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s  Dec 2014
s Dec 2014

I like simple things.
I don't like simple things that turn into compex things.
I have a hard time focusing on simplicity when it all changes into complexity without warning.

Joann Rolleston  Jul 2014
Joann Rolleston Jul 2014

Convoluted & Polluted
Distraught & Disjointed
Corrupted & Addicted
Emotion human condition

Toil & Deprivation
Choice & Inhibition
Arrogance & Suspicion
Make your self decision

Want & Understanding
Seek & Sophistication
Experience & Learning
All on the itinerary

its not simple but you will gt through it, we all battle on through each day
Shana  Jul 2014
Shana Jul 2014

It's simplicity was complex
the world you lived in ceased
the tide halted and the sun dulled
cars abandoned and homes barren
the complexity suddenly became simple

Knights  Apr 2015
Knights Apr 2015

Yes simple
People like simple
I'd like to say that I like simple
But if I were to say that I did, would that make me simple?

If you ask me what my favorite flower is,
I will answer daisys.

You will say that they are simple and boring,
and i will say that i love them because of that.

Because nothing in this world is simple anymore.

Silent Thoughts  Jul 2014
Silent Thoughts Jul 2014

I trust that you feel it in this moment
But I don't trust you'll always feel that way
That's how I was hurt before
Counting on every word he'd say

jeffrey robin Jan 2015

Then      ?

& ........

(                                (                     ­   
•                             •
              )                              )
                ­                                  ( we fly together ! )

•    •

Little girl

Child of the forgotten grace and promises made

By the ancient Elders


The picture of a child / seed          planted purposefully

In the DESSERT  

Watered by LOVE


Humanity is broken open
And it is crying aloud

From out the SHADOWS

And await

For its YOU
who MUST appear


( the first angel )



From out the prostituted gore

Of this abased and abusing treachery



( the EARTH is ours )



Your Worth and your Power
Are the same




Yes ! Yes !

Yes indeed

Beck Dec 2014

this world is fast
yet forever
love is strong
but complex
poetry should be short--
we don't have an eternity to read your thoughts
keep it simple,
just simple

the thought is simple
the feeling the same
stealing the rain
that falls from yours eyes
sealing the pain
that spells our demise
look my love
look at the sky as the fish fly by
I would catch one for you
but I broke my pole last time I gave it a try
it made me laugh so hard I started to cry
and scream so loud I shattered the ground
as well as the man
solid like stone
yet hes broken down to the bone


but not alone
relying solely on his phone
to spill his thoughts
and keep them his own
the puppet show is the only place
he has ever called home
taking center stage
unleashing hidden rage
she squeezed out the cage
sprend her wings for a few days
flew around the world
just to get lost in the maze
with the turn of a phrase
she reveals their life as a phase
stunned and amazed
he rolls up to blaze
no clouds in his head
just the purple haze
now it all seems so simple
the problem isn't mental
it's a matter of will
can I splatter and kill
what I tried to hold still
I'll do you one better
leave the bird with one feather
and sever the tether
bring destruction to her seduction
and then see how well she can function
flying, running, lying, cumming
tell me something
is it simple now will more walls than bridges?
is your life really better as just one of his bitches?
come to your senses
you're smarter than this is
giving you credit for
the raven on my shoulder
is squaking simply
never more.

Lily Mae Dec 2010

Today when I saw you walking towards me
in your white T~shirt and loose cotton pants
with bare feet
all I could do was smile
they say that lust and love are two
seperate things...
obviously they haven't felt both from
the core of who they are in heart and soul
I'd rather be the woman that feels her
skin flush with heat
her inner thighs get moist
in just seeing you walk towards her
than a woman articulating love and lust
from a block of ice
its you
always has been...always will be
I would rather lust to love you
love to lust you
in my house...in my shrine
than to have never known one
without the other
within your home
I'm content, well pleased
in seeing you simply
walk towards me...

I wish I could write him a letter
just to ask how he was doing.

If the food tastes different there
if the sky is bluer at 10 AM
if he can see the moon from his window

But really, all I want to know
is if he loves the crinkle of written-on paper
as much as I do

and if sometime, he might
want to write me back
just to feel the paper between his fingers
and the words beneath his palms?

Ujwala Iyengar  Feb 2015
Ujwala Iyengar Feb 2015

My fingers played the piano to the beats I have never known,
It rhymed in it's perfecting beauty as it echoed in our crystal halls.
Yet a question harped in my mind as I touched the piano for the first time.
Is it my mind that knows of the lyrics of what to become or has it always been my heart that sings of you.

Bea De Vera  May 2014
Bea De Vera May 2014

Happiness is a tub of ice cream
Waiting to be eaten
Not some cute love story
Where every word was sweet

Happiness is reading a book
Waiting for each exciting chapter
Not some confession
Where every word is so predictable

Happiness is a teddy bear
Waiting to be cuddled every night
Not some bouquet of flowers
Where everyday was a life sentence

Happiness is spending time with friends
Waiting everyday to hang out
Not some time with a guy
Wherein you can't define him just as happiness

Cause he's not just your happiness,
He's your everything

Dedicated to my friends :)
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