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LeV3e Sep 13
It's not fair
I just want you to understand that I
Never wanted to hurt you but
My only means of coming closer is
Convoluted with all these carnal longings, wants, and needs bleeding together until I can no longer separate the meaning between my words and my feelings...

And it's not your fault for not communicating with your tongue, I can see it in your eyes, in the way your body moves, I just wish we could dance without stepping on toes, but swaying and swooning is a slippery ***** when I get caught up in pursuing something more intimate with you...

I've never been the best at tumbling, lucky to finish with some light bruising, and it's hard to move on when the wound still hasn't healed and it's hard to treat when you're wrapped up with what hurt you in the first place...

I can't feel without being physical, I'm still just an animal, and I know it's selfish that I need this from you, I just wish that you were as selfish as I am so when I'm ready to hunt we could ravage the world together and share in the sweat and pleasure...

It's painful knowing that you don't feel the same, and I don't understand when your words mean one thing, but your body walks away, but your tears touch my hands, and your lips press to mine, and we're both hurting from swallowing this mixture of love and longing...

Sometimes it's like we speak a different language, like you're ok with just holding hands and spending time together, and it's not that I don't like those things too, but when I hold you there's a snake slithering inside of me, whispering in my ear that there's a sweeter fruit to be had...

Had I played my cards better could it have ended up different? Doubting myself, and our attraction, my ego swells and needs stroking, and I'm no stranger to my left hand, but ******* just leaves me feeling lonely, so am I wrong for wanting to make things right with you?

I love you, and I just want you to know that I know it's not fair that I want you when you don't want to, and I'm sorry I let my feelings run off with my ego, because you mean so much more to me than just touching... But I'll still be waiting for when you want to.
LeV3e Jul 22
It's hot, stormy nights like this
With tip-taps on the glass and
Sudden loud claps rumbling
Thoughts of my past come
Scrambling back

That summer night party where
Our eyes struck a match and
We danced in the smoke while
We sweat out the high and
I couldn't stop my mind from wondering between your thighs
Whiskey burned holes in my memory
But not as big as the one I tore in your leggings...

But we burned out that night
I didn't know, I just hoped you
Might have wanted to stay but
There was someone else and you
Told me that you made a mistake...

You were art to me...
Just the way you walked through life
And talked with a lisp and didn't
Take anyone's ****, what a bad ***
Punk rocker *****, I swear to GOD
If I would've known you were
Sticking needles in your arm...

I doubt I could've taken it away
Addiction is something that stays
Even when it's unwelcome, and
There's nothing I can do to change the past, but it's nights like this one that
I just wish I could tell you
That you were art to me.
LeV3e Apr 18
It's pretty easy to write when you have a topic in mind and emotions are high.
When love is swelling inside, or
When the pain is overwhelming you.
But its a lot harder, for me, to capture
Beauty in day to day moments,
Mundane reality, repeating itself like a
Daily alarm reminding you that it's time to be "creative"...
I want my art to be genuine, and
They can tell when you try too hard to be noticed, but it's not easy either,
Too really put yourself out there.
It takes a lot of effort, and practice, and raw talent, that you may or may not have, but theres something pulsing, something beating in your chest that just wishes it could display itself...
I long for recognition, please, hit that
LIKE button, so I know, at least, that this meager life I'm living might mean something to someone.
LeV3e Feb 15
It's been two years now and
This is our third Valentine's day
But I still find it difficult to say
How you've impacted my life from the moment our journey began

I've always struggled to face myself
My shortcomings were haunting
Ghosts of past failures, stunning
I was ready to let the liquor take my dreams and bottle them on the shelf

Then a whim, a ray of hope
We met in such a rare circumstance
I knew I was given one more chance
To be with you I could, and I would, were my antidote

You are the cure to my depression
In moments of weakness and axiety
In moments of fear and agony
To be with you I could, and I would, face my demons and leash them.

You have brought out the best of me
And on this Valentine's day
I just wanted to say
That I hope you spend the next fifty Valentine's days with me.
LeV3e Jan 29
You gotta do what must be done
To get what you want.
But be careful that in the meantime
You aren't sacrificing too much
Cause human beings have needs
Regardless if you like it or not
That new truck isn't gonna fit in
The burning pit in your stomach and
All that money in the bank account
Won't buy you more time with the kids
So be mindful of the work you do
And thusly where you invest
God forbid they burry you with all the gold, full of regrets.
LeV3e Jan 5
Something's rattling within me
Shaking my rib cage
Increasing my heart beat
Pressing my vessels
Increasing the pressure
It's... Nothing in particular
Just the crushing weight
Of global disarray
Pushing me against the brick
Grinding my teeth to dust
Scraping my skin on cement
Anxiously awaiting the end
LeV3e Jan 2
So the truth is
This universe is a black abyss
And all that exists, everything
That we would call "conciseness"
Is beams of light eternally swirling into deaths gaping mouth.
Now, which event would you say
Brings us back to unity?
To be made, or unmade all for
God's glory? Or... Is there something
Beyond this everlasting duality?
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