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the epitome of insane
21/F/New York    Hello I'm Kyla I like the smell before rain and the feeling when you fall in love
The Insane Savannah
In the depths of my soul.    I'm just an "invisible" girl who likes to pour out her feelings into poems rather than tears.
in a STRANGE place...


s u r r e a l Jul 2016
but fools only relish!
the psyche in which we perish!
hatred buried so!
and burned within merry lore!

for are they not,
the sane within the in?
and the in amongst the sane?
and the in of the sane--
which in here will truly reign!

like this, there, and, that?
and which, where, and what?
and spit, spat, and sput,
through here, hear, and hat?

brothers and sisters of spitting scholars!
we sing in two, to, and too!
with be, bee, and bat!
to this, there, and that!

easy to know--surely so, surely so!
the sane within the in--in the inn iconoclast's igloo!
"for what if the in shared the inn amongst the sane?"
"and the sane melted and blurred tongues within the in?"

what troubles your mind? what minds your troubles?
did you not know we live in the inn within this, there, and that?
and the which, where, and what all share one lobe!
for this is for the truly sane within the in,
and in inn of sane!

it shakes us!
like nails bitten in two, to, and too!
and mends us!
like dresses, treading thru, threw, and through!

might, in greatness, we rest, in base
eating bass--knocking bass!
for it is one-- nice and tight!
as the sane dances with--within the in!
in the inn of linen and tin,
for there is nothing greater, than the knowing labor!

and the world spins,
in and of the inn,
of the sane within the my,
and the in of the sane,
in which noose you and I tie,
and lie,
and die,
to again yearn for the sane within the I.
For we are truly the inn of the sane.
Saoirse  Jun 2012
Someone Sane
Saoirse Jun 2012
Someone sane.
Who doesn't care too much
Or not enough.
And who is just insane enough
To still be interesting.
But will stay
And won't project
Or invert.
Someone sane
Who isn't depressed
Or anxious
All the time
And who doesn't mind
When I'm depressed
Or anxious
Someone sane
Who doesn't hate their father
And won't pass undue judgement
On mine.
Someone sane
Who will be honest when I ask
But will have the sense
To share
With sensitivity.
Someone sane
Who can make me laugh
And whom I can make laugh
Someone sane
Who knows the difference
Between treating someone
Like they're important
And reducing them
To a monolith
They feel they cannot climb.
Someone sane
Who trusts and can be trusted.
Someone sane
Someone sane.
What is being sane?
When everyone goes insane,
and you do not,
you are the odd one out.
And when you are the odd one out,
you slowly begin to doubt,
that you are really sane.
Maybe the others are right,
maybe you are wrong,
maybe they chose the right path,
and you did not.
When the insane call you insane,
who is really insane?
And who is to decide,
who actually is insane?
If it were up to the insane,
the insane would be sane.
And if it were up to the sane,
the sane would stay sane.
But how do we know,
the sane are sane,
for they may be insane,
and the insane may be sane.
So who am I,
to say I am sane,
when I may be insane.
Copyright Barry Pietrantonio