing over my weight
and the food i consume
comes far too easily.

can't be mentally stable and healthy,
can't be happy and healthy.

no solution.
that Se function in INFJs though... OBSESSIVE.
Liz Carlson Aug 2018
they all tell me
i'm soft,
a peaceful presence,
someone to turn to for comfort,
a shoulder to lean on,
a warm hug,
and so much more that i only get a glimpse of
once in a million moments.
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