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esridersi Feb 1
“A child’s a child.”
Why should that sound wild?
When whispered or breathed, however so mild,
outrage and scandal will fester and pile:
“How dare you defile our sanguine bled rights?”
“How should you limp men uprouse our plight?”
Should that be right; our beliefs so deviled,
then how should we men know
which Truths are in style?
All life has a first,
An enumerated past.
All life meets its end; the immutable Last.
But as life should start,
Unwoken; uncompiled
Why sully its splendor,
Why act so impious?
No matter the label:
A child. A fetus.  
To stop what did start is “choice” by eugenics.
A Cide for the mysteries that never will be
Like dismembered roses
with unblossomed smiles
The unheeded Unchilded.
The countless Unrosed.
just an opinion, rather comments on the poetic components than an insoluble social issue. :3
Haylin Oct 2018
Robert Frost once talked of taking the ‘road less travelled’.
Well, I didn’t.
When the time came, I blindly went and took the safest road.
A very long path where the pitfalls were plenty.
I stumbled in the bracken. Stymied by the darkness that fell quickly as I ambled along.
The soul bruised, battered and exhausted at every infrequent stop.
It was not apparent then that in this venture there was a bleak dead end ahead.
I plowed on even though something inside was telling me again and again to turn back.
But, slowly, a gleaming light of hope crossed my vista beckoning me home.
I crawled. My strength regained as the light intensified.
Then the end was in sight - the portal was within grasp.
And so, yes, I now take that road less travelled.
Standing tall and proud as I gleefully stride down its glowing thoroughfare.  
Smiling at the diverse and playful changes that cross my pathway.
All told, it’s never too late to trust your instincts and make a difference.
Just ask me.
And Robert Frost.
Lawrence Hall Oct 2018
When Robert Frost visited President Kennedy
They spoke of poetry and power, of man
Of greatness and of God, of man’s swagger
Of poetry saving power from itself

When Robert Frost visited President Kennedy
They spoke of the poet’s responsibility
The duties of good men to other men
Of magnanimity and liberation

When Robert Frost visited President Kennedy
We lived a golden age in those few hours
Your ‘umble scrivener’s site is:
It’s not at all reactionary, tho’ it might be drivel.
Mary-Eliz Jul 2018
I often wonder if Robert Frost
in all his life ever got lost
did that road he took need corrections
if so, as a man, did he ask directions?
R May 2018
Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.

I say the world will end in a rush.
The moment you vanish in dash.
Laura Slaathaug Apr 2017
 So well, honest people make poor poets,
since they want dockyard receipts from Sparta
for how many ships Helen’s face launched there.

Honest details make the best poetry.
Poets plant made-up gardens with real toads,
where clothing and china patterns are art.

Poets write because they have things to say.
They write because they have things they can’t say,
and so, start with the sobs they can’t swallow.

Poetry is like life, being one big question
that you live until the answers arrive,
And emotion finds thought and thought find words.
National Poetry Month Day 8. Writing prompt: Repetition poem
Hannah Oct 2016
My dad is so proud because I'm going to university,
My mom sees hope,
And my sister looks up to me.

I'll become a doctor,
and my mom will tell her friends,
I'll have kids and a husband and take antidepressants.

I want to die so bad sometimes but I'll never take that leap.
My life is a promise to them I've still got to keep.
R Arora Mar 2016
A rose is a rose,
No matter where it grows.
Some saw thorns,
Beauty some chose.
Criticized by some,
Valued by loads;
People's opinions,
You can't change them by force.
Perfection is desired,
Even if it's freestyle prose!
Our lives might be cumbersome,
Let's accept the challenges they pose;
There's a bit of stardust in us all,
No matter hellish situations might come how close,
because, *a rose is a rose.
Inspired by Robert Frost's 'The Rose Family'.
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