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Alan Abstract Dec 2020
An external force to tell you that everything you are doing is right
No it isn't love
Never use it to fill the empty spaces
To satiate your needs
To show off your good deeds
To document being a good person
Only while people are watching
But little do you know
Everyone is always watching
Alan Abstract Dec 2020
I miss a lot of people in my life
Time and time again
I feel like I need to turn in a new leaf
There is no conflict
It has always been me against me
Never me against the world
If you live life treating yourself like a villain
You become the villain

There is no life without love
People need each other
The desire of individuality can drive us mad
If we treat ourselves badly we cannot expect others to treat us kindly

Its all a reflection
We are all on this journey together
Inside we are all the same
Alan Abstract Sep 2020
Sipping twisted teas underneath twisted trees.
Sap dripping off maples turning into crystal, cicadas vibrating something blissful
I could feel myself walking on violin strings.
Plink plink plink
Words flowing out as soon as I catch a think
A new golden horizon
Changing your world at the brink of a double blink
Birds singing on a Carnegie, that's where I wanna be.
birch sap
Alan Abstract Aug 2020
The final frontier is the produce aisle
Deli slicers becoming sharper the longer the wait
A silhouette of man walks in...
He keeps his cigarette case beside a miniature purple *****
His hat real low, a tacky star fruit badge, and a belt of attendance awards
Always first in line
Buzzer calling for ticket number nine
His hand slowly draws for his concealed nine
Hand to hand and eye to eye
"The regular, gimme my cut, gimme the rolls, gimme the cheese"
Plastic bag with the goods
A slick crawl out of the store
Pulls out his bag to inspect the rolls
"**** this is honey turkey!"
Alan Abstract Aug 2020
"Grandma stop eating elderberries or you'll get too old!", cried the child. With a wink and a grin grandma purred, "now now child I will regain my youth with pork brine, youngerberries, and wine."

Along the spread of the table was real lunch as comforting as a cradle:
White hills of processed vanilla cream with the sparkle stream
A viscous yellow sea of elbows and perhaps other limbs
Overlapping ketchup crusaders reigning supreme over the dinosaur chicken nuggets

What lies beyond the table is the watchful and wise grandmother
"Grandma! Grandma! Gimme the big SPOOOON"
With the big spoon in hand the child combined the canvas and proceeded to shovel everything down until swelling like a balloon
-They grow up so fast-
Alan Abstract Mar 2020
North Atlantic crooners and gently weeping guitars caress my ears like an airplane gaining elevation. Softer now. Slower now. All the librarians love us. All the librarians invite us. Yodelers with laryngitis.  So quiet. So relaxed. Glasses that dip. Oceans caught in the drift of a paper clip. Tongue me on the tip. Swirls and curls. On the ocean floor; I can only see your face.
a poem dealing with the inability to express yourself in words
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