LeV3e Jul 2

If a djinn could grant
My only three wishes
Your soul I'd enchant
With limitless riches

With boundless visions
Of dancing witches cast-
Ing, fire from spliffs, this
Grass smokes so delicious

Smoke's so capricious
Swirling in wind like thoughts
Gone in an instant
Swords sharpen with friction

Swords opposition
When thrust into a stone
The kings omission
So rust corrupts the throne

To dust in my home
We all must return, from
Lust's lucious glow
To hells' brimstone we burn

LeV3e Jun 25

Cookie cutter beef cakes
Rockin all the colored tanks, but
Thanks for the tips, since
It seems that you've had
One too many sips, lad
Slippery slopes are steeper when
Your mind is floating in liquor
And your sick as a fucking,
Dirtbag getting lucky
Loose lips or legs? I...
Can't really tell the difference
Anyway, these trees are
Keepin me shady, gators
Sleeping in the shallows
Hallowed be Thy white Jesus and
Hallelujah drunk Christians
God forgave or forgot us?
I don't really remember
Fishing with Moses, while
Parting red roses, pedals
Counting our precious metals
Settle down now younglings
The partie's only just started.

LeV3e Jun 13

100 poems in a year

100 thoughts in a second

100 bubbles in a beer

100 cracks in the cement

100 drops on a sheet

100 degrees in the summer

100 hits top the charts

100 stars can't solve hunger

100 reasons why we live

100 ways things could change

100 seasons blessings give

100 days and leaves fall again

LeV3e Jun 5

I sit here
Contemplating how to conquer my fear
Can I alter the wheel? Or just
Fall down and kneel? I must
Have something to live for, some
Spark to ignite, some
Purpose to endure, these
Pains in the night, still...

I sit here
Searching for a way out of the pattern
It doesn't matter to the scheme, but
It keeps me from sleeping
Scattered thoughts, in a blink
I'm lost again, for naught, cause
Memories are so decieving...

I sit here
Thinking so what if Im selfish?
Are you saying you're not? Ha!
The prospect is childish, this
"Who said what again", nonsense,
Is boring the piss outta me...so

I sit here
Waiting for the reckoning.
Patiently, drifing through this
Time and space and happening,
Chasing pleasures, and vices, no
Remorse when the dice roll
Snakes eyes see through cold stone,
I can tell you arent alive so...

I sit here...

LeV3e Jun 1

Its been a long night
Seen better days, but
Just might make it 'ight
Still grind till my teeth rot
Peel out when the engines hot
Burn trees cause Im stressed out
Fuck the cops, can't catch the mouse

Money'$ law now,gotta buy your freedom
Seasons pass, still can't defeat 'em
Keep dreamin, and scheming fools
Will not believe Him, Lord
Light is my blessing, words
Teaching a lesson... Remember....

We used to be dirt.
Before that we were stars.
Abused and distraught.
Own so many scars.
Seen home in her heart.
What beautiful flaws.
My love in this world.
Till Death do us part.

LeV3e May 14

'Heres to all the spoons with holes in them...
To picking out your own switch.
'Heres to leather belts with holes in them...
To sleeping out in a ditch.
'Heres to those of us with holes in them...
To keeping far from the witch.
'Heres to mothers with holes in them...
To striking a hopeless snitch.

#childhood #abuse #happymothersday
LeV3e May 10

Wake up with wonder, and
Use what you know.
Do it for love, and
Reap what you sow.
Keep faith in people,
Home is in their hearts
Such a sweet romance
Such a pain to part
Lions can be gentle, and
A turtles shell is sturdy, still
Life continues to cycle, while
Karmas law prevails
Death waits so patiently
Everyone takes a turn
Face your adversaries
Sometimes buildings burn
Some stars turn into dust
Some dust collects into moons
Some suns light up the soil
Others are swallowed by doom
These are the worlds
The words that God spoke
So I wake up with wonder
And I walk with hope.

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