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  5m Liz Carlson
his light brown hair offered kindness
his wide eyes were a safe place

his mid summer tan gave warmth
and his smile created happiness
to bad it was all a waste of time
Father help me place my value in this and this alone.
I am a child of God, the one true King.
When all else fades away, nothing can strip me from that truth.
When I don't feel like enough, remind me I am Yours and You are mine.
I am Your child, what a marvelous thing.
I am so beloved, I am made in Your image.
When every other attribute is stripped away, I am still this.
I am Your child, nothing else matters.
father, i'm calling you by a new name.
i've called you Father,
and Lord
for so long,
but today I call you my sustainer.
You hold the world in the palm of your hand
You hold everything together
so perfectly and beautifully
all for our good,
though we may not see it.
You're my sustainer.
You're holding me
I trust in You, oh great sustainer.
You're all I need
You sustain me through it all.
when i'm with him
i forget about all the thoughts
battling inside my head

the world stops spinning
for a few precious moments
when he takes my hand.

i feel like a kid again.
i'm not worried about being enough
or looking dumb, or making sure i look nice,
i'm just with him.

he makes me lose track of time
never before have i been so thankful for sleepless nights,
because i spent them talking to him.

i want to know his mind
and his gentle heart

i want to know his past
and see who he'll become.

there's so much good to come,
i just know it.

he's more than just a boy i like,
he's my best friend,
and how lucky am i to call him mine?
Liz Carlson Sep 28
i've waited so long for this,
for someone like you.

for someone to feel the same way about me
as i do about them

i'm finally here,
yet i have to wait

whats pulling me through
is knowing that
as much as i want a boyfriend,
i want a husband even more.

and i know if we wait,
that's what this will become.

if we're wise and hold on,
this will be forever.
Liz Carlson Sep 28
i can't promise forever,
but i can promise for now.

for now,
there's no one who compares to you.

you don't have to worry.
it's only you on my mind.

you're the one i want to hold,
the one i want to spend my time with.

i'll wait for you,
i can't promise that for years,
but i'll wait for now.

for now,
you got me,
but above all else,
you got God on your side.
Liz Carlson Sep 28
maybe it's not time right now,
but that's just for now.

i know the day will come,
i know this is right.

but for now honey,
i'll wait and i'll grow with you.

i'll get to know your heart,
while the distance pulls us apart.

for now,
it's just for now.

someday i'll be with you,
but that's not now.
and that's okay.
because that's just for now.
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