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Don’t love me yet,
I’m just a child.
Break my heart
And make me wild.
I love you like the sun
Which is fickle and sets too soon
I love you like the pale
And everchanging moon

I love you like the ocean
And the tides that pull away
I love you like the blossoms
That don’t live to see may

I  love you like the embers
Of a flame that slowly dies
Like the sting of regret
Of a thousand muted cries.
I am not yet a man
But I am King.

You have ****** me
Onto this throne
torn the wooden sword from
my hands to place in them
shaking steel
It is stained with the dark wine
that foams at the mouth of my enemies
You say I must lust after the taste of it
As men lust for women
But I know nothing

Feed me violence until I’m sick of it
My eyes crawl with what I’ve seen -


littered all around
daisies in a meadow with which
I’ve made my crown.
they are made of violence
Tu sei il sole
ed ** gli occhi
pieni di te
You are the sun
and my eyes are
full of you
What scares me the most
Is to love someone so much
That in losing them
You lose yourself
And yet
still end up
mourning not
your crippled soul
But them
Only them
Always them
I Fair thee well
My travelling friend
For time is restless
And we cannot pretend,

In days of fire  
Through tears and wrath
We lived! we lived!
And now we laugh.
Sailor! Sailor!
The waves
Don’t wait,
The water’s cold
And so is fate.

Sailor! Sailor!
Taste the salt
As it goes down,
The tide is swelling
and I shall drown.
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