love is more than a feeling,
it's an action.

it's being there for someone,
it's showing them how much you care.

you still love me,
i know this.
but you aren't loving me.

i still need you,
after it all.

you don't need me,
i know this.

but how can i let go
when i love you so?

"it's so cold in there now",
"where?" he asks,
"in your eyes".

Liz Carlson Jan 11

worn out faces,
empty spaces,
burned out places.

nowhere to turn,
so much to learn,
only money to earn.

Tryin this rhyming thing.
Liz Carlson Jan 11

at first glance,
they were strangers.
but they knew they'd be much
more than that to one another.

time flew as
the sparks grew,
nothing could
hold them apart.

their love was invincible,
until the day it wasn't.
their trust in one another
died with all the lies.

now their story is
just a distant memory.
their broken hearts mended
and learned to love others
the way they should have
loved each other.

Liz Carlson Jan 11

in some way,
we're all broken.

begging for comfort
and some medication
to relieve us of the pain.

we've all been shattered
into a million pieces
and felt like nothing.

we're all broken,
after all.

Liz Carlson Jan 11

what's the point of honesty
if no one listens?

Liz Carlson Jan 5

no feelings,
no emotions.

i should be sad.
i should be happy.

lonely tears drowning me inside and
memories of countless shared laughs.

all i feel is numb.
not a single tear to meet my cheek.
when does it end?

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