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BoringBoy Nov 2018
Let I lie with my hopes duly.
Rested in an assurance that I will be found by an ally of fondness.
Pondering to a multitude of angles.
Stranded in just a brink of a nightmare.
May I awaken from this perpetual slumber.
Covet a warm heart of studious and charm before me in attraction.
Lest there be another death to the fall of this curse.
Cursed in miserable repetition, a pattern of repulsions and rejections.
A bane to my heart, parching its ever-yearning desire.
Neverending torture binding my soul in solitude.
Does there remain a path free of this maze?
Won't there be a light to lead the way to freedom?
No one could settle in a course without expiration leading bitter.
A youthful vessel grounded in the rootless sea of brought by time.
Flowing it may be, may it lead my wavering hope into a full victory.
BoringBoy Sep 2018
I bite my tongue when I'm afraid.
It's not easy for those who stay.
It's colder this coming Winter.
I can already feel shivers.
I see my soul staring at me.
I wonder what it just might see.
And all of this causes me grief.
A little one,
So Cold,

This time of year, a bane of sweets...
Caught by surprise, nowhere to flee.
I've lost it now,
A lock, No key.
A darkened path,
No light to see...
Danielle Jun 2018
I race against my heart’s beat.
There’s a wild call hanging in the still air,
A call of longing slips, escapes from my throat.
An answer to a thwarted hunt.
The Dreamer a delusion.
The Trickster a fool.
The Philosopher a liar.
The Musician a bane.
And yet I hope – struggle.
The hunt will be successful
Not sure that I should still call this poem whole. It's on it's third re-write and I like this one the best. Might actually come up with a full list of all my ex's to place in this poem. So I guess I'll have to see how it evolves over time.
K Balachandran Jun 2018
daunting nonstop rains,
such mayhem landslides and pains;
rain: boon if not bane!
Jeet Ratadia Jun 2018
Fabricate    the world,
tile                     by tile,
Until the towers sway.

     Overlook the foundations,
     in your                     frenzy;
     cement them another day.
           Let the buildings descend;
           frightened            humans,
           their lives        in jeopardy

                They felt         impeccable,
                now are            vulnerable-
                their lives have become tardy.

                               *        *       *
                 the bird soars high above
                 the streets are         empty
                 its screeches                 for
                 we are no                   more
This is a poem that symbolises global warming: we are our own bane.
The poems structure is like a fallen building and the stanza below the Asterix is the foundation (its got a crack in it- : )- )
Christmas spirit!
Come on... let me hear it!
Christmas spirit!
Good math!
That's some holiday smarts, Jake!
But if you add another, that's a holiday heartbreak!

I took everything, and I chased you
I knew, I put a lot of things at stake
For the amazing feeling from you which I ache
True love, I know this, you and I can make
I simply fall for the same things
Despite the past mistakes
I thought with me and you
Both of our hearts were caught

..Simply not true
Anxiety... the bane to my existence
At the opportune time opposing my resistance.
Dragging me into an uncontrollable state of stress,
Where I stand idle, where I'm a mess.

All my insecurities resurface, and
I think that I can't handle this,
That I'm not that great after all.
That I'm not desirable in the eyes of all.

So I stand silent in desolation
In a state of isolation.
Where I wonder who would put up,
With this mishap of creation...
That happens to be me.
Whether love is a blessing or just a bane
But it travels in my blood veins like a pain
Faith is enough to carry along even a grain
It makes assault on heart again and again

Beauty is a miracle,magic to play with strings
All the universe sings like in blooming springs
No one is saved when by love it is but it stings
Love, beauty are flying in a chain with wings

I want an eternal embrace from my sweetheart
We intend to be together never ever to depart
Love intends to read book of love part to part
Let me love fly to some other world on love cart

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2017 Golden Glow
Sheenanigans Dec 2014
Everyone can't be tame
Like they're insane
Living life a hell of a game
Fame is such a bane
1 stanza poem
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