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LeV3e May 12
I'm so obsessed with
Being better that I'll
Be better at being worse to, you

In our worst moments
You'd better remember
The rhythm of the words we spoke, cause

Through better or worse
Until death do us part
My better half is your worst
LeV3e Nov 2020
What has Nature done to us?
You can’t write past wrongs while time is set in stone, but making an effort to be better next time is akin to Love is it not?

Cain wasn’t just jealous, he was HUNGRY, and
I was just so ******* lonely

I’m an animal, but why do I  care?
Who is forcing us to do this

I long for breathe, please give me life, please me, please me, please me

Why would I want to do anything, if you just wouldn’t ******* hurt me
Are you comfortable?
What does it matter if we don’t know what it means?


why does feeling pleasure have to be so painful? I just wanted to look at you, so I created a universe for us


except it’s not that easy is it…

To feel all that LOVE and to LOVE all that PAIN you caused because I left you inside of me

do you enjoy my suffering?
at least then it would be worth something

I could trade my time here for some time there instead and maybe then I could be happy?
If I eat something, then that means someone else feels empty right? Am I supposed to feel guilty or full?


****** war feeds mostly carnivores
I wish we could all just get along, ha, ha, ha, but if you step on my toe I’ll
******* **** YOU

Children whisper secrets to each other while trading the bones of their ancestors with fairies who give them shiny metals, all colored shades of gray

If rainbows are broken white light then why shouldn’t I be racist?

I’d love it if you’d love me how I wanted you to love me


Why y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y

I’m here now and I don’t know why I was born, but if you’d like to give my life meaning I can pay you money
Where are we going?
Can you build
......has it always been this way
LeV3e Nov 2020
I've killed more creatures... and people, with my dollar bill, than I could ever count...

And I'd do it all again if it meant spending another day with You.
Man kinds capacity to Love is equal to, not opposite, it's capacity for destruction.
LeV3e Sep 2020
Drugs are like people
When we first meet them
You get such a thrill
How could such an experience
Be contained in a vessel
We try to keep our distance
Addiction makes us look dependant
But we can't wait to get more

OH that sweet taste of fulfillment

People are like drugs
We put some on a pedestal
We look at others with disdain
It's so easy to blame it on them
The chemicals in our brains
So cynical but the truth is
That once you get used to it
Life is pretty mundane.
LeV3e Sep 2020
Oh god...
Please no, not this
Just breathe slowly and
Hopefully it'll go away, then
SHIVERS spark beads of sweat
The pain inside you'll never forget
Hot and cold, breathe in and out, then
   Oh God Why?? I'm
CH...Oking on my
       I n s i d e s
CO....UGH I can't FU....Cking breathe
My God is it ove.... Rrrrrrr...

Breathe... Just breathe
Spit and wipe the tears from your face
Sweat in my eyes burns like
The acid in my throat but
At least it's done...
At least I hope
LeV3e Sep 2020
I have something to show you
A piece of perspective
You, otherwise, would never know
See, through my eyes it went but
From yours it goes and
Words can only get us so far so
We just make more up as we go
I've never felt quite like this before
How would you put it? Um
When understanding looks like a chasm so vast that
Alexandria could be cast down to the firey pits of Mankinds worst shortcomings...
The sad fact is that
We can imagine anything except what it's like to walk in the skin of another.
LeV3e Sep 2020
I'm afraid
Seeing me for
Who I truly am
That "they" might
Hate me
I'm different.

I'm afraid
That "they" might
Hear what I have to say
No one will want to

I'm afraid of
That "they" might
Make a fist or
Point a finger at me and
Single me

I'm afraid
The public is
Dangerous and
THEY have no time
To care about
My opinion
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