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People say we can’t choose who visits us, but it’s our choice whom we will let in. But in my case I have kept my heart open for everyone who barge on my door and knock. I stayed at my place not chasing anyone but because I hoped to be searched, I wanted to be found and the day you came into my life, I welcomed you with open arms because that’s what home should be - to be someone’s shelter and comfort amid the storm.

I remember I asked you about your past relationship and you told me it was the worst. You caught her with another guy and you didn’t make any fuss about it, you were blaming yourself that time and that day I promised I won’t hurt you, that I’ll stay beside you no matter how hard it gets the situation, but deep inside, I wanted to be your permanent address; no matter where you go, I knew you would come back to me because there’s no place like home. I wanted to be your peace where you could find the silence you need and your favorite spot overlooking the city where we could slowly dance the night away; not just a place you could go to because you don’t have anywhere else to stay. I wanted to be the calm in your raging sea, the music that drives you into heaven, and the warmth that you crave for colder days; not just a passerby who would rest on my arms for a while but walk out right away and desert the things we could have been.

I welcomed you with open arms because that’s what home should be -to be someone’s shelter and comfort amid the storm. But I left the door open and decided to leave, because you had the chance to do so.
𝐣𝐢𝐚 Jun 2020
i’m a normal person,
who walked into your life.
i’m a normal human,
who naturally faded from your light.

I looked at you once,
and you stayed in my sight.
I would always think of you,
during day and night.

You were a passenger,
on my train of thoughts.
and i was only a passerby,
in your world of doubts.
hi im back, no one missed me but i missed writing poems. also this poem was inspired by something that happened to me just last year. I don't know his name, or his voice. But he stayed in my memory like we were close. I'm just a stranger to him, and so is he to me. therefore i am only a passerby, who walked into his world and left without even saying hello or goodbye
-jia m
Wrex May 2020
Ah, what a sight to see!
With the bright sun in the distance
Chirps of the bugs and bees
To forget the reason for our distance

A walk to end all walks
Till I see the dawn wake
As I reminisce that box
That always made you quake

Longing to dream as you could dream
Not to remember and a night to forget
To forget that pitched scream
And the tumble of your chess set

All I can do is wait for my day
And continue to live carefree
Walking into the next Friday
Living in a shattered reality
old willow May 2020
Waiting at the crossroad,
I’ve met countless travelers.
Shaking my head from disappointment,
They could not answer my question.
— What is a rock?
Pyrhos Mar 2019
Twinkle twinkle little star
I'm down here and you're so far
What could I possibly do
To meet in the sky with you?

Looking up and aiming high
As you keep passing me by
Ladders, ships and hopeful wings
Songs your constellation sings

For you I will learn to fly
Up into the sky so high
Oh how beautiful a tune
As I ascend to the moon

Now you are finally close
Discovery grandiose
Heaven opens up to see
Stars laid bare in front of me

Thank you thank you little star
For making me come so far
Now I see where I belong
Skies of awe-inspiring song

After all, why would I vie
For someone who passed me by?
Faulty motivations can lead to good results in rare cases
Tom Dec 2018
in your living room
empty walls
hold true
fragments of memories
shared with you

a silhouette
a shadowy figure
catches the eye
not you
but a passer-by
Kaylee Lemire Nov 2018
A fifth-wear flannel, reek and all, drifted past me today,
came and went as I sat cross-legged, marinating in the patina-ed
He took one last apathetic drag from a half-burnt

Let it fall through his fingers and onto
the cobblestones below. Callous:
an afterthought, he ball-changed and crushed
the smoke-spitting litter

Left me to stare at it there,
still twisting plumes
of itself up and out, streaking, snatched away
in the wind.

Left me to watch this
wisp of him sputter its
death-throes in the street.
Juverine Wan Nov 2017
' Frustration ' leads to ' damnation '
What's that supposed to mean?
Frustration hurts one deep inside,
So much to be foreseen.

It hurts when I hit the wall,
It hurts when I think of you,
I'm holding out a sign of peace,
but it's still a weapon to you.

You say that maybe you should die,
But do you know I'm already dead?
Maybe you're delusional,
But I'm the one who bled.

It's not funny,
we both know,
We love but still,
what we reap we sow.

My eyes are swollen from crying
while yours is bright with anger,
I should be the one who's dead,
Maybe then it'll all be better
Emm Sep 2017
Crisp shirt
Buttoned up
Short sleeves
Blue gingham
In the least shades of vibrant colours
Black and gray,
the colour of our story
the colour of us
What's the point if we won't ever going to start
You belonged yourself to her
And who am I?
A passerby
Everything's reminding me of you
I'll erase my mind of out the picture
Let you stay stand proud with her
The calling of your life
Gentle touch
and sideway glances
Silly giggles--
Please stop
Let's stop
The road's been blocked ahead
and the passage way's closed
No use
Yet I think I love you
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