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Jack Mar 27
Angin berbisik berita,
Cerita satu baris kata,
Disini berakhir segalanya,
Senyum mu,
Gelak tawa mu,
Sedih dan Amarah
Menghempas bumi,
Kini tinggal di masa lalu,
Luka yang telah mati,
Tidak kembali berdarah,
Coretan di hati ini,
Kekal sebagai parut sesal,
Kesilapan aku mencipta memori,
Pada khayalan yang tidak pasti.
Wahai dunia yang mengkhianati,
Seandai aku tidak berdaya lagi,
Izinkan teladan ini menjadi nukilan,
Pada jalan yg tidak dijulang.
Jack Jan 11
In the cloak of night's tender embrace,
Unravels a phantom's enigma,
A twisted dance of endless shadows,
Chill tremors down the spine,
Each memory, a voyage into the abyss,
Countless scars borne,
The wounds devouring sanity,
fragment by fragment,
The essence of humanity slowly waning,

A tale etched with ink of sorrow in history's cyclical scroll.

The relentless pursuit of a fading light,
Wavers with haunting echoes,
No triumph in victory's embrace,
Only the lingering despair,
In illusion of translucent world,
Aching with an unyielding desire,
reliving the nightmare.
Over and over again.
Jack Dec 2023
Seasons change, a silent decree,
The euphoria we craved,
From utopia we created,
But our paths separated,
Yet the heart clings to what used to be.

Every second and hour
slips like streaming wind,
Wish I could grasp and make it stop,
But time is relentless,
beyond our bound dimension.

For a moment,
Our timelines intertwined,
As memories slowly faded,

"Time Do Us Apart."
Jack Oct 2023
Each glimpse recalls,
The whisper of love's everlasting radiance,
Sweet romance lingers in the air,
Elegance personified, beyond compare.
In each step, a dance of timeless grace,
A refined definition of love,
A cherished embrace.
Harmony, a melody in imperfection,
Two souls resonating in affection.
The sought-after smile, a beacon bright,
In this moment, time takes flight.
A love painted in hues of sunset's glow,
Sunkisses that speak, a warmth to know.
Never-ending, the ceaseless embrace,
A timeless pause, emotions in clutch,
In the stillness, our hearts entwine.
Jack Oct 2023
Symphonies of unknown,
A mote of light piercing eerie night,
Through branches, where the moon retrieves.
An ancient tale with a spectral embrace.
Twisted trees whisper fear,
In shadows deep, where echoes leer.
Yet 'midst the darkness, beauty gleams,
A veiled, forgotten bride,
Once believed in happily ever after,
Remains in solitude in her own realm,
Wandering with her gown, her crown,
Waiting for a glimpse of hope, an unfulfilled oath,
A humble smile binds her to demise,
The beauty veiled behind the curtain of mist,
A haunting dance beneath the moonlight chandelier,
Untold grace remains in mystic trance.
Beneath the boughs, shadows weep,
A love unsought, a secret to keep.
Her spirit mourns in the lone kingdom of ruins,
A princess lost, in silence, adorns.
Jack Aug 2023
The warmth of her smile,
As her eyes shine with hope,
Waiting someone dear to return,
Every wrinkle is a mark of her love,
Her angelic voice,
He kept reminiscing
Retained vivid memories,
The laughter they shared,
Echoes to every space,

She asked,

"Have you found what you've been seeking?"

He said,

"Yes i did, a reason to come back home."
Jack Jul 2023
All of the dreams,
Become haunted at night,
As the wound continues to bleed,
Standing tall in black cloth,
Warm welcome with open arms,
Uninvited guest crossing names,
Marching of the dark veils
Here lies a bright smile,
Hope for salvation to better days,
Fear filled down in every sense,
Trembling knees without quakes,
Rhythmless heartbeat,
Slowly the flowers wither,
And the beauty decays.
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