Liz Carlson Apr 27
this loneliness overwhelms me,
it took hold of my heart
and won't let go.

its not the kind that can
be cured with a
touch of a friend.

its the kind that fills
you with cold
every time someone
reaches out.

its the kind you
can't imagine living without.
its the kind that
you fear will never leave.
its the kind
you don't know
how to cure.

still, you live your life,
you put on a smile
and lie,
as the loneliness slowly
swallows you whole.
Liz Carlson Apr 13
like a tsunami,
it all hits me so hard.

so much to do,
but no motivation.

so alone,
yet I see faces every day.

i'm stuck in a tsunami,
with no way out.

pulls me further,
pulls me deeper.

how did i get in?
how do i get out?
Liz Carlson Apr 10
I've exhausted "16".
So much has happened.
So much good, so much sorrow.
I've grown so much,
not in height,
but in strength and confidence.
Hopefully a bit wiser
and definitely more thankful.

Usually, I'm sad at this point,
but not this year.
I look back on this past year with a smile.
It was the best year yet,
so 17,
bring it on.
Sound of Music reference anyone? ;)
Liz Carlson Mar 29
"it's okay"
"i understand"

why am i so frickin nice?
constantly repeating these words
while my heart shatters silently.
i'm too nice y'all.
Liz Carlson Mar 29
these walls are crashing down,
along with my tears.
with all the strength within me
i tried to hold it in,
but truth is,
you can't be there for me anymore.

this is long overdue,
and this feeling inside has started to rot.
i hate to break your heart,
but mine is already broken.
still want to hold you close,
but i can't keep holding you,
while you hold someone else.
breaking up with a friend
Liz Carlson Mar 22
you see me with a smile
on my face and
making sarcastic remarks.

i must be perfectly okay.

yet im still thinking about 10 minutes ago,
when i was letting my pillow
soak up all my tears.

i was the girl laying on my
bedroom floor,
the same song on repeat.

tears come and go,
but the pain lingers.
Liz Carlson Mar 22
you talk about trust,
and then betray it.

you talk about love,
and then destroy it.

you talk about friendship,
and never give it a chance.

every time
im the one crying
on my bedroom floor.
no one to hold,
no one to see me.
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