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Danial John Jan 2019
New year, new problems
Same old ways to solve them

New year, new love
Same crippling thing that it does

New year, new life
Same thing, new ways to sacrifice

New year, new day
Same feelings when I see your face
When the new feels old maybe the old could still feel new?
Danial John Dec 2018
Sprung traps
An old song
Already sung that
Won't be long before I come back

Me mad at me
Business as usual
Not the only casualty
New and old, both fantasies

A slow growing strength
Shelters the ego
It's cancerous hate
But he knows it's only fate
Danial John Nov 2018
Sometimes the pain
Masquerading as passing faith
Does nothing but leave a stain
And a permanent frown on your face

And sometimes the hurt
Under the surface where it lurks
Should be given wide berth
Because addressing it will only make things worse

Sometimes the hate
Waiting to reach the boiling point of rage
Puts you beside yourself into another state
A place where every choice is a mistake

But sometimes the love
Oddly sanctimonious in everything it does
Slithers through the detritus and picks you up
Makes you realise the cycle's not over but only just begun
And then we do it again...
Danial John Nov 2018
And she didn't even say hi.

I couldn't seem to say goodbye.

I met another for the night.

Still can't seem to get you out of my mind.
Danial John Aug 2018
Damnation in a ****** nation.
Your thoughts are only your own if you don't say them.
From simple complexities to advanced basics.
We are an oxymoron and it's time to face it.
That or otherwise become complacent.
Then you'll have an excuse for when the human race ends and you're in the last placement.
Words to ears are not superior to feet to pavement.
Enough talk, only action can save us.
Danial John Aug 2018
All the sad lonely people
Trudge along
Alone frome cradle to grave
Life's a sad, sad song

I won't miss you

If love is blind
Hate can truly see
Be careful of where you aim
Because eventually it's where you'll be

Truth is stranger than fiction
Fiction is better than you
You are not who you were
And that is the truth
Danial John Aug 2018
You made me belive in things unseen, like God and fate.
You also filled me with nothing but disgusting, rotten hate.

I now know there IS a higher power.
And I hope some day it is destroyed, dismembered, and devoured
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