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Noah May 2
Its just plain delicious , its pretty healthy , I could eat it every other day. Too bad Im not wealthy up to 15$ for a meal thats not a price I wanna pay. But Its delicious. Im saving my money to get one on saterday.
Poke is like sushi in a bowl I like mine with tuna and salmon with eel sauce and some toppings like cucumbers wonton crackers  and Pineapple Juice.
Eric Babsy Oct 2018
The sun and the moon beyond all lies.
Because liars I despise.
I feel sick.
Because all that I see will click.

Youth is my friend.
All I know is it will be until the end.
This dictation, my last and only point.
I can do what I want, I can anoint.

You and I lead different spirits to join.
When I was young I worshiped what will find in the finite.
Finish what I started.
Forever more will get unabated.

I understand that I could be left behind.
The kind of fate that is unkind.
The kind of things heroes do.
Enjoy in that I do cue.

The last and final answer.
Respect from more to serve the cancer.
What is this anymore than a cruel joke!
Because it is the truth I poke.
Via Ricasoli Sep 2018
Poke at my iris
And I’ll go blind
But then I won’t have to see
Every **** thing in the world

Poke at the corners of my mind
There’s sadness and joy
But be careful of the darkness
The secrets and lies

Poke at my heart
And you’ll find the hurt
But with patience and kindness
You might also find love
Poke - Frightened Rabbit was the impetus for this poem
A survival skill learned;
do not poke the angry bear.
When you see the true colors of an **** person
Danial John Mar 2018
So what if I love you?
Do you care?
I don’t.
If you don’t try, I won’t.

I’ve tried to the best of my abilities.
To me this is a mystery.
Why do you hurt so much?
I’m in constant misery.

It’s not your fault.
Please just tell me why.
Poking and prodding,
Until they die.
Ava Bean Oct 2015
I am numb to the kindness they give me
But sensitive to the needles they ***** me with:
The ones that were supposed to numb all of me up
At once.
Creep Nov 2014
you there?
-poke poke-
come on! answer me! I miss you!
-poke poke poke-
I'm sorry for whatever I've done, but babe, we can make things better!
-poke poke-
Babe? I still love you.
*-poke-* u dere? :3 yea you! 0_0

— The End —