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Neuvalence Jan 26
I heard you—
Insinuating, fading,
dying exquisitely;
falling into your melancholy.
worst week of my life.
Neuvalence Jan 21
Under the light of the moon
I'll spin the sands through the air
To pull the tides and travel oceans
I'll cover the night with glistening stars
For they can reflect on the waters below
And I'll free the night in a crimson red
To silhouette howling wolves and
Maidens patiently sitting in the night
"Blood Moon"
Neuvalence Jan 5
I closed the door behind me,
of the empty room where I grew
And now I’ll fill a new one
miles across the Earth.

Neuvalence Jan 5
The light escaped barely through the cold morning.
I found you broken—and I was too,
You healed me more than I could heal you,
I wiped the tear rolling down your cheek,
Your last word escaped the brim of your lips
So weak, so fragile;
And our love grew boundless.
Neuvalence Jan 4
The children grew heavy on our backs
The desert sun was baking our skin
But we could still see sand, endless at the horizon
We knew our last days were near.
Neuvalence Jan 4
The cadence of the birds
The gentle breeze
The waters and the plants:
They breathe
Blackout version of my poem "Realm of the Stone Monoliths"
Neuvalence Jan 3
I woke to the sound of your velvety voice
and your soothing lavender scent
Though I woke alone,
your presence: no longer.

Something short I wrote two years back.
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