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Armand-DeamoJC Sep 2020
On the floor again
Unconscious again
I'm screaming for help again
Dad's working again
You have no memory again
The neighbors took us to the hospital again
Everyone knows your bipolar now
Everyone thinks my mom's crazy
She's not. Why do I have to fight to convince myself she's not.
Mom why do you give up?
Mom what's wrong!?
Mom is it us?
Mom is it dad?
Mom what happened?
The beeping monitor disturbed my thoughts
And there you were again
Yourself, with eyes wide open
And a weak body once more
Being told what you did to *yourself
My mother was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 9 years ago. I found this in one of my books I used to read beside her bed. She takes her meds these days, but my whole life I thought it was my birth or the way my sister and I treat each other that triggered her, but it was her own childhood of being beated and *****
Carina Apr 2020
dear society:
why do you proclaim
ignorance is an easy
passage to popularity
jealousy is how to earn respect
tearing eachother down is
how to succeed
and caring takes you
on a route to failure
how does this establish
humanity when it is almost
Sujan Dec 2019
Doubts that still linger,
Pain that still torments,
Scratches that just don't go away,
Tears that keep flowing,

But still despite all,
the sun still so comforting,
The wind ever so consoling,
The earth forever accepting,
And the water eternally peaceful!!

Human and inhumane
Amy Oct 2019
i was warned about the evil of the outside world
but i was never warned about
the evil that resided in the inside
this can be interpreted in two ways:
-you are warned abut the dangers of the outside world but never the danger that was really in the house all this time
-you're aware of the dangers around you but what about the danger of your thoughts that reside in your head?
Nikita Jun 2019
When the sun rolls her eyes
A soft whisper reminds him
You’re home free once you lay inside

Barbed wires and lilac thieves
He's cloaked from head to toe
The Promised Land saws at his knees

Raising her head, she cries
Only not for stars or dreams
But to fill as though she is ten, not five

It’s the destination, not the journey they say
Preaching as though you don’t have soil to stay

Listening into the black and white picture screen
Ripples draped in red
They are not called she, he, only thing

Stripped of
Left less than animals

Tell me again why you believe this man covered in cloth
Is any less than the man who hides behind a rock
'A refugee is someone who has been forced to flee his or her country because of persecution, war or violence. A refugee has a well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group. Most likely, they cannot return home or are afraid to do so.'
Sabila Siddiqui Feb 2018
I am afraid to say sorry,
I am afraid to be soft.
For when I am hurt,
I become stone-cold.
I hold back my tears,
bite my lower lip from trembling
So you see no signs of weakness.
I become inhumane
And show you no weakness.
I'll ignore what you say
While it slowly breaks me from within.
Gabriel burnS Oct 2017
As my footsteps disappear into puddles
And the ripples go silent
I put to doubt
The things we make
Of mud today
As knowledge travels
Rails of science
Instead of the path
Of knowing time
We’re sending light
Where it wasn’t meant to be
Like the greatest of all angels did

We have turned learning into
An autopsy of everything
Lobotomizing every liberty
Analyzing mistakes to find
Better excuses
Bitterly abusing conscience
And sapience
Numbed by the applause
Of every new Eureka!
Mystifying Chaos Oct 2017
We live in a world full of people who lack humanity.
Akhil Bhadwal Jul 2017
Something immensely immoral was about to happen,
As you can distinctly smell the stench of insanity in the hills;
The skies looked so full of a sadistic passion,
Suggesting an infamy that was to go down the historicals.

As she raced through the meadows,
The girl, about 16, was seized by the 6 demons;
Who wore the skin of humans,
But were monsters on loose from the south of heavens.

They unchasted and murdered the young maiden with pure brutality,
Who might've died asking her god, just why did it all happened to her?
The poor soul is still seeking justice against the insane and wicked criminality,
From the system of law that is ****** to the very core.
Based on the infamous Indian Gudiya (name of the victim) **** and ****** case.

RIP Gudiya! May your soul be granted Salvation.

Composed in a b a b rhyme scheme.
Loneliness is the Devil's choice weapon
When you slip away within
The bitterness and pain contorts the actions
The darkness and solitude manipulates the mind

You do unimaginable things of which you never dreamt of
Become something inhumane and insidious
And the only company are the voices inside
In this moment, thinking of death, you believe you are alone
But little did you know the Devil stood by you this whole time
Whispering in your ear

The only one who comforted, though it was with evil
Oblivious to his presence
You did his deeds
Repentance is necessary
Death is soon
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