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It’s okay to care about your friends
Roll around with them committing sins
Living every year like your freedom just began
It’s okay to be selfish when the time comes
When you’ve done all to be done
And had all the fun there was among
It’s okay when things change and you slow down what you do on a day to day
It’s okay to save and not go out just to play
It’s okay to change and do more for your sanest
Cause you can’t always do what others do everyday
It’s okay to change
Mazen Edlibi Feb 2019
I’m grateful to shoes who are not grateful to me…
I’m grateful to my insanity for keeping me sane…
I’m grateful to my dark side of me, for letting me know where I can find the light…
I’m grateful to those silent, painful moment for letting me find the hope in those strange moments…
I’m grateful to undisclosed craziness in finding balance in unknown moments…
Xallan Feb 2019
Life is suffering, from the tip of my tongue!
From the tongue to the corneas, blinded
To the shoulder, flimsy; to the hips, stretched
To the wrist, bent; to the spine, twisted.
Where does it hurt? Use your
locator beam, Use the satellite, Use the laser
Point to where it hurts, they say, so you point to
your elbow, to your head, to your stomach:
But this, this is deeper, internal, pervasive
it is not imaginary at all, either.
No: no: no more sauce
Rejection after rejection of enjoyment, til
lastly we reject life- but no one ever enjoyed
living this way any way.
Asante' Nov 2018
Someone please take me to Dreamland.
Put me on the fastest flight,
'Cause while you slept and slumbered sweetly,
I was wide awake all night.
So if you know the way to Dreamland,
Put the address in my brain,
So I can journey on to find it,
Somewhere where my world is sane.
Camryn Oct 2018
I'm shattered to pieces,
I'm always in pain,
And I'm not sure,
If I'm still sane.

I can't hear noise,
I can't speak,
I can't move,
from feeling so weak.

So I lie here,
Never to be woken,
In sorrow and pain,
because I am broken.
Rizna M Rameez Oct 2018
When you go out
And give the world love
And genuinely care about each one of them
You find out
The world is more full of love than you thought.
Some people say now’s not a good time for genuine people to live and that the worlds full of bad stuff happening. I tell them, you think the bad stuff’s only happening because good people don’t mention their good deeds out for the world. I can tell you from first hand experience, if you go out of your way to care for everyone, you will find out the world is almost filled with only love
Kasey Wheeler Sep 2018
Find me
Fine my heart
Find my pain
Find my sanity

I beg of you

For I have gone
Too far without it

It has left an emptiness
A loneliness so deep
A numbness that spreads through me
That it boils over inside of me

I miss myself
I miss my heart
I miss the pain
I miss my sane

Just please
Find these things I need

I don't know how long I'll last
Without them here
With me
Enjoy this trash I produced
TheMystiqueTrail Sep 2018
Like a hapless fly
trapped in a spider’s tricky web,
I struggle.

A vicious web,
a thousand hairy hands,
crooked as they are,
they descended on me
to squeeze my sensibilities
in their roguish grip.

A hapless fly
trapped in a spider’s tricky web,
I struggle.
VOID Aug 2018
I want to seem sane for him
to prove i have changed
but the truth is
i can't prove i have change if i haven't
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