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Marri Apr 23
My eyes close gently
Like butterflies finding peace.

My breathing is soft
Like the winds that move music.

On my back,
Covered with duvet,
I come alive.

Don’t you hear it?
The call to an ancient rhythm?

I start to dance.

My eyes clench shut
Like doors to an argument.

My breathing picks up pace
Like the smoke of heat in winter.

On my back,
Covered with sweat,
I come alive.

The dance begins:
It starts at my toes.

Clenching, curling,
Pirouette Princess.

Moves up my thighs,
Shaking, sliding,
Shimmy salsa.

My hands join in,
They create foreign mundras.

Massaging circles into soft flowers.
I’m blooming all over again.

The rhythm picks up pace,
The drum beats vibrations into my existence.

The process repeats,
Pirouette toes,
Salsa thighs,
And flowers blooming from fingertips.

This time,

My eyelids play movies I’ve never seen,
My breath hitches in my throat,
I’m coming alive.

I feel everything all at once.

My head starts to spin,
The good kind of dizzy.

On my back,
Lifting up,
Soul leaving body in unspoken essence,
I’m coming undone.

In a estranged voice I’ve never known,
Your name leaves my parted lips.

The music stops,
The dance is complete,
And the petals wilt.

Fingertips sticky with nectar.
Or is it pollen?

Doesn’t matter—
It still tastes sweet.
Sumer is icumen in
a modern English translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

This is an update of an old classic for those of us who suffer with hay fever and other allergies ...

Sumer is icumen in
Lhude sing achu!
Groweth sed
And bloweth hed
And buyeth med?

Keywords/Tags: spring, summer, hay fever, seeds, pollen, med, meds, medicine, achoo, stuffy, nose, blowing, ragweed, congestion
FunSlower Jul 2018
Do you ever stop and think
I'm not just trying to be cheap
with these words that I speak?

They're everything that I wanted to say
but you stole them away.

And I know I can't stay
but how do I leave
the girl of my dreams

Do you ever stop and think of me?
Well I've been thinking of you
with everything that I do.

And all the words I wanted to say
you'd just throw them away.

And I know I can't stay
but how do I leave
the girl of my dreams

you know you make me scream
but I'll be crying out in vain

you know you'll make me sing
the song without a name

Burst out in a curse at the wind.
Do you know how it feels
to be the only one to see?
Forever really is
the longest time.

Now I know
I've gotta live a life alone.
But it's not what I wanted.
You've gotta know that I wanted

we have to give it a name
but i don't want to get attached
let's give it a name i don't like
i don't like jelly beans
let’s name it jellybean
Henry Koskoff Nov 2017
alas, spring was a time of fakeness
and sally sneezed in sequences
everything swayed with breeze
on the brink of warm and cold were the colors
greens and yellows and ochres
that were pleasing those eyes
red, moist, sore
emblazoned by the dusty air
everything reproduced at a fast rate
au printemps, she remembered
bath absorbed
sally wandered
less direction now
her home near
too familiar now to be satisfying in any way
there she was
when she awoke at noon
Richard Grahn May 2017
In splendid repose
One blooming rose lies gleaming
Hummingbirds kiss her

The wind whispers their secrets
As the pollen keeps drifting
This is my first shot at a Tanka. Feedback is most welcome. I can’t really help getting somewhat anthropomorphic about it. Thanks Chaetura for reminding me of the word anthropomorphic.
Lady Ravenhill Mar 2017
We are all children of the universe
As much trees as we are stars

Our roots grow
And bear fruit
Our seedlings sprout
We are like the trees

Our eyes wink like stars
Shine brightly
And then go out
We are shooting stars

We are all made of pollen and stardust
Children of the forest and the sky
©LadyofRavenhill 3/9/17
The pollen count is as high as the national debt
Too **** high
My right eye stays shut from all the irritation from chemicals in the year
Happy Earth Day
While we still have one
Midnight Rain Apr 2016
why is that
the things you love
the most,
never really love
you back?
I love you Mother Nature, why can't you accept me?! :'(
SassyJ Mar 2016
The daffodils are springing
In the bloom, the pollen toss
The bird sway as they sing
I sense your touch in my all

Take a little longer ahhh
Take a little time
Just forget to forge
The gorge you left whole

The pavement I step, rolling stones
Each pierce my heart, the yesterday
I am not a magician neither a mystic
To foretell your heart strained desires

Cascading motions or emotions
Anticipated notions and collusions
Erosion of the past demolish solutions
Fainted resolution my contradiction
Having a terrible flu!... but still recorded!
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