LeV3e 5h

If I want to grow
I must take what I need
Rip apart the Earth, and
Spread apart my leaves.

If I want to succeed
I will do what I must
Strike down my demons
Make gold out of dust

If I am to be
I will take my time
I will need my space
And a good pair of eyes

If I am to love
Surely, I will die
For there is no better cause
To sacrifice life.

LeV3e 5d

My mind is split between
A broken body or a
Good nights sleep...
A few more drinks
Or dimes on my check
Hickeys on my neck
Or ink on the paper
Cutting down trees, at least,
Puts money in the bank
I've got a sinking feeling, that
Sand's sliding beneath my feet
The reapers shadow cast
Upon the hour glass, so deceiving...
Had me believing that
I could escape mortality.

LeV3e Apr 16

When three words can mean
Entire worlds of things, from
Experiencing bliss, to
A final reckoning...

Its difficult to express
What you mean to me, when
Words aren't enough, or
We're too busy to kiss...

With rough times up ahead
Work never ends, still
It only makes sense to
Spend my money on gifts

Sip on honey and juice,
Sweet liquor and jewels
Anything that you dream
Ill see is produced, cause

You are my Queen, so (its only fair that)
Ill be fit as a King, then
Ill pry open the world
Just to gift you the pearl,
You see

These three words, to me,
They mean everything
From sex and ecstasy, to
Loss and suffering, but...

Despite the distortion
And fuck the fear in me, because
You are all I've been missing, and
I think Im ready to say...
Those three words again.

LeV3e Mar 31

0 equals "without"

0 equals "without limit"

0 equals "limitless light"

All that exists within limitless light is


LeV3e Mar 19

You do me one, I'll do you worse
Not even Christ could lift the curse
Living lucifer might burn your church
You crucified your virgin birth

LeV3e Mar 19

Digging up shallow graves from
The days past, however many bones
Laid to rest in hollow holes
And covered with tainted memories

Trudging through a swampy mold
Black and blurry faces being told
Cast your sins in metal gold
Behold your Idol, still smoldering

Holding on to callous woes
The wart is becoming tumorous
Bleed it out into a bowl
And drink up your deliverance.

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