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Each ripple makes the visage fade. The muk that obstructed now whimsically decays. The browns and hues began to drift away. The picture becomes focused and now clarity remains. What I wouldn't give for one more day. To reach down and grab something. To look into my hands and see your affection, yet all I see Is pain. I can't follow you anymore. Now I only feel complete in the rain. Each drop falling down from brown clouds. In sets of twos and heavy with blues. All of your moments are passing away. All of them nome can stay. Just your teachings keep my company. Lessons to make me strong. Leading me to a future that I don't belong. I have to keep holding on, till the very last one is gone. I'll wear them on my heart and keep them strong. Memories and teachings are all I have now. I'll cherish them forever and wake them from the grave.
Luna Craft Jul 2
I knew a kid in highschool
Rather to say I knew him would be an overstatement,
He was a friend of a friend at most,
The boy that sat directly in front of me in my economics class
Second seat from the right, second to last from the back
The corner of the classroom between the whiteboard wall and the windows
I remember that scene like a diagram,
I couldn’t tell you anything I learned from the class but,

I knew a kid in highschool
He was best friends with my childhood best friend
He wasn’t quiet, wasn’t loud- he was a normal highschool boy
I remember the last words I said to him
Well not quite, I remember the vague idea
Something along the lines of it only gets worse
He was talking about the theoretic project where we role played
Each kid acting out as if they were in the real world
He said he was overwhelmed by the amount of work
I told him it only gets worse

I knew a kid in highschool
He killed himself during the weekend
The Monday they announced in I was sick
I was sick
His obituary isn’t up on the internet anymore
Neither is his facebook, he is nothing but a yearbook page
The page to a book I couldn’t afford
He is a memory on bookshelves filled with dust

I knew a kid in highschool but I had to ask a friend to confirm his existence
That I didn’t just make up a daydreamed suicide
I’m so tired of wondering what’s left of us when we die
I spend most of my life running from evidence of my existence
No photos, no yearbooks, nothing with me or my name
I knew a kid in highschool
Mary Zollars Jun 10
See the banner that touches the sky?
See the party, the song, the dance?
Look Close!
There is more to be seen,
It is the battlefield of many wars
It is the funeral procession for all the soldiers lost
Each person marches for a hundred more
For those who are hidden and
For those who have fallen
Smiling through tears, this is our celebration.
Together we march alone
For those you cannot see
Glory and Sorrow
Love and Loss
This is Pride.
ren Jun 2
on lonely nights, let us remember
that flowers come in bunches
and bloom unified as one member

even forget-me-nots remain together
through the harsh, fading december.
I've tied a string around my finger
so I won't forget to forget you.
It has a single knot,
wrapped up in itself a lot,
your favourite position.
Akshi Hargoon Feb 14
He was a man who stood tall;
He knew he was destined to face it all.

From scholar to lawyer to freedom fighter;
He knew in the end it would make this country brighter

He tried his best to fight for equality;
Coz he knew all people would get equal opportunities

Everyone was equal in his eyes;
And it was this trait that made him rise

He was born to perform a duty;
And he did it to the best of his ability

He was someone we will forget never;
Our Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela
He truly was a man of great stature
My closest companion.
Whom I shared my secrets with.
We were two halves of a circle.
The only person who withstanded my tempest.
Your voices told me stories I will never forget.
You showed me things I never knew about.
We would laugh. We would cry. We would raise hell.
You were eccentric. That’s what I liked the most.
Never afraid to break the rules.
My love for you knows no bounds.
You may be gone, but your memory lives on.
Your spirit is here, walking with me.
My guardian angel.
My friend.
My closest companion.
A brother I always cherished.
A man whom I truly loved.

Mummy mummy mummy. !
Mummy Mummy MUMMY.!!
Look what I have done.
Rhyming moon with June.
Gived me sooo much fun.
I done it on myself.
So does it make me one?
Yes my dear sweet poet
From all that mummy taught you.
Hurry grow up fast
And make yourself a blooming
Written by Philip. 2/11/2018
(Wishful thinking)
Childhood ambition
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