LeV3e 1d

Another routine
Some more nicotine
Sipping on caffeine, with
Buried emotions.

Despite agony
Forget your daydreams
Ignoring your needs, while
Remaining stoic.

Pop two more Aleve
Take pills to relieve
No time left to treat, your
Chronic conditions.

Life comes then it leaves
Death waits patiently
Dust falling through sieves, and
I'm feeling home sick...

LeV3e Jan 13

Who do you call to
When they all look to you
To be the pillar and the walls
And the roof above them all?

Where do you turn to
When you don't have the drive
And your engines leaking oil
Making a mess of the pavement?

What do you think of
When your clock is ticking
Faster as the days start running
Out of ideas, but it's cold out?

Why does it happen
To be the innocent
Children that only wish their dreams
Could be better than life's nightmares?

How do you keep on
Wishing for better days
When the best you have to offer
Often fails to meet all their needs?

LeV3e Jan 10

I want to touch the
Escape the clock and

Searching for more than
Light burns my eyes when
I go looking

Blinded by our ends
Making ends meet in

Is consciousness really
Or is death's essence
Our destiny?

LeV3e Jan 8

I was lost in a Forrest
For some time, I was worried
What would come of the night.
My life in the clutches of primal
Prophet's scribbles on stone walls
Still depictions patiently awaiting their turn to become more than
Rainbows spread across clay

The sweet hymns of the
Wind, singing nymphs with
Dresses of daisy vines and
There, my eyes beheld The
Satyr, I see you Pan, dancing
With witches 'round the flames
Licking the sky with your flute
Whispering secrets to the galaxies.

My heart skipped as I
Came upon Thy five pointed
Medallion made of silver
Sparks in your gaze striking
Something ablaze in me
Mighty Beast, breathe and
Release the wild into The
Treacherous woods again.

Inspired by Animal Collectives "I See You Pan" beautiful song.
LeV3e Dec 2017

Temper your judgement with
Mercy for failures. The
Ego's indulgent, but
Might's in our nature.

Night has no pity for
Street sleeping strangers, so
New clothes are given, warm
Sweet insulators.

Lions spill blood with their
Retracted razors, cut
Like barbers snipping hair
Red tongues licking sluts.

Trees prove that strength stems from
Powerful roots digging
Trenches in time succumb
Please be forgiving.

LeV3e Nov 2017

I stand against those
Who speak against mine
No pity for slobs
Who sulk in the grime

I'll work to the bone
Grind stone into dust
I'm building a home
And I'll do what I must

No guilt in my heart
For treading above
Insects in the dirt
Rot crushed into mud

Nature demands much
So my soul provides
Through turmoil and rust
I'll continue to climb

To conquer my foes and
Leave enemies behind
RIP flags from their poles
And burn men alive.

LeV3e Nov 2017

What a beautiful tragedy
It just is what it had to be
Either swing with the rhythm or
Sink down into your seat while ya
Snap a cold can of brew open
Take a sip without chockin ya
Seasoned Smith with the motion you
Master crafter, not chosen, I'm
Self made man, I been workin still
Humble, held by my people, high
Dancing round in the isles, bar
Tender pour my potion, I need
A taste of your posion, push glass
Across marble oceans, look past
My eyes see right through you, so clear
The sky says it knew you, back when
We flew to the moon and lost our
Minds in a crater, digging for
Diamond stars, our creators burn
Now play me that sweet musical...

4/4 swing it
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