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Looking at you, ten minutes or more
As you did look, let out vacant stares.
I tried not much, just stood my ground
In such intricacies, love; I disappeared
How elegant you seem, without trying
Too much; the red in lips, awestruck !
The hair in a bun, in an all perfect black
Apparition of your being, it is flawless.
Dear, I am smitten in such hues you don
The reds and blacks and whites and on,
The due in dots, and cells eloping out.
Imagery adding _ layers to your form
Who then, be, creator to your frame ?
A bold tryst in stolid magnificence !
Who then, birthed such countenance,
In contemplation, I just wither away.
For a moment now, for a moment till
Let me just bask, let my soul fill
And in beauty, won't it, I consume.
Refuel my heart, for the dry dunes.
Let me just stare, as you do stare
In art that brings you, alive
Let me just stand, deep in thought
And offer you a thoughtful bouquet.
They say love is a toxic bouquet,
A beautiful gift hides its decay.
Give them a slice of your heart,
They become sickened and die.
Love tears us apart,
Love bleeds us dry.
To lose all we cherish,
All great things perish.

Suffer for your precious display,
Squandered in hopeless dismay,
Selfish love is a toxic bouquet.

They say love is a toxic bouquet,
A beautiful gift hides its decay.
The petals leave a dark residue,
The remedy is so long overdue.
Loud feelings are slow to action,
Love takes but does not ration.
Once lovely, now out of fashion,
A rolling trend of passing passion.

Suffer for your precious display,
Squandered in hopeless dismay,
Selfish love is a toxic bouquet.

They say love is a toxic bouquet,
A beautiful gift hides its decay.
You don’t know the pain you cause,
The grief will put your life on pause.
Sweet nectar is toxic to swallow,
Love leaves the widows to wallow,
Love leads the sinners to sorrow,
A trail of ruin is hard to follow.
© Thorne J. McFarlane
maria Jun 2019
She pulls me out of town with a bouquet of lilies
holding me tight, but soft, she talks about valleys of freedom.
She begs me to visit a country full of angel statues.
She's so confusing but sweet somehow.

The way she talks about revolution makes you wanting to burn bridges
and you know you would do it if She let your hand.
You would have fight bats and demons
but she just couldn't stop keeping you in touch.

She's talking and talking and talking,
you're not tired.
You're trying to compliment her through your laugh.
She doesn't let you speak.

Then she speaks out about how good you are,
how proud your children will be.
You can't help but dream of a life with her.
She looks in the sky and smile.

She stops in front of a river.
The water is so clean.
Birds are dancing above it
making love to your dreams.

Now it's the time to tell her how you love it when she sleeps,
how you're drowning for a kiss,
how you would do anything to make her yours to be.
She sees deep into your eyes.

She gets so quiet.
You're about to hug her
tell her you're not comfortable with her silence;
she left your hand.

Whispering, she tells you she's dying.
Her calm tone doesn't change a bit.
You, you realize that the sun burns.
She monologues that it was burning for so long.

I'm standing here looking for the joke.
She begs me to take care of her dog.
You're afraid to tell the little one, that mama's not coming home.

She demands only lilies in her grave,
white lilies of hope,
the opposite
of her black soul.

The river is so ***** and dull.
The storm that came within killed the nightingales,
destroyed nature's melodies,
rocks and branches like spears bloked the flow of the water
demanding for pure blood.

Wolves stand all around the river
crying their lives out,
the trees in the area scream and shout.
Someone could said they're enjoying the chaos.

The lilies fell from her tiny hands.
written on June 13, 2019
Pyrrha Jun 2019
If you need someone to hold you together let me be the vase to your beautiful bouquet
YAYATHI Jun 2019
Last night I slept with a
Bouquet of flowers in my arms

It was withered in the
Storm that passed by it

It's colour faded in the
Scorching heat it withstood

It's fragrance was lost and
Honey was ****** out by the cruel bees

Still I slept with the
Lovely bouquet in my arms

I watered it with
The tears from my eyes

I nourished it with the
Kisses from my lips

Hugged it tight to protect
From the devilish nightmares

Yes the night full, I slept
With the beautiful bouquet of flowers in my arms


A fabulous fragrance
Woke me up in the morning

And still in my arms lie
My lovely bouquet of flowers

It was radiant and had the best glow
Like a fresh one out the florist

It was moist and had
The best honey in the universe

I still laid on the bed
Hugging my lovely bouquet of flowers

I still laid on the bed
Kissing my favourite bouquet of flowers
Fatimah Noor May 2019
The flowers I  planted
Bloomed everywhere in the fancy
My veins filling with nectar
Eyes capturing alluring views
Thorns embracing all the blues
The paper smelling fresh roses
As I jot the proses
Are they only roses?
Or a wonderland enclosed in a bouquet
Meggie Delaney Apr 2019
I want to press your kisses between the pages of a book
     Like dried flowers from a June day
Your lips flutter over my cheeks, my nose
     the throbbing valley of my throat
And I'm convinced you must be a hummingbird

Each kiss feels like a bouquet
     You must have drank from the foxglove and yarrow before you
     flew to me
Your heart stutters under my palm
      Throbbing fast and full of sweetness

Tell me
     Do you understand how delightful you are?
Drink the sugar water from my garden
The cottage is always a little sunnier with you around.
Nicholas Booth Feb 2019
I can't feel my fingers
I can't feel my toes
been put through the ringer
I can't feel my woes

I press against my ribs and teeth
and make sure my feet are underneath
my floating head
this feeling I dread
my god I need a release

but a release would mean
things are not as they seem
and I would still be numb
left high, dry and dumb

so numb I will stay
a lifeless bouquet
of fingers and toes
and all of my woes
feeling like nothing
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